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Picking Up Your Home Can Pick Up Your Mood

I get pretty stressed when the house is out of order, things are laying around in places they shouldn’t be, and for the most part, everything is just in a state of constant disarray.

Honestly, I’m probably like most people who find these things bothersome and stressful, and by the time you even want to do something about it, it’s too big to tackle all at once (which only adds to the stress even more).

The problem with handling this sort of recurring situation is getting to the root of it all: and that’s organization.

But organization is an intangible sort of thing, you know. It’s hard to nail down what it means to be organized and how to instill such a “skill” in yourself. The good thing is that a lot of it starts with the type of storage and supplies you have around your home. The more tools and containers you have to be organized, the more likely you are to be successful at keeping everything cleanly and in order.

So, that’s where I started recently with my girlfriend. We got a few containers meant for storage purposes and some other basic shipping supplies like packing tape and sharpies so that we could mark on the containers to show what goes where. The good thing about such tape, too, is that it can easily be peeled off and replaced if you happen to dedicate that container to other items.

Since we’ve taken the time to actually get things in order and have dedicated spaces for an assortment of items, things have been so amazing around our home. Nothing is ever scattered out and about anymore. And we’re so, so much better about keeping things picked up and in their right spots. It’s amazing how a few containers, some shipping supplies, and a will to do it all can completely transform the way you keep your home in order.

And even better than all of that is how happy and relaxed we are in our home as of late. The amount of stress that can build up within you when you’re surrounding by a state of disarray is criminally underrated. Only after getting everything cleaned up and constantly spotless did I realize how much less stressed I felt each evening after coming home from work. There’s no other way to put it than saying I’m just genuinely happier and healthier (mentally, especially) because of the changes we’ve made.

What Is “Too Many” Boxes?

I grew up in a household absolutely stocked with cardboard shipping boxes. While that may bring to mind a house stuffed full of different sizes and shapes of boxes in every room, that’s not exactly the case.

For a little bit of context, both of my parents have worked for the post office all of their lives. So, it’s really no surprise that we always had a gajillion cardboard boxes on hand for any given scenario.

Heck, Christmas time was always super easy considering there was always another box to use for wrapping gifts in. I never had to seek out bags or other containers to wrap any gifts in. I’d just go to the back room, grab a handful of boxes that fit the various items I wanted to wrap, and went to work. It was always super convenient around the holidays that we had so many boxes.

The funny thing, though, is that we never really got much use out of these abundant shipping boxes for the rest of the year. I mean, if we ever actually had to ship something, I’d know where to look for a box that fit whatever it was I’d be sending. But in regards to other uses for boxes, we didn’t find many.

It comes as no surprise that we’d have such an overabundance of cardboard boxes in our home, though. Considering that my parents basically lived at the post office, they happened to bring home a lot from time to time to keep our stash up to date and fully stocked.

When I look back on all the boxes we had, I can’t help but feel like we could’ve made more use of them throughout the year. Whether we wanted to do crafts, use them for practical things like kindling or storage, or even recycle half of the stock of boxes since we never used even that many, I feel as if we had far too many boxes.

In reality, though, my mind is probably imagining far more boxes than we actually had, especially because my most vivid memories of that back room were from my childhood. And when you’re a kid, everything is much bigger and grandiose than when you’re an adult and have a greater sense of perspective. Overall, the impressive collection of boxes never cost my family a penny, so I suppose that’s why we always had an “overstock” of boxes. Why not have more than you need if it’s not costing you anything, right?

Gifting in Boxes or Bags?

With spring finally here and Easter around the corner, gift giving is in session. It’s only been a few months since Christmas was here, but a few months is all it takes in the gift-happy culture of the US.

When it comes to giving gifts, though, I prefer to wrap mine in boxes. Any old shipping boxes usually do for whatever I’m giving away. I just think that a gift in a box wrapped up shows a lot more effort went into the gift than just placing something in a bag, stuffing some tissue paper in on top of the item, and calling it a day.

But that’s to each their own, I suppose. While I like to have my recipient think there was a lot of thought that went into the gift, not everyone else does. And I can’t fault others for being more efficient with their time and gift giving even if it does make their recipient think of the gift as less special than a wrapped box.

My gifting habits are a main reason as to why I do have a lot of old shipping boxes and other cardboard laying around my home, though. I’m always using them for something with how versatile they are.

It’s funny to see what people think when I give them Easter gifts all wrapped up in the style of a birthday or Christmas present, though. People always expect baskets or bags around this time of year, but a fully wrapped box just seems to say a lot more in my opinion. It stands out a lot more, too.

I’d say my favorite part of wrapping gifts in boxes is honestly the type of paper I wrap it with. Whether it’s a specific pattern tailored to the occasion or just plain, thick brown paper (which is actually pretty classy, I must say), it’s fun to change it all up and keeps me, the gifter, interested and excited in the whole process.

That’s not even to say how many compliments I usually receive on my wrapping and the paper I chose. I’m always getting asked where I got my paper or how I wrapped my gift, and it’s honestly kinda nice to have that recognition for my efforts.

