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How to Choose the right box for stuff 

Choosing the correct box for packages is becoming more and more popular, and it’s something that’s great for a lot of stores, and online shopping is using this too. Choosing the correct box can be overwhelming though, and the key to figuring out the best types of boxes for your product is based on these questions. 

The size 

One of the biggest and most obvious is the size. Too big, and you put the product at risk, or you have to use a bunch of void fill to fix this. You also are going to pay a whole lot more for shipping too in that regard. Too small, and it tends to be too stiff, and you end up messing up the product within. Custom boxes are the best way to go with something like that, and you never have to worry about the dimensions being too off. 

Product Flexibility 

There are a few types of factors to consider. Some products can handle a bit of the force used against them, so they tend to get folded, bent up, and otherwise used in ways that usually would possibly mess up a product, but they remain not damaged. 

Other products are not so much. Some of them might end up getting broken by even the smallest of motions. You need to make sure you choose a product that can handle this, and then, make sure that you don’t have to repay for new replacements, because that does happen. 

Slotted kraft boxes are great for heavier items, as they offer support flaps, and they are sealed through the use of tape to ensure a product stays where it belongs. 

Consider the adaptability 

The adaptability of your product is also a huge factor when you’re going to choose a box. If the product is going to be shipped out to a variety of environments, you need to make sure that the package isn’t going to be thrown or unloaded too hard either.  Or if it is, you also make sure that there is enough packaging protecting this, since it can lead to reduced breakages of the packages. 

The Aesthetics 

The way your box looks and stands out to customers does matter. Both customers and handlers like to see packages that look unique, so if you want to, set it apart with a design that’s funky, or a color that’s nice and vibrant as well. 

The Brand Identity 

If you’re struggling to make sure that the packaging is really seen, also look to question your brand identity. You should try to ensure a logo is printed on the box directory. You need to make sure that customers feel some kind of joy when they see the product. Having your image on there tells them directly “oh, this is my product, my packaging. Time to open it!” This improves the brand consistency, and it can make it better for you, especially if you’re struggling to get the most that you can out of this. 

For a lot of brands the box does play a huge part in this. Without a box that’s fitting for this, you do put the returns and the exchanges at risk, and lots of times, you also put at risk the fact that you may have customers upset. 

The key to this is to choose a box that fits the needs, and make sure that you have products and packaging that are fitting to the needs that you have, and also fits the way you want your packaging to stand out for your business as well. 

What to Look for in a Packaging Supply Company 

Packaging plays a major role in most businesses. It’s also the first thing that customers experience when you get a buy from them, and it’s the best way to offer the best branding for this. It is also what ensures that the product does reach the customers in the optimal condition, and it offers better customer satisfaction along with better customer retention too. 

Getting a packaging company that is reliable for the job is not only a necessity, but it’s something that’s essential. Here’s what you should make sure that you look for when choosing packaging supply companies. 

Their Product Range 

The product range is a big part of this, as it’s something that tells you exactly what they all offer, the products that they can give to you, and anything else that they can offer. You should know exactly what they’re offering, and how you can consolidate it to make things a whole lot easier. 

You should also be mindful of the lead times on products, so that you’re on top of the stock for packaging, and to make things easier. 

Pricing That Works 

A lot of people worry about pricing for their packaging. You should be mindful of the quotes that you also look at as well. You shouldn’t sacrifice the customer service and quality to save a few bucks though. The goal is to be balanced, and to make sure that you’re getting top value for the money that you’re putting into it. 

A Supply chain that Works 

Supply chains are vital for making sure that you don’t mess up the packaging supply. If the supply chain doesn’t become strong enough, you’re not going to have enough stock because of many problems. You should check the testimonials of the company before you decide, as they can help to choose the option that best fits your needs. 

Their Expertise 

A packaging expertise is something else that you should have. If you know the industry that they offer and operate within, they’ll also offer you a service which tends to be more reliable. 

Packaging companies should have some sort of expertise on the solutions and expertise that’ll help you supply the proper packaging needs.  You may never be able to really function without someone who knows this information, since they can make the ideal packaging solutions that work. 

You should also make sure that they also offer custom product packaging too. Custom products and packaging let you transfer and offer proper branding to your packaging, offering the most consistency that the brand can utilize. 

Good Customer Service 

You should always make sure that you also have a packaging company that’s got good customer service. You should make sure that if there are problems, they’re easy enough for a person to reach. 

You should look at the customer service options that are there, and also make sure that they fit the needs of your business. If you know that they have quality customer service, then you should be good to go. 

Loyalty Programs 

Finally, loyalty programs are always a good option. If you’re looking to save some money, a good loyalty program is an incentive to save lots of money and get some serious discounts. 

You can also take advantage of this, and the potