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Let Them Clean It-Professional Junk Cleaners

It is hard to believe it is the start of Spring with still Winter weather. Most people take time out in the Spring to do Spring cleaning. With Spring cleaning comes the removal of useless junk. It is best to hire professional help since cleaning can become time consuming, costly and even hazardous in some situations. If you want an effective cleaning, it is suggested that heavy cleaning areas should be done by professional while leaving smaller areas and manageable task to yourself. For homeowners and business owners, professional cleaner can help get the job done without being costly, time consuming, and hazardous.

The benefits with using professional junk cleaners for Spring cleaning is it save both your pockets and gives you time to get other important things out the way. Some think it is vice versa, but in reality, it’s easier to hire someone else because you initially paying for one service. When you do it yourself, you paying for gas, moving truck rental, cheap moving boxes to store items, and you may end up paying friends for their assistance. For business owners who need to do cleaning may end up losing money since they have to pay their employees for overtime for their help and could potentially lead to risk of employees getting injured on the job.

Most cleaners end up finding items such as old clothes either their children used to wear or themselves. Cleaners may end up getting rid of furniture that they no longer have used for. Lastly, toys that their children have grown out of could be thrown out as well. All these items can be giving away to local charities. By giving old items away, you not only saving your money, but you are also giving to someone in need clothing, furniture and toys for them to have. The professional cleaning people can help with this because they recycle the items and send them to the appropriate charity organizations.

Cleaning of homes and businesses is not an overnight type of job. Depending on area sizes and junk, it may take days to weeks to effectively complete. Especially when staying safe with potential health risk tactics. Health risks can bring fought to why it is best to hire professional cleaners. The majority of what is being thrown out can range from small less riskier thing such as broken glass items to heavy object such as moving of furniture like a couch . Lifting heavy boxes and items can do damage on people with back problems. Some items may have special protocols on how to throw it away because it can be hazardous to the environment. At least with the professional cleaners, they know the ends and outs of how material like paints and chemicals need to be throw out.

So instead of hiring friends and spending unnecessary dollars on gas and other necessities it takes to do cleaning, hire professional junk cleaners. With hiring them, you are only paying one service only. With this one service, you are saving yourself from health risk, overspending, wasting of time.

Become A Master At Shipping Your Client’s Gifts

It is very disappointing to get something in the mail and find that it is completely useless. When you are getting ready to ship a gift off to a client, you want to give them your best impression. You want to make sure they have a good impression of you overall, therefore make sure that their special gifts come in working order by properly packaging them.

The first thing, if you are thinking about reusing an old shipping box, always remember to remove the old tags on the box. Any tags on the old box could end up being miscanned and your client may never receive their gift, due to it being sent to the wrong address. It may even take weeks to be able to track the package down and to have it resent. Secondly, there are many major shipping companies who offer free boxes if you ship your packages through them and you simply pay a flat fee.

There are also many major shipping companies who you can order boxes and shipping materials online and then you can also request them to come pick up your packages, so it is extremely convenient. Third, when you are packaging your box, make sure you properly use the “H-Tape Method.” This method involves taping your package opening like an H shape, you tape along the seams of the box. Fourth, you want to make sure you are using strong packaging tape that is specially designed for packaging, not the cellophane or scotch tape. Your box could easily rip right open through the distribution process.

If you have a fragile gift, you may want to consider using multiple shipping boxes within a shipping box to allow for more support. You may also use bubble cushion and or newspapers to fill the box around the item, to avoid it being broken. You want to restrict any type of movement as much as possible. Now, if you are going to use crumpled newspaper to fill the box, you want to be careful because some newspapers have heavy ink that could bleed off onto your item.

If you are shipping cookies and or any type of baked goods, you want to make sure you use a disposable aluminum containers to protect these foods and then put that aluminum container in a shipping box, then make sure it is properly secured with newspaper and or bubble filling so that it can restrict movement. Make sure that you always include your business card to make sure that your package gets delivered. Sometimes labels get lost, so if the shipping company finds your card, they can still be able to make the delivery.

