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How Digital Shipping Changes Packaging design

There are many online retailers that are spending upwards of $900 billion compared to previous years, and while many retailers have benefitted from online sales, the grocery and discount stores have seen a big shift in this. Online sales used to drive a small part of this, but the pandemic is changing all of this over time, and with new resources, people are starting to use this. Online grocery sales have grown, and while it’s still only a single-digit type of share, the growth is so much more than in the past, which means that they will retain the growth that the experienced at the peak though, even if it does die down. 

The rise of Visualization 

Brand managers are now considering how color plays a part in this, and the branding challenges and opportunities that come with this. Brand and packaging designers know that the color plays a big role not just on the shelf, but also online. In retail environments, you need to stand out on the wall of color, and if you have a package that creates a visual cue and a wall of color, the consumer will immediately turn to this, long before they even touch the package. Color becomes one of the key identifiers of the brand itself, and it’s a big part of the customer remembering and then relocating the product when they go to the store again.

As the digital rise starts to get bigger and bigger, the designer sand brads are now looking at what color can do when it comes to packaging and design. The purpose of this is to offer critical information about the product. When the physical environment isn’t present, the brands must then consider how they can engage with the packaging of a product in this new and improved contact, allowing for more brands to start to explore what digital tools they have available.

There are tons of digital visualization tools which do exist, and a designer will have to learn how to use this in different channels. The use of the tools does depend on the product itself, since consumer electronics along with apparel companies have begun to invest in a lot more that offers better, higher returns to the brand itself. There is a more accurate type of representation and the return rates of such too. 

As the tools start to become more and more widely available, we start to see them being adopted as consumer goods. Designers do as well need to look at the physical packaging and how it will work on-screen as well, such as using colors which are metallic, along with other special effects in the packaging, where the store lighting may not be appealing, or maybe it’s more appealing like this. It’s important to look at hos this will effect all part of the ecommerce realm, since digital screens that can’t render these effects in the same way does affect the appearance of such in the environments. In the world of color, the distinction and preciseness is important, especially when going between appearance and color. 

Color is one part of the main appearance on objects. There are other factors as well including the gloss and texture, so it can be hard to properly display this on screen, but it can be rendered through the right visualization and software, offering more chances for returns. Digital packaging is playing  a huge part in this, and for a lot of brands, learning to make stuff that looks good both on the shelves and off the shelve

Creative Ways to Make your Packaging Meet Sustainability Goals

More and more brands are experimenting with some of the different ways for sustainability to be better, and some of the formats that come with it. 

The perceptions of packaging and other factors are critical in making decisions. 

Companies are seeing this, but also are the customers and even some governmental entities, which are giving out guidelines to make sure that the packaging is more environmentally sound. 

Even amazon is making big design changes, so there are improvements happening all along their partner supply chains. 

No matter the reason behind it though, it’s good for you to do. 

It does keep you at the front of different trends, can get interest sparked, and it also is good for launching products that really live up to the hype, since customers will remember this too. 

Brands have been looking for new ways to offer packaging sustainability, and here are some of the more creative ways that they’ve been able to truly make this packaging stand out. 

Reusable Packaging 

A lot of brands are using different reusable packaging. 

Procter and Gamble are launching reusable shampoo bottles, where customers can refill this, and it uses a lot less plastic, and it can be recycled too. 

There are other companies that are looking to also eliminate waste, where customers will put a refundable deposit on the reusable packaging, and when empty, return it so that it can be cleaned up and used again, so that you can have truly sustainable packaging. 

Try New Packaging Materials 

There are a lot of companies trying to use paper, especially paper bottles that are resistant to water, have interlocking edges, and can be shipped for better efficiency all along the supply chain. 

There are also alternatives to multipack rings, since a lot of customers don’t really cut them up before they discard them, which can cause animals to get stuck on them. That’s why some companies are literally gluing the cans together or using paperboard for this. 

There are also plant-based wrappers, compostable bags and different packaging, and also soy-based packaging inks since this offers better sustainability, and it’s better for the planet. 

Remove the Unnece3ssary 

If you think about it, one of the best and easiest ways to become sustainable is to remove anything extra. So strings, wrappers that are individual, staples, and other such things are definitely making the changes that are necessary too. 

Minimizing the packaging is really good, since it does offer a bigger influence to how the customers purchase stuff, and the choices that they make. 

New Recyclability 

Yes, there are new end of life packaging options that a lot of companies are working to take advantage of. 

Brands that have implemented a lot of those including tubes which are recyclable, returnable packaging, and other types of recycling options are offering better solutions, and you can put together new options. 

You also start to notice more and more pod-based alternatives rather than just trying to get it all into one container, where they just toss it out. 

There are people who are using more pod-based materials because it does offer an alternative to plastic. 

When it comes to making sure that your products are sustainable and good for the environment, you may be stumped on what exactly you can do. Luckily, there are new ways to do this, and we hope the creative ways that you’ve learned here have become something that you can use and enjoy, and something which offers new packaging for you to use, in order to truly grow your business too.

The most Important Moving supplies needed

If you’re planning to move, there are some supplies that you absolutely need. Without them, you’re going to have a rough move, and it won’t be fun for anyone. There are some things that you need minimally, and here, we’ll go over some of the more important, but overlooked, types of items for moving. 

Bubble Wrap 

This is easy, and a good way to protect packaging. It also is serrated in a lot of cases so that you can just tear and use. This is wonderful for breakables, so definitely use this. Here are a few tips for using bubble wrap in your packaging: 

  • Always make sure to wrap the item with the bubbles facing the product to properly protect. 
  • You can use this on dishes and glasses, but make sure that the bubble wrap is small 
  • Stack dishes with bubble wrap on the edge, not flat 
  • Use bubbles that are bigger for bigger items including larger electronics, vases, and other sculptures. 

Packing Paper

Packing paper is another good insert for virtually anything. This can be newspaper printing, or even just white or brown paper that’s good for packing other fragile items. There are a few tips to properly use this one, and they are below: 

  • Make sure to get them ink-free for dishes that are light, or white-colored 
  • You can use it as a filler with packing boxes to prevent them from shipping 
  • It’s so clean that you don’t need to wash the dishes when you unpack them if you don’t want to 
  • It’s cheaper than bubble wrap, so unless you need it, or are buying in bulk, it’s better to just use this 
  • You can wrap and cushion practically every single item that you’re going to send out when you’re moving to a new locale. 

Cardboard Boxes 

Cardboard boxes are some of the most common means to move all of the items that you’re moving, in order to make a truly smooth and exciting experience for moving. They are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes and are really good for different items. Some of the tips to using these include the following: 

  • Use these for books, tools, silverware, and other canned goods, but keep them in smaller boxes 
  • Use the larger ones for pillows, lamp shades, and bedding, bulkier items 
  • Medium boxes are good for toys, small electronics and appliances, and also smaller lampshades 
  • You will want to make sure to use a combination of these boxes so that they don’t get too heavy. 
  • Never overpack these since if you’re moving it, you’re going to be the one to move this, so be smart with it 
  • Pack the heavier items near the bottom part, and then the light ones near the top part 
  • Never leave empty spaces in this, since this could cause damage to the items. You can pack these with linens and towels until everything is properly stabilized, in order to help with stacking and to make them better for moving 

Moving Blankets 

Finally, there are moving blankets. If you’re working with professionals, you will not need to buy them, but if you want to use them, you can buy them, or just use comforters, blankets, and beach towels. These are furniture pads, and they definitely are good for a lot of people. You sometimes want to buy since you don’t know how dirty they are, but they prevent the furniture from being scratched and also can be shrink-wrapped to furniture. 

The Different Kinds of Food Packaging 

Maybe you’re a chef who wants to bring recipes to the retail world and supermarkets, or maybe you want new ways to package said products. 

You also may own food trucks and want new containers. There are so many possibilities, and it’s important to definitely explore it. 

Here, we’ll go over each of the different food packaging types, and why they’re good for one type of retailer or another. 

Flexible Pouch containers 

Flexible pouches are one of the fastest growing, and a lot of the global market is changing to this. 

Why is it good? 

Well first and foremost, they leave a much tinier carbon footprint, and take up les space. 

They also stand up, which companies like. They also are much cheaper too. 

Consumers also like these because they’re resistant to shatter, have nice features, and you can even add valves that help with sealing the product. 

You see this in a lot of coffees, used to seal the product and prevent spoilage. 

They also have design perks too, since they can be 3D printed on. 

Containers and Jars 

Containers and jars are good materials for packaging, and glass has been very popular. 

They have that feeling of luxury compared to different materials, and they are transparent, which lets people see inside, so they can view the product before purchasing. 

They’re also recyclable too, and they offer a big carbon footprint and are sustainable packaging too in most cases. 

