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Why Get Packaging Now 

If you’re looking to figure out whether or not buying packaging is good to do right now, the short answer is yes. This is something that should’ve been purchased otherwise. While it may seem lie you can’t, cause you can’t turn back time, but buying packaging at the last minute is not something that’s encouraged by many. 

This isn’t just a bad idea, it’s a costly one, as this is one that causes a ton of headaches that you don’t want. Plus, if you’re struggling to get things sent out, the last thing you want is some packaging to not be there. We’ll go over why this is important now, and also the best ways to buy in our current world. 

Why buy it Now? 

If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably haven’t heard of the supply chain and labor shortages. But for most of us, we know about all the shortages, the conflict that is happening internationally, and a sea of other issues.  The packaging that you need for the future should be grabbed today. 

This is something that may seem like a bold claim, or just a cheesy marketing tactic, but that isn’t the case. You should get the packaging that you need for the future today, up to about 12 months or so. 

The reason for This 

The pandemic, the war with Ukraine, and other black swan events have been causing a lot of problems with the materials and machinery that is needed. In many cases, the supplies and equipment that you need have a ton of lead times which can impact when you get it. That’s why, you need to buy the materials that you need today, and this is something that prevents it from getting off weeks, even months too late.  So what are the factors that are causing all of this. 

The availability of packaging and the materials for packaging are important. This is one that’s become a major snafu due to the major material shortages, and right now, the current machinery has practically no availability. The demand for this is starting to increase, but if you get the future purchases done now, you can avoid paying the premium prices down the road. 

How do you know what’s availible though? Well, talking to someone to help you with this can help you find alternatives if there is nothing, or where to buy the actual packaging that you may need. 

The second thing is the lead times. While the materials and machinery may have lead times that seem normal, some items are so out of stock that it can take up to 13 months to get these. But if you talk to someone to help you find the right packaging that you need, you can get the best packaging based off the lead times and the feedback that’s there to ensure when you’re ready for this. Ignoring this does impact the ability to get items when you absolutely need them. 

Before Buying 

With that of course, you should also make sure to ask questions about the machinery used for packaging and get all of the information that you need right away to make the purchase possible. 

Plenty of people benefit from this, and there are a lot of great ways to find packaging ahead of time. lots of times, the right packaging is there, you just have to go and look for it. With that said, if you think that there is a chance that something is going to be out of stock, then you should make sure to get it to them sooner than later. 

Why Sustainable Packaging for business 

For a lot of brands, there are new initiatives that are happening to help create sustainable packaging. This is something that’s a big movement, and it can help you not only get more customers, but also help you get the products that you have owed, as they won’t pay you just for one product, but for a bunch of greener, better products. 

This is something that’s definitely grown because of the environmental changes, and it’s something that as a supplier, you need to be aware of. 

What is it? 

This is basically the packaging that goes to the customer that won’t leave a bad carbon footprint there. Packaging is something that does deliver messages, and you want customers who are excited to unbox the products that you have. They also want a company that is transparent too. 

Lots of companies aren’t , and they realize when it’s too late the materials that they have are creating negative environmental impacts, and it can be something that is possibly a major problem for a lot of companies. The materials and process that’s used for this is a big factor in the impression of a consumer, and it’s something that sustainability helps maintain, as it’s something that is just as important as the proper design for a product. 

The best elements for sustainable packaging 

There are certain products that stand out from others, especially when I  comes to sustainable packaging. They’re considered the cornerstone and are a big part of the sustainable packaging movement. 

The first one, is kraft paper. This one is sustainable, and it’s popular. It’s something that’s better than the regular paper that’s out there, created from ingredients which are all-natural, and also comes from different wood pulp too. You don’t need to bleach the paper, and it decreases the costs of manufacturing, and also is considered lighter than normal shipping. 

There is also molded pulp, and it’s something that is being used more and more amongst the smaller brands. This is made from virgin or recycled paper fibers, and it’s very popular on the market. It’s used for electronics, and also appliances at home. 

It does need thermoforming and protective capabilities added to it, but it does offer new options for packaging, and is great for all sizes and shapes, and it increases the amount of fibers that are recycled, especially when they’re trying to eliminate plastic in some of the other sorts of means. 

Foam is another one that’s become quite popular, as packaging foam is something that’s used in all different ways within the packaging industry. 

It has the duo-purpose of being protective, but also organizes various products, in order to offer the top presentation that’s there, and that which is popular as well. 

Foam is something that’s not the most friendly to the environment, so you’ll want to consider using biodegradable, paper foam, or other sustainable ones, but for a lot of smaller businesses, this is one of the best ways to really gain traction with your brand. 

Then there are plastics, which are something that actually are becoming more and more sustainable, and this is something that offers a lot of benefits. 

It’s light, and when you’re able to source it correctly, it’s actually more energy efficient, especially compared to appear. It’s something that can also save a lot of energy. Blister packs, ryas, and inserts are just a few of the many, and lots of companies will incentivize the customers to return this to locations, so that people can use it again. 

This is also reducing a lot of the single-use plastics and offers sustainability for customers. 

Using Tamper Evident Packaging 

If you want to improve the security along with the shelf life of a package, then tamper-evident packaging is the best option. Product security along with protection are super important, and since more and more counterfeit are impacting the world, you want packaging that protects your goods. Not to mention, the shelf life is also a big part of it, and tamper evident packaging is great for improving the shelf life, security, and even the safety of this. 

How this improves shelf life 

Some of these tamper evident packaging, including flexile films, will drastically improve the shelf life of an item, and it includes lidding films, and also modified atmosphere packaging as well. 

Along with this, there are a lot of benefits that come with this. If the product is sold based on weight, including produce and the like, this also helps with improving the revenue, since the weight will not change this.  This of course, helps to retain moisture and freshness. 

There are tons of benefits for improving the shelf life, so you’re not sitting here having to replace everything. 

Product Security 

If you’re someone who is worried about others coming in and ruining your packaging, you’re not alone. I mean think about it, there are people who have opened up tubs, licked it, and then put it back. Super gross right? 

Well, tamper evident packaging is a great way to show when something has been messed with, in the most obvious manner. 

The most common ways to improve this include the following: 

  • Shrink film 
  • Seal bands 
  • Sealing tape that shows a mark when it gets taken off. 
  • Overwrap that’s hard to put back 
  • Flex pouches 
  • Lidding films 

There are tons of great ways to protect it, and for customers that see this on their packaging, they’ll know something has been compromised, which is great for prevention of the product getting messed up. 

If you are worried about the possibility of the product being compromised, then try to create tamper-evident packaging that works well, and also is something that is perfect for the person to use so that they can keep their items safe and secure. 

More abut this 

Tamper evident packaging is one of the best packaging things that you can add, and it offers a ton of benefits to the materials used to package stuff. 

What are some of the different kinds of materials through? How can it benefit the people? 

Well, it can help in a lot of ways. Providing the best and most secure packaging to the people who buy your product is important, and it’ something that, if you use a lot of packaging that involves you possibly having the freshness compromised, this saves you money. 

In our world with items getting more and more expensive, having the proper packaging to help and assist with this is very important. Lots of people struggle with putting together the right packaging means that’ll help them, and luckily, with this, you’ll definitely get the proper protection that your packaging needs. 

Tamper evident packaging also doesn’t look unseemly or ugly either. It can be used as a first lay er for packaging, since it can close it, and then the overwrap of this is something that also is really good for a lot of people that are looking to improve their packaging abilities. 

For a lot of people, tamper evident packaging isn’t just a suggestion for their business, it’s vital, and we went over why in the world that is here and why it can be good for freshness, and for protection. 

The Best Products for a corrugated box 

A lot of business owners like to use corrugated boxes to help with their shipping. It’s a fiberboard medium that’s study and comes with different folds that are between sheets that are flat. The corrugated boxes are good for a variety of products and is used for a variety of shipping options. 

The Benefits 

There are many different benefits for this, and we’ll go over them here. First, they have the best production, since they can withstand a lot of damaging pressures that other boxes may not be able to, so if you value something and want to ensure that it won’t get damaged, this is good. You can get thinner wall for less fragile items, but also something with thicker walls so that it’s more durable. You can secure this in order to shock absorb, and also keep everything from rattling around. 

The packaging is also very adaptable, so pretty much anything can fit into one of these, and you can even utilize inserts to put more in this. You can stack items in these that already fit well in boxes like this. Toys and shoes are some of the most common, and if you have anything pre-packaged that you’d’ like to make sure is taken care of, this is one way to do so with ease. 

It’s also some of the lightest shipping. This is light, but strong, and is great for items that need to be transported for a long time. the carboard that’s thick and light are also good, since the items within this are even in weight distribution, and it’s easy to handle and transport, which is great for those warehouse workers you’d like to discuss this with. 

Finally, it’s made form materials that are affordable, and is cost effective. Plus, since it’s so easy for you to put this together the transit for this is also really good, and you don’t have to worry about possibly ruining the products within this. 

The best products for cardboard boxes 

Here are some great items that you can put inside cardboard boxes. Clothing and textiles, especially fabrics, are great for cardboard boxes.  You can even include craft and sewing items if you want to use this, since the moisture is kept out and they won’t be marred by debris when transporting this. 

Apparel and shoes also are good with this, since you can put a lot of these in there, and it can definitely go to the customer in a quick fashion to meet their needs. Lots of food retailers will use this for food, as it will protect the products from the air outside and keeps it safe from any marring and damages. 

It’s also eco-friendly, totally recyclable, and is great for food services and subscription food companies. Office supplies also go well in this, including stationery, printer ink, copy paper, and pens, along with other sorts of supplies. They’re lightweight, so everything fits in there, and it also will protect it from being damaged. 

Finally, you’ve got industrial supplies as well, since furniture is really good, and raw materials used for building are great for this. This is great for commercial use, along with personal use, as it’s very easy to utilize cardboard boxes to help you with improving this. 

Sa you can see, pretty much anything can fit inside a cardboard box, and the beauty of this, is that there are a ton of great ways to use a cardboard box, not just so that you get the item to the customer safe, but also so that it does get there in a way that’s beneficial for everyone. 

Why you should Prioritize Sustainability within a Recession 

The uncertainty of our economy is scary, and with many brands cutting down as of late, thinking that the sustainability and ethical parts of this to the side, it can be bad for the planet, and it’s terrible for business. 

Brands need to be committed to the initiatives and the goals that they had during the previous kinds of recessions, and if you focus on sustainability, you bounce back faster. With the tough economy that we’re in, here’s what we should also be looking at. Sustainability is something that will definitely help you have leverage when you’re a brand that’s looking to figure out how to stay afloat. 

The reality of the Current Market 

With over a thousand brands that are at the front of innovation and working to make changes to the environment, having a D2C business model is something that’s good for a lot of people, especially before they get to the top of the charts.  There are many brands that are dealing with sales not hitting the expectations that are there, leaving them with too much product, and not enough certainty about what’s next, and this is something that’s stuck around in the previous year. 

Plus, with these different aspects, there is a lot going on globally: 

  • Inflation hitting a 40-year high 
  • Gas prices over $5 nationally 
  • The sentiment for the consumer is declining 
  • Hiring declining, with high-profile companies laying off more and more. 
  • Most places slashing prices to get rid of inventory 

This is a common problem for many businesses, and the idea of sustainability may not be something they ware ready for, especially with the next year. 

How ethical brands and sustainable ones Fare. 

Brands that are ethical and sustainable tend to actually do better when faced with a recession and economic downturn. 

Let’s look back to the 2008 recession. Some of the most sustainable brands tend to be the ones that were the most successful, those brands that made aggressive, bold investments during these years did a lot better than a lot of traditional brands. That’s because a lot of experts predicted the opposite, and the thinking that people needed to cut the costs in order to possibly be beneficial to the environment, and it’s something that a lot of companies struggled with. 

In a study back in 2014, it was found that a $1 investment for sustainability companies grew to $22.60 in those that were still sustainable by 2010, and this also is a major increase compared to many of the lost sustainability companies. Plus, a lot of companies that have a strong responsibility and repute do have some declines when they were not working in sustainable fields. 

Some of the greener places and companies actually were able to expand, offering more greener options of revenue, and it also improved the competitiveness during the economic downturn. Plus, a lot of B corporations and those that were known for high standards of transparency and performance did have a much stronger chance to fare during the recession of 2008 than more traditional businesses. 

What this taught us is that if you’re looking to have some sort of plan for when those economic downturns happen, sustainability is the way to do this. While nothing is possible to be recession-proof, and almost all businesses of all kinds will feel this, the goal of this is to pull yourself up, and prioritize the sustainability of the product, and by doing this, you’ll be able to become bigger and better, and bounce back once the aftermath of the recession is over. 

Why Small Contract Packaging Costs more 

Did you know that small contract packaging is a lot mor expensive than the bigger contracts? This might seem odd, but it’s the case. You may wonder why it is the case, since it seems like it would be much more expensive if you get a bigger older.  It may be a bit surprising, but there are some variables that go along with this, and it’s important to understand the differences that come with these projects and packaging as well. 

Why it does 

When you look at contract packaging, there are some different factors to look at. The total costs is important, and how long the project will run, along with parts and items that are moving, and as well, the relationship with a copacker that you might have. 

However, the cost per package is something as well. It might seem strange, but if you look at the elements that generate how much your cost per package is will show how the higher costs come to be. 

Variety impacts efficiency 

Yes, it does, and it doesn’t matter what size you are. If you’re changing it up a lot, it’s going to cost more.

If you’re doing small contract packaging, it will cause you to start and stop multiple projects, and you have to do a lot of other variants in a smaller time period. With contract packaging, you also need to look at the downtime going from larger to smaller projects. These different factors also include the changeover of laborers, setting up the equipment for you business, and also the lines along with other kinds of actions that are based on the needs of the packaging project or company. 

This will also cost you more money in a few instances, and it’s why the projects do result in larger price points for each package. 

Every time contract packaging company has to stop, shut down and then switch over, it stops the greener generation, which doesn’t look good for anyone. They need to put together new machinery, tweak and alter as needed, and of course, they need to quality check it to ensure that everything’s running effectively. 

This does take more time, which then causes more costs to pile up, since copackers will need to ensure that a portion of this in place to ensure that contract packaging projects that are smaller are profitable for the packaging company while also reducing the downtime that’s needed to finish these projects. 

It’s like riding a bike 

It’s important to understand too that smaller projects are kind of like riding a bike, since it may not be perfect the first go of this. You may fall, or fail, and then get back up, and then, tweak a few parts of this. 

This goes for anything, including packaging. You fail, hit the right speed, and you’re better at this. This is something that might not be ideal, and for smaller projects, this is something that does play a part in it.  The copacker that you have will need to change it for bigger projects, and they will need to alter. It may not be perfect the first go. They may change metrics, and also small logistics. 

This is something that’s not gotten right immediately, and it can play a big part in getting the rhythm down. For smaller contracting jobs, it takes a little bit of time to hit the rhythm, and you will need to pay up more to ensure that you get the results that are better with time, and if they have to shut it down, it affects you. 

Proper Packaging to Use in Our Current Climate 

There are many challenges in the current world, and even sustaining proper packaging especially with disruptions, it’s been quite the challenge. Plus, managing the materials and packaging has only grown harder than ever. 

The supply Chain issues 

There were already issues with your supply chain before all of this, and with continuous conflicts, it’s something that you definitely will want to look at, and it’s going to only get worse before it gets better. 

Planning this does require an approach to this, and the supply chains will only get worse as more and more unintended incidents and consequences happen as a result of the war, pandemic, and also the ongoing disruptions of the petroleum industry. 

Material shortages 

Most current vendors have certain clients that support them, and when supply chain issues happen, getting it from the vendors is a challenge, and many times, they either don’t have enough, or they have to charge more, and it’s a challenge for plenty of people, in order to serve the clients that are there. 

Many vendors are turning to different vendors as well to help with this, and even inventory is different from what it was even a couple of years back. So how do you calculate all of this, especially with the current climate. 

How to calculate current inventory 

The best thing to do, is to do a little bit of calculating, and math problems to help with this. 

The formula is something that you should keep on hand, in order to keep your business running as you should. 

The formula is as follows: 

The demand daily +the safety Stock x lead time = the packaging minimum materials that are needed, and that inventory level. This formula is something that helps you see just how much you need in order to get ahead, at least for the next 30 days. 

It’s important though, that with the current packaging needs, you also multiply this by 1.5.  for example, taking all of this and say it comes out to 3000 widgets, you want that number to be 4500 instead of an extra buffer. This lets you continue to be in business even if your local suppliers are a little bit slow with those lead times. 