Overall, though, I do it for the recipient. I get joy in the whole process because I know it’ll bring joy to whomever I’m gifting the item to. If you can’t get joy out of that, what’s the point in gifting someone a thing you don’t truly care to spend money on? If that’s how you approach it, don’t bother giving them anything at all.

There Really Is No Place Like Home

This past weekend I had quite the blast from the past. My hometown hosts an annual alumni basketball tournament for fundraising, and so many people from the area come back to get a little competitive with other classes and teams to see who’s still got it and who’s the most out of shape.

While I definitely fall into that latter category, I find the camaraderie and sportsmanship super fun to come back to. The amount of physical exertion I subject my body to may be another story, but it’s honestly such a good time to make a trip back home for the weekend and catch up with old classmates, teammates, and buddies.

Breaking out an old pair of basketball shoes in some random shipping boxes at home shows how much I play regularly, so it really comes as no surprise that my body is protesting quite a bit now that the weekend is concluded.

I think the most fun part of it all, though, isn’t the competitiveness and playing aspect itself. It’s hanging out with everyone after the games are over on a Saturday night. We ended up going to a small local bar that likely doesn’t see too many patrons on any given night, but that evening it was quite packed with all sorts of friends, classmates, parents, and other family members. Just catching up with everyone and enjoying the moment meant a lot to me.

I was actually talking about this with my girlfriend while we were there. We’re huge on experiencing different cultures and really observing how different things can be from one place to another, and that night we saw it happening before us in a small midwestern bar that was pretty much filled with people who all went to the same high school at one point in their lives. There’s nothing else like the silliness and weird conversations and music that went on in that bar this past Saturday, and that, to me, is one of the coolest reasons to visit my hometown from time to time.

So now that my few pairs of basketball shoes are back in their old shipping boxes, it doesn’t mean that that part of me is also put away in storage. Rather, I feel quite revitalized and happy to know that I come from a community full of unique and fun people that can all claim they were from my hometown.

You Can Never Have Too Much Supplies

Growing up, I learned the value of work ethic applied to your life because of the diligence and respect that my parents treated their job with. They always made it a point to show up early, work hard, and put their careers at the forefront of their lives. No matter what happened, they never missed work. Heck, I don’t even recall them ever missing because they were sick. Work was, quite frankly, non-negotiable with other things in their lives.

Now, while I think that at some point they could have relaxed a hair, they had had this work ethic instilled into them through their parents (and their parents through theirs). It’s no doubt what has happened to me. I take my job seriously and realize that it’s a top priority in my life that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just like my parents, I don’t miss work just because I’m sick or something else has come up. I make it to my job no matter the cost.

One thing they also instilled in me is having an appreciation for everyday things. In particular, they always had an incredible stock of shipping supplies and the likes. (And I think it’s because they always had worked for the post office, because they never ran out of postage, cardboard boxes, or any other shipping supplies.) While these things seemed mundane to me when I was a child, I realize now that it’s the commonplace items that we rely on (otherwise they wouldn’t be commonplace).

Nonetheless, I now make it a point to keep my place stocked with all sorts of packaging and office supplies, because when something needs shipped, it needs shipped right away. And all of these supplies have served me quite well beyond just shipping things. I can use my boxes for storage, my tape for repairing small things, and labels for other projects, too.

Without fail, I come to think of my parents when I see who I’ve become. From day-to-day items to the common tasks involved in my dayjob, I know that my work ethic, habits, and ideals were bred out of their own hard work and ways. I’m definitely interested to see all the traits, habits, and preferences that my children take on from me, though there are a few bad habits that I’m hopeful they will drop, too. I guess that’s not up to me to decide, though, is it?

The Best 8 Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can really dig deep into your pocket. If you are not new in e-commerce, you will understand the fact that shipping charges can be so huge when shipping products to your customers. Here is a few tips to help you save on shipping charges.

A tip that can have an immediate effect on your shipping charges

When shipping products that weigh less than 2 pounds, it’s advisable to find a carrier who can offer First Class or Priority Mail. On the other hand, for packages weighing more than 2 pounds, which are usually for wholesale customers, it’s advisable to not use Post Office because it’s relatively expensive. Instead, look for a cheaper option among the many companies.

Instead of shipping directly from the store, create an account with the shipping company you have chosen to avoid more charges. You could have the package delivered to a business address rather than a residential address because it can cost more to ship to a residential address. Additionally, make sure the products are packed well in packages such as shipping boxes.

Other tips that can help you cut on shipping costs

  1. Safety

The safety of parcels during packaging and shipping is paramount. You should endeavor to offer tracking services to reduce cases of lost parcels. Additionally, look for cheap packaging options such as shipping boxes to reduce packaging costs. Use the right size of packaging boxes to package products.

  1. Explore the many carrier options

You should not stick with one carrier. Instead, choose the best shipping company for each individual order to save on shipping costs. It might seem time-consuming but it is worth it because shipping companies offer different rates depending on weight, destination of your package as well as dimensions of your package. There are companies that will charge you residential fees and others don’t. Therefore, it is paramount that you choose a company whose rates favor you.