The one downside is that they are more expensive when it comes to shipping, and if dropped, it does affect cleanup. 


Clamshell packaging is pretty much similar to carded packaging, and are used mostly to package consumer goods, and are oftentimes used either to replace or along with blister packs too. 

They’re made from plastic, paper, plant materials, or even Styrofoam. 

They offer two shells, where they’re connected, in order to clasp it. 

They’re used to package everything, and are used in restaurants as well, oftentimes known as takeout boxes too, and are a great product for retailers. 

The downside to this, is that it’s not very recyclable.  There is some made form PET materials, and are recyclable, but if they’re compostable, they won’t be. 


Another product that’s survived its time, cans have been around since 1920 and are even sometimes considered collector’s items. 

They’re made with aluminum, and they are totally recyclable, affordable, and have a high resistance to shatter. 

They’re usually used for packaging meats, vegetables, different sauces, and even canned soups and other dishes. 

There are also cans used in beverage packaging, such as water, energy drinks, and sodas too. 

They’re totally recyclable, and usually offer a better alternative to creating less of a carbon footprint compared to plastic, but flexible packaging is definitely lower. 

The cans also need to be cleaned out before sent to recycle, and if it’s not good enough, they’ll be sent towards the landfill as well. 

Shrink Wrap 

Shrink wrap, or shrink film, is pretty much film that’s put over foods, and is then sealed, and then they move through a machine that will help to fully seal the product itself. 

This also provides a really nice sheen that’s glossy on the products in a way that catches the eye of the consumer who sees it on a shelf. 

This is used not just for food, but also electronics, consumer goods, even CDs and books as well. 

And these are but a few of the packaging types that you can use, and they are becoming more popular as well as time goes on. 

How smart packaging Levels up your Packaging Needs 

From making it easier for customers to get their products to even showcasing authenticity and incentives, you may not realize that you can actually use smart packaging to help with offline and online products. 

Smart packaging uses a means to manage and track the products better for the customer’s experience. 

This means better assets and tracking via transport. In warehouses this then is transported to reach the customers as well. 

For customers, smart packaging adds better elements that enhance the experience of the customer and improve the brand loyalty. This is implemented via QR codes and other displays, giving better information to connect with them. 

Offering Relevant information 

The value of honesty is important for customers that are buying products, so smart packaging lets you do that, and also gives you the evidence and facts needed. 

You can talk about the eco-friendliness of the products, and of course all of the ingredients in your beauty and hair products. You can even show authentication through this too. 

This does enhance the experience of customers, since it offers assembly and care to them, and offers companion products too, which can even be personalized in a lot of cases. 

The QR code also is cool because it gives them everything that they need to know about the product before they get it. 

Discount codes and Coupons 

With the same QR codes and other items, you definitely will be able to show everything that the customers want to see, and they can look at the items, and you’ll even be able to give them a mystery discount or coupon. 

This does offer more coupons, deals, and other fun sales that they can use, and you can incentivize them with the rewards programs and processes, and even offer them a sweepstakes. 

The cool thing about this is that the possibilities are endless, and you can even cross-promote different items to offer a chance to get all of the products, and offers automatic refills, streamlining this, improving customer loyalty over the other competitors too. 

Boost Engagement 

QR codes offer better media too, including even contests and recipes. If you want to, you can even offer this type of packaging an incentive to get people to interact with this, boosting the website traffic and brand awareness, increasing the engagement for everything. 

Influencers, brands, everyone in between can benefit from this, from recipes to even different hashtags that people can use to really take their engagement to the next level, and this offers a better experience. 

This also offers more interaction, putting it in the hand, mind, and the job of the customer, engaging with them to get them to purchase the product as well, and it can even be used to help fund and improve different campaigns down the line too. 

Smart packaging is the future, since it’s not only a way for you to build the audience, but also improves the campaigns and the engagement of such too. 

They do really help with a lot of the different aspects of engagement, offering new technologies and techniques with each step. 

There are always new ways to do this, from printing to the management of inventory to even fulfilling orders. With smart packaging, you’re making smarter choices that are different from what you’d normally do otherwise, and you’re creating packaging that not only improves the brand, but also not only the engagement with the customers, but also you’ll definitely be able to engage with the packaging and make this better for customers too, which in turn makes it even better for everyone. 

The Benefits Of Sustainable Packaging And How Businesses Can Ensure Sustainability 

Product packaging determines your product’s market perception and success. Buyers look for a product they can associate with, which is attractive to the normal eye. As a manufacturer, conducting market research can help you find aspects that give your product a competitive edge, like green packaging. Adopting sustainable packaging can help you attract the attention of environment-conscious buyers and influence the opinion of your consumers.

Why Should Businesses Adopt Sustainable Packaging?

In a community worrying about global warming, the use of biodegradable materials and recyclable wrappings is becoming a deal-breaker. Environmentally-conscious consumers may be willing to try a new product in the market with sustainable packaging over a well-known product with unsustainable packaging. The shift in consumer buying habits is forcing manufacturers to adopt environmentally friendly packing materials, enhancing their market reputation and profits. Some of the reasons why a business should use eco-friendly packaging include:

Lower carbon footprint

Human activities over the years have released harmful gases into the environment, triggering global warming and other adverse effects. In trying to minimize global warming, individuals and stakeholders encourage companies to stop emitting greenhouse gases into the environment by adopting eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging policies. Almost every product phase releases some carbon into the environment, from raw materials sourcing to manufacturing, usage and disposal. Eco-friendly materials release fewer greenhouse gases during the product cycle.

Fewer toxins and allergens

Traditional packaging uses chemical and synthetic materials, causing harm to humans and the environment. Most eco-friendly packaging materials are bio-degradable, made from allergy-free materials, ensuring the consumers’ wellbeing.

It builds your brand

 Adopting sustainable packaging allows you to position your product as the go-to option for eco-friendly consumers. You may use the environmentally friendly approach to justify the price of your item, giving you a competitive edge over cheap alternatives.

What are the latest packaging sustainability trends?

Major companies are adopting eco-friendly packaging to reduce their carbon footprint and appeal to environmentally friendly consumers. Businesses are shifting towards lighter packaging and bare minimum packaging for online purchases. Products now come with clear labeling on how to dispose or recycle the packaging properly. You also find full transparency in claims about the product’s packaging sustainability and printed commitment to sustainability. Some of the approaches businesses are implementing to ensure sustainability include:

• Using minimal packaging materials

• Meeting marketing guidelines for performance

• Adopting renewable energy sources

• Creating reusable materials

• Investing in clean technologies and the best environmental practices

How can a Business ensure Sustainability?

The best approach to ensure sustainability will vary among companies, depending on the uniqueness of their products and industry trends. Nonetheless, a company can ensure sustainability by incorporating sustainable packaging practices as the basics of every process. It should also train employees and partners to perform their duties sustainably while communicating eco-friendly practices to consumers and shareholders.

Businesses can maintain their commitment to sustainability by setting targets and monitoring the progress. The manufacturers should review the sustainable operations periodically to ascertain their effectiveness and make necessary changes to improve performance. If necessary, they should create employee awareness and train them to ensure an environmentally friendly workplace.

What are the common Sustainable Materials in Packaging?

Polyethylene (PE) foam

PE foam materials are fully reusable and recyclable, offering businesses flexibility. They are readily available and inexpensive, enabling companies to remain competitive. Polyethylene is also customizable with good cushioning properties, protecting products from water, moisture and oil-based solvents.


It is inexpensive and home compostable. It is also non-abrasive and customizable to meet different packaging needs.

Packaging Packages: Unboxing Your Way To An Unforgettable Experience

Packaging is a big part of the customer experience. What does your packaging say about your company? Designing an unforgettable experience for customers starts with packaging. You may think that design is just a small detail, but it can have a huge impact on how people feel about what they’re buying from you. There’s more to designing good packaging than just showing off your product – it should also be designed to make people excited and show them what they’ll get out of their purchase! 

When it comes to unboxing, incorporating the following strategies will be a nostalgic experience for your customer;

Have it tidy and neat

Sure, you want to make sure the packaging of your product is safe and secure, but beyond that, it’s also important to make sure there aren’t any obstacles in the way for eager customers trying to get their new purchase rolling. Keep cables neatly tucked away, make sure that manuals are separate from the packaging itself for easy access later on, and don’t use too many items in your package. 

Be enlightened 

Yes, the customer is excited when they get their new gizmo out of the box, but that doesn’t mean you can slack on providing them with information that they are going to want or need. Have a quick start guide? Throw it in there! Need to remind someone about warranty information? Add it in too! Make sure that all relevant information is accessible right off the bat to keep your customers happy.