In the shipping industry, it is never guaranteed. Though, they definitely try their best to get your package to where it needs to go, you want to make sure that you check with the shipping companies to see what their schedule is for delivery and never assume, to prevent your package from arriving late. If you are shipping an item during a holiday season, you really want to make sure you check the shipping company’s holiday schedule to prevent any further delays. You also want to make sure that you take advantage of shipping tracking. You always want to have access to track your package. There are even many companies who offer the ability to have text messages sent right to your phone to track its every step. Lastly, expedited shipping is always something to consider, because you can get your package to your client within the next day or two if needed. Many companies offer overnight shipping as well, which you may want to consider when trying to please one of your clients

How to Move Using Cheap Moving Boxes

Although many people are of the belief that successful move entirely depends on the moving company, it is factual that your moving highly depends on how prepared you are. For instance, in reality, you have control over the manner in which your moving will take place. One of the key areas you should perhaps look into is packing.

Introduction to Moving

No matter the number of lists you make in regards to your movement, it is always impossible to pack everything up as all too often, people forget to include even some of the most valuable items. Especially with the business of packing alongside making sure that everything is in the right place before the movers carry them into the trucks, it is rather easy to forget especially when it comes to checking various cupboards and making sure that everything is packed up. However, all is not lost as with this list, you can accomplish your moving plans.

Highlight a list of the most forgotten items in the following order;

• Kitchen items; these items can be fridge magnets, dishwasher dishes, in addition to items stuffed in kitchen cabinets.
• Books and other borrowed items.
• Prescription medication
• Sentimental items hidden in secret spots

Packing up in Moving Boxes

While the above list can help you with your move, one other factor you can consider is getting cheap moving boxes. Whether you make a list of the items you need to remember to pack or not, it is important to have cheap moving boxes as they will help you when it comes to packing all small items and making sure that they fit in before you actually start moving.

Remember to Eat!

Moving can be hectic. Therefore, you need to make sure that you feed properly before taking up the task. While it can be easy to forget about yourself, it is also important to consider highlighting the essence of having a healthy meal filled with carbohydrates to restore your energy. Moreover, you need to keep hydrated as you go about your duties.

Contact a Professional Moving Company for Help

By now you probably understand that moving can be quite hectic. It even becomes worst if you are moving from a large house to the same size or even a larger house yet again. In such instances, you need to call a professional moving company that has a team of trained and qualified professionals since you cannot execute the move alone. Professional movers understand the ropes involved in the entire moving process.

Use Sticky Notes

Perhaps you are a visual person. In such a case, you can use sticky notes with the intention of reminding yourself about important items that need to be packed earlier enough in the moving process. To be successful in using these sticky notes, stick them in key places that you visit often. For instance, on your fridge, bathroom mirrors, cabinets and inside the front door.

Have a Check List To Highlight your Items

Whether you make your lists in notebooks, phone or a digital calendar, it is rather important for you to ensure that all the packing alongside preparing is done prior to the moving date. This is because there are often a lot of areas that can be forgotten. With that said, moving should be easier with this list.

DIY Home Decor And Shipping Boxes Are So Easy To Make!

If you want a happy life full of mental clarity, and a zen way of looking at things, it’s imperative to keep clutter away as much as possible. No one can truly function at their highest potential with items tossed about your home, or office, so getting organized can often be the best decision you’ve ever made. Wouldn’t it be great to never waste time searching for things such as hair accessories, office supplies, or old photos?

Some feel that losing the clutter equates departing with precious memories, or making the room look stark, empty, or cold. This is definitely not the case, as now more than ever there are some stunning decorative boxes that you can place all over your home to make it mirror your style, and be in order. If you’re someone that needs to post a few items, there are some excellent options for shipping boxes as well!