  1. Zone skipping

This service entails consolidation of parcels going to the same zone which is a distant region and shipped in one shipment to a consolidator who offers the service in the zone. Afterward, the consolidator distributes the parcels to customers within that zone. That reduces the shipping fees per package drastically.

  1. Ship using freight

Shipping by freight will save on shipping costs. However, the package should be large enough for this option to be sensible. If a customer agrees, you could even split the order into two different freight trucks.

  1. Negotiate with carriers

You should endeavor to negotiate with different carriers and find a carrier that can offer you the best rates. In a move to stay competitive, some companies can offer you an incentive and work with you at lower rates. Let them know your businesses strategies, goals and urge to grow.

  1. Save on packaging costs by re-using packaging

Re-using packages such as those of mails, bubble wrap, among others will go a long way into saving money. The packages can be expensive if you will have to buy them each time you package a parcel.

  1. Join a professional association

An association can negotiate for discounts and reduced rates in private carrier companies on your behalf.

  1. Know the size of your box

If you ship by both freight and ground, make sure you know the size of your box. This will help you determine whether boxes are small and light enough to be shipped by ground. The more packages that are shipped by ground, the more savings you make on shipping.

Shipping Bags, Shopping Bags, and More

Until I started writing mini-articles about packaging and shipping supplies, I had no idea the different types of products that are out there, and the vast amount of products under those main categories. I mean, it can get really interesting and I’m not saying that because I’m paid to. It turns out that packaging and shipping supplies are also good items to use when organizing your home, or for your business, or even just to have on hand for everyday use.

Consider shipping bags. Shipping bags are also packaging bags, mailing bags, reclosable bags, poly bags, foam pouches, shrink bags, thank you bags, merchandise bags… I can really go on and on. And I think I will. Shipping bags can also be sandwich bags, trash bags, dunnage bags, static shielding bags, coffee bags, cellophane bags, bags with an adhesive backing … Am I done yet? No, I’m not! Newspaper bags, doorknob bags, garment bags, bread bags, bubble bags, paper bags, dunnage bags, packing list envelopes, bin liners, ice bags…

Shipping Bags

Did I mention shipping bags yet? You see, all of these bags can be used to facilitate the packaging and shipping process. Obviously you aren’t going to package or ship coffee beans just in a cardboard box, or even in leftover bag you got from the last time you went shopping at Wal Mart. Coffee bags are what you will want to use when dealing with coffee. You would never think that a website like would be able to supply just about any and all of your organizing needs for your small business. As you have just seen, you don’t have to be in the business of shipping products to become a patron of this company. You simply just need to have a business.

You may be looking under ‘shipping bags’, but this is where you will find all manner of merchandise bags, and you don’t have to be planning on sending them off in the mail to benefit from them. Did I mention the wholesale prices? At, not only are the supplies worth attracting your business, the prices should too.

Just the other day I went online to buy some shipping bags, and I wound up also buying some trash bags (forgot those at Costco), and I bought some sandwich baggies (because I forgot those at the grocery store). And you know what? I might just keep buying them from…

Custom Shipping Bags

When you hear the words ‘custom shipping bags’ perhaps you might assume that the product doesn’t pertain to you because it is meant for shipping. Although ‘custom shipping bags’ is a general term, it is in no way exhaustive. It is just a way to categorize bags on bags on bags. Can they be used for shipping? Sure! Can they be used directly on a store shelf? Sure! That is the amazing thing about buying your bags from For example, I use the paper merchandise bags to sell my hand-painted stationary.

They come in brown or white, 12 X 15. There are 1000 bags to the bundle, and that is serious business! I only have to order bags once a quarter, which is a huge weight off my mind. On the other hand, I have friends that do have to mail a lot for their companies. They buy the bin liners and the pallet covers. We are both on completely opposite ends of the spectrum in the business world, but we get our merchandise from the exact same place, and they both just so happen to be called custom shipping bags.

Custom Shipping Bags

At there are three subcategories of custom shipping bags. There are the paper retail store bags, which are your normal paper sacks. Then there are the standard paper shopping bags, which have the stiff, twine handle and come in 18 colors. The eurotote paper shopping bags come in 12 colors that you can get in either matte or gloss, with the soft string handles. And then I’ve already mentioned the flat brown or white paper merchandise bags that I use when selling my stationary.

The second subcategory is the poly bags. This category offers many more options than the first, and they usually have a specialty in mind, such as anti-static poly bags for electronics. Not only are the bags for sale, but also the accessories normally used with them, like the twist ties or the heat sealers. Lastly, the third subcategory is the plastic retail store bags. This is probably the most extensive of the three subcategories.

Almost every type of bag breaks off into its own subcategories. It would take a serious chunk of time to be able to talk about all of these bags, and you probably have what you need already in mind. Instead of wasting your time, I will encourage you to save even more time by going to and checking out their custom shipping bags.