There are other components that you also need to look at too, critical aspects of items that you can’t fully empty your stock of. 

Looking at the critical 

You want to make sure that you know the critical aspects of packaging. That means, if something is ran out, it will shut down everything, and you can’t work. You want to make sure that you have double of these critical components, in the even that there are inventory snags. 

This can cause issues with space at your warehouse, but with all of this, you can get about 2x the time for leads to ensure the abundance of this. 

It’s important to make sure that you do factor in space, which does become an issue, but also think about it, this can make a difference between your business working, and your business having to shut down. 

You also want to add in other waste factors, and also look at continued supply chain and labor issues. You also may find that the goods quality is going down, and you’ll want to factor that into the calculations at hand in order to compensate all of this. 

Keeping ourselves informed of all of this is incredibly important, and with this, you’ll be able to prepare your supplies for any problems that may get in your way as well. 

Small Business Shipping tips for the holidays 

The holidays are a fun, although stressful, time for a lot of businesses. They’re something that’s great, but it also can be a bit overwhelming to ensure that everything goes off without any issues. If you are looking to ship products and gifts out without any snags, you’re in luck. We have some of the best shipping advice possible, and some great tips to help you get the perfect holiday shipping experience for your business. 

Learn to Save 

The first thing is also look for ways that you can save on some of the shipping that you do. The first, is custom boxes, and they’re something that a lot of big businesses like to use. They make unwrapping even better.  You may wonder if there is a way for you to cut down on costs though, especially when you look to possibly get more product out for the same budget as before. If you can’t afford custom designs, look at the box size too. See if you’re paying too much for layers unneeded, and if you’re shipping the necklace in a box or if you want to ship a larger products in hose same containers. 

Look at box size, try different dimensions, and make sure that the products are snugly fitting, and make sure to minimize any chances of something breaking. Another thing to do, is that if you want to also save some money, look at the calendar and pay attention. This is especially true during the holidays, when lost orders, rush jobs, and quick shipping can sometimes cost errors that do most definitely add up.  You should try to finish fulfillment the moment that you get an order, for if you do take the time to look over the orders every single day, you can avoid disasters, and also help to avoid a lot costlier mistakes. 

Help the Customers 

People don’t like to wait during the holidays, and they al practically need to keep informed. If you want to keep your customers nice and informed, start with a tracking number. This helps with any last-minute shopping moments and it also cuts down on the amount of inquiries that you get, which is a big factor in traffic to your site or your email. 

This is better to be left open, so if you’re prepared in time of the holiday rush and offer tracking, it makes things that much easier. Finally, make sure that you also offer shipping that’s reasonable.  Free or low-cost shipping will get people more and more excited, and they do have tons of options. People don’t want to pay excessive amounts for shipping, and too much will definitely affect sales. Free or a flat rate on shipping, even on just different time periods and days, shows that you care bout your customers and want to treat them fairly. 

Finally, try to make sure that the customers finish their orders, and they don’t engage in cart abandon. Offering free or reduced shipping is one way to prevent this, since in a lot of cases, it can make customers think twice. 

With that, those are the main tips that we have here for you to get the most out of your sipping during the holidays. I know it’s a stressful time for anyone, and if you’ve ever been curious about how to make it work, and also, how you can provide high-quality shipping to others, then you’re in luck. We offer just that, and with these tips here, you’ll be able to get the most tat you can out of your holiday shipping and make plenty of customers nice and happy. 

How to Create Environmentally-sound packaging 

If you’re looking to be a bit greener in terms of brand, or if you want to use sustainable packaging, you’re not alone. Custom boxes are actually one of the best ways to do this, but here, we’ll discuss how you can start making your packaging as sustainable as possible. 

How to make it useful and sustainable 

Of course, the right packaging that you use is very important, since this is what actually impact the environmental results from the company.  You can choose the boxes, and opt for something smaller for your boxes, but you should also look at the materials that you have, in order to create the ideal boxes that minimalize the environmental impact of this. 

You also want to look at packaging functionality.  You may wonder if you can change this to something else, such as maybe your box becoming a flowerpot for some succulents, or even into a hanger if you sell clothes in boxes and whatnot. The function and form is something that not only reduces the footprint, but also makes it very innovative, and super cool for those interested in this.  There are so many great ideas that you have, and they can even be put into social media posts, building brand awareness and whatnot with them, and also impact customer engagement as well. 