The choices are endless as far as textures you can play with to really spice up your space organizationally speaking. Felt boxes are adorable for use in a child’s room, or to store your jewelry, or sewing goodies. You can even go all out with a do it yourself project using spray adhesives, fabrics of your choice, and stud embellishments. Think of the options you could personalize your space with by using your own crafting skills!

Some additional ideas if you need shipping boxes, or storage bins to have a certain upscale appearance, are to utilize a high gloss craft paint, or even spray paint, and some well placed painter’s tape. You can hot glue jewelry pieces on them that you can get at any local craft or hobby store, and truly dress up even the oldest bozes you may have had sitting away in an attic.

Not sure what types of boxes are ideal for transforming your house into a gorgeous, structured space? Easy! Most of the experts in the crafting world recommend using banker style boxes, shoe boxes, or old jewelry boxes from retailers. These options are generally thicker, and easier to paint, or stick accessories on. It’s also extremely affordable to go with the option of doing it yourself, rather than spending a tiny fortune on storage boxes that are already decorated. Some retailers are charging over twenty dollars per box, for something you can make at home with an old box you have lying around, and less than three dollars in items you’ve picked up at a hobby shop to design them.

Whether it’s shipping, or storage needs you currently have, no one sends or uses a plain box anymore in 2018. Step up your storage game with the latest trends in fashion home decor by using any free resources for ideas such as Pinterest, or Instagram to find exactly the look you’re trying to achieve. Once you’ve redone one room in your home or office with beautiful storage bins, you’ll want to redo your entire home! Get creative, use the boxes as the focal point in the room, and even match it up with a fresh coat of paint to really love your newly organized space!

7 Tips to Make Your Summer Move a Good Move

Summer is peak moving season. Of the 19 million people moving to new homes each year, 2.5 million will move during the summer. Here are tips that will help make your summer move a good one.

Tip #1: Move Early in the Morning

The best time of day to move is in the morning to avoid the sweltering heat of the summer day. You should schedule your move so that you are finishing up when the heat has reached its peak. Excessive physical activity in the heat can be dangerous and can result in a heat stroke.

Tip #2: Schedule Your Move Well in Advance

You should give yourself enough time to research the best and most reputable movers in your area. The most reputable movers schedule moves well in advance especially during the summer season. Some movers will offer a discount for early bookings.

Tip #3: Sell Unwanted Belongings

Selling your unwanted belongings can reduce the number of items packed and moved. You should hold a garage sale well before your scheduled move date to eliminate transferring junk to your new home. You can save money because you are moving less property. In addition, you will earn a couple of bucks that can be used to help finance your move.

Tip #4: Pack for Efficiency

Summer moves need to be as swift and organized as possible. You should start packing as soon as you know you’re moving date. Cheap moving boxes and packing supplies can be obtained at a discount to save you money. Label each box with the name of the room the movers should put the box in your new home. Using a sharpie, mark the labels so that the handwriting is clear and legible. How well you pack is an indication of how organized the move will be.

Tip #5: Close Utilities the Day after the Move 

Closing out your electricity and air conditioning should be scheduled the day after your move. Movers will be more efficient, safer, and effective when your home is cool and comfortable from proper air conditioning temperatures. The electricity and water should be on to help facilitate and use resources requiring electricity and water.

Tip #6: Pack a Cooler for Moving Day 

Stay cool. Stay hydrated. Stay well-fed. It is best to pack one or two large coolers that your family can access on moving day. Along with plenty of ice, the coolers should contain water bottles, snacks, and sandwiches. The coolers should contain everything you need to drink and eat during the move. Don’t forget to buy extra water to offer your movers to help keep them hydrated.

Tip #7: Dress Accordingly

Stay cool on a hot sweltering summer day by dressing in light loose-fitting clothes. Layer your look so that as the day and heat progresses, you can easily remove a layer. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to protect you from the sun.

Summer moves can be the most enjoyable moves you can make. The kids are out of school, you have scheduled vacation time off, movers have seasonal discounts and the weather is agreeable. If you follow the above tips, your summer move goes smoothly and will be less stressful.