Be valuable

This doesn’t mean you need to include a sample of dishwashing soap (though if you’re Nike, go ahead and do that), but it does mean that you should include things that are going to be beneficial for the customer in their use of your product. If they’re buying a new laptop, for example, throw in a one-year subscription to Norton Antivirus and/or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software. It’s free advertising and it ensures that the customer is going to get all the help they need without having to buy any additional extras later on.


Customers love to get mail, so why not include your business card with this shipment? Include coupons for future purchases or discounts on more products that you sell (if you do, of course). Add a postcard or two that relates directly to the product they’ve just gotten in the mail. These are all things that you can do to make your shipment stand out from the rest of them, and the customer is going to appreciate that.

Make it Fun 

Yes, this is the most important one of all. It doesn’t matter how informative or useful your packaging is if it’s so boring that no one wants to pay attention to you. Make a jazzy color scheme, some creative fonts and/or shapes, or even go so far as to include some extra little toys in the box to make your packaging a memorable experience. Think about it: when was the last time you saw a phone without any kind of case or screen protector?

The important thing here is to make sure that your packaging design isn’t actually obstructing what’s inside. That means no garish colors, nothing too small, and nothing so large that it can’t fit on a shelf. Customers are drawn to things because of their appearance, not in spite of it. Make sure your packaging is aesthetically pleasing without being too glamorous for its own good.

Make it branded

This is a very important one. If you’re going to go through the trouble of making your packaging into an experience for your customers, then it makes sense that you want to make sure they associate your brand with this memory in some way. Make sure there’s ample space on all sides for branding and even include a QR code or website link so that customers can find out more information about your company. If they have a good memory of your business, then they’re going to keep coming back for even better products.

Contract packaging problems in snow

Now that winter is almost here, many people are purchasing many things from the store for their homes, including holiday decorations and Christmas trees. The question of where to put it comes up all the time when you have a small apartment or house. If you do not plan, looking at your living room full of decorations can ruin your holiday atmosphere.

Since you are planning to purchase many things for the holidays, you must plan where you’ll keep them. You don’t want to buy anything that won’t fit your home, so knowing beforehand saves you the trouble and money. If not, many stores offer contract packaging services that allow their contractors to deliver products within specific dimensions. This service is beneficial if you need to transport heavy items like trees or large boxes of holiday decors. Here are some tips on how to make sure your contract packaging needs are met before purchasing goods during the winter season:

An open space away from moving parts like ceiling fans must be available for installation or hanging decorations like Christmas lights.

Contract packaging must be able to fit in your house. Your contractor should know how much space you have and what you will do in your home.

Your contractor should also know if special requirements are unique to your area, as a permit for driving and parking during the holidays. The contract packaging service must have a team on standby or schedule deliveries accordingly to go around the traffic.

The best way to call on contract packing services is through referrals from family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers who had experiences with them before. This way, you won’t end up hiring someone unreliable and unethical that may not deliver on time or damage your furniture while delivering their products inside your homes.

The contractor should also have insurance to cover damages during transportation. This is where shopping around comes in handy because you’ll know which contractors are reliable and trustworthy. It will prevent further costs, especially if your items get damaged because of a lack of proper contract packaging precautions. 

When using vans or trucks for delivery, it’s best to ask them to double-wrap the product with waterproof materials to protect against cold weather conditions like snow during the winter season. If you’re planning on transporting these items yourself, this will save you money since there won’t be a need for professional services at all. As long as your vehicle can fit items delivered, these tips must always be followed, so accidents don’t happen along the way or damages to your home during installation or removal of goods.

Many contract packaging problems can happen during the winter season due to harsh weather conditions. One major problem is snow, which can cause accidents while driving if trucks and vans don’t get fully clear their windows. Snow may also get inside the product being transported, damaging it in the process, especially if there’s no suitable waterproof packaging material. 

Another problem could be falling tree branches that may damage homes or vehicles while falling around Christmas time when people purchase trees for decorating their houses. Contract packers should always take precautionary measures by having things double wrapped for transport, avoiding roads with heavy traffic to prevent getting stuck in traffic jams, parking permits wherever they’re delivering products, etc.

The Importance of Packaging to Outsell the Competition

If you are looking to move your product faster and more efficiently to customers over your competitors, you should not underestimate the importance of packaging when attempting to distinguish your brand. Packaging is often the first thing the eye of the consumer sees that connects them to your product, and if your packaging is lackluster or not eye-catching, this can negatively impact your sales. You product packaging should, of course, be functional, in that it should hold and protect your product from the manufacturing point to the customer’s hands. However, your packaging should also showcase your product, and draw their eye to your product on the shelf, even as it sits among a sea of competitor products. Packaging, once it has caught the customer’s eye, should also inform and persuade the potential buyer. So how to go about doing this? Some of the suggestions below might help.

1. Standard and Accurate

Studies tend to show that most decisions made by consumers regarding which product to buy are mostly subconscious, and not often based on which product is indeed the better one. Customers will tend to choose brands that are familiar or eye catching, or perhaps a brand they have used repeatedly before. A product that has a distinct visual look about it will be well remembered from advertising, or might bring up positive associations in the mind of the consumer. The information on the package should be accurate and informative, but also brief, for the average attention span of the shopper is only around ten seconds before they move on to the next product. If there are errors, misspellings or other mistakes on the packaging, the consumer will quickly lose confidence in the brand and move on.

2. Showcase your Company Values

An ongoing trend in modern consumers is an increasing concern that they are buying products that are good for the environment, have been produced with ethically made materials, and are coming from companies known to give back to the community through corporate social responsibility. Polls of American consumers consistently show that the majority of buyers prefer to purchase products from companies that reflect their own personal values, even going so far as to purchase a more expensive product. Your product’s packaging is a good place to showcase these values, such as certifications and awards given to the company on this matter, one example being the Fair Trade membership. Packaging should also be recyclable and eco-friendly.

3. Transparent 

Your product packaging should be informative and accurate, and correctly explain what it does in a format that is easy to understand, or no higher than third grade reading level. There should be no misrepresentations or false claims about the product anywhere, and it is even better if the customer can see the product through the packaging itself. 

4. Correct protection 

The package should not be difficult to open, but should be sealed well enough to prevent accidental damage or theft. Any package that is easily damaged does not give a good impression on the company that made the product, and can discourage potential buyers from choosing the product over others. Packaged products should be transported to the sales site in containers that protect them, with the proper cushioning and shielding.

As we can see, the factors that cause a customer to choose your brand over others can be heavily influenced by the kind of packaging you use. Addressing issues that consumers care about, such as visual display, recognizable brand factors, proper information on the packaging and how the product is contributing to corporate social responsibility are small things, but important ones, that can give your product an edge over the competitor products sitting right next to it on the shelf. 

Brand Loyalty is on the Rise with Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is one of the best ways for you to make your customers remember your brand. It’s more than just a way to get them excited about what they buy; it’s also an investment in their happiness and satisfaction with your services or products.

Whenever a brand leaves a memorable impression, there are high chances that the consumers can remember your brand whenever they want to shop for a similar product. The memories you created for them through your custom packaging will help their future decision-making, and it’s a wonderful way to establish the value of your brand in their minds.

With online shopping, branded packaging has become very important in marketing your product in the highly competitive market to create a memorable impression with your clients.

The appearance of the package creates a perception concerning your brand, making it more desirable and better. Consequently, it can create a negative impression that can ruin your brand image when the customers experience poor quality or damage when they receive your product.

As much as you are thinking of getting custom packaging for your products, it is always necessary to think about how it can help with sales and establishing a good brand image. However, there are a few factors to consider when it comes to custom packaging. The first factor is creating the first opportunity of creating an impression.

The packaging material, colors always create the first impression of your brand and the design used. The appearance should leave a lasting memory with clients adding value to their product. The second thing to consider is the implementation of an effective marketing tool through quality packaging. The packaging serves as a marketing tool to your customers, and you need to create an impression with them; they should be able to feel the difference between your brand over competition, create a lasting image and relate your brand to different products with the packaging. Custom packaging is one of the most effective ways for you to make your customers remember you easily because it gets them excited about what they buy, and it’s also an investment in customer satisfaction.

Another important thing is choosing a design that represents your brand well. Your customers can see your brand message through the custom packaging design. It should communicate what you want it to say about your product in the eyes of customers. The good thing is that everyone will have different interpretations about what they see; therefore, different people might take out different messages from the same product, especially when they find uniqueness in your packaging design.

It’s also important for you to choose a suitable size and material depending on how many products you plan on putting in there or if you want them packed together with other items. The size has to be able to fit in the standard large container for shipping purposes. Your custom packaging design should be able to establish a close relationship with your customers, and it has to connect with them. It is also equally important for you to create the right packaging that will help you achieve high sales.

Lastly, you should focus on is the appearance of the product in the package. The appearance of your product when it’s in the package will determine how the customer feels about your brand and experience. It will help them decide if they want to buy from you again or not and create a good impression concerning quality and value.