Educate them 

You want to showcase the products, but also the philanthropic needs that are there, since the packaging is also about as important as the product you’re selling. You also want to look at the message you’re sending, and the text you want to include in some cases. Even a little bit about the cause and whatnot on the inside of the lid of the box is important.  Remember, all blank spaces matter to customers, and that’s a chance for you to connect with the customer base and build it as well. 

You can also include essays and whatnot on the impact of the environment, and what it means to the person. People can write this, and then, you choose the winner or winners, print this on the inside of the box, along with the exterior.  When you’re working with texts that relate to different causes also look at the overall design, and the impact of this too. You want to make sure that the message is the focus but keep the boxing color that’s there to earth tones, and keep the design minimalist otherwise. 

Remember as well to put the social media on the packaging too, so that when customers do this, they can look at what you have to offer, and also find out how you’re able to work with these different causes as well. 

Work to change the world 

If you’re someone who is interested in philanthropy, or maybe your company has been known for this, it’s imperative that you make sure that you do your research, and also work to showcase all of this in the packaging that you have. 

Create packaging, which is ethical, and definitely you’ll see a difference in this today, something that can ultimately change the world. If you’re someone who wants to make a difference with your box packaging, you’re not alone. Companies want this a lot, and luckily, with this, you’ll be able to do just that. 

With custom boxes, custom shipping, and all sorts of new ecological needs that are there customers can opt for an experience that’s greener than ever, and also one that’s good for them, so that they can be happy and also enjoy every aspect of the packaging experience that they have. 

How to Recycle 

Knowing how to recycle is something that should be better known, but it’s not. Recycling involves certain kinds of materials, and different ways to recycle them. in this, we’ll go over how to do it, and the different symbols that are on these products. 


Paper is mostly recyclable along with cardboard. The exceptions are paper that’s shredded and cardboard that’s shredded, or anything that has plastic or wax coatings over this. This is because it will not break down effectively. For newspapers and other books and media, it needs to be bundled together, delivered to the drop-off point, and you can have a recycling service also come up and take this. 

You do need to break down cardboard boxes into smaller sizes before you use it. You may wonder if it’s worthwhile to recycle it. The simple answer is yes. With more and more recycled fibers being the major selling point for people who buy, this is important. Cardboard boxes also are used for most products, and when you recycle, you’re saving at least one tree for every three feet of paper. 


Plastic is something that you should try to recycle because it can take up to a millennia to degrade. This is now clogging up the oceans, and a ton of our landfills. Here are some things about it, and it’s scary if we let this continue to degrade. 

You do recycle this based on the type of plastic, so check the bottle and whatnot to see what it is. You can recycle most of these, so long as they are plastic, and fall into a category. With over a tenth of the waste being plastic, and over 2.5 million bottles get discarded every single hour, it’s something we should get better about doing. 

Plastic bags and cling wrap are recyclable too. You ca n actually get specific boxes that help you store and also recycle these. Recycling bags especially is really important since it stops landfills and oceans from getting polluted, and it does protect the animals from danger. 

There are also bag bans too, which stop people from using plastic bags. In the end, plastic recycling is really important, since it does otherwise stop the oceans and places from building this up, and it can help stop environmental problems from happening. 


Electronics are something that you can recycle, but the thing is, people don’t to correctly, so it ends up in landfills, and this causes major pollution issues. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and appliances are small and can be recycled. To recycle them, you should check the EPA to see how you should do this, and the best way to ensure that it’s safely done you’re going to probably have to put it in a drop-off point, and you also need to take out the batteries if you’re recycling a laptop or cell phone. 

Cell phones specifically though does have a specific place that you dump it off, you get paid for, and then, you can let them handle it. So is it worth it to recycle electronics? Yes, since it accounts for 70% of the toxic waste in a landfill, despite being just 2% of the trash that’s there. The less electronics in landfills, the better. 

And there you have it, the basics of recycling a lot of these items. Next time you have them, consider looking into each of these to get the best strategy to recycle these items so that they stay out of the landfills and ocean, and helps you really be successful as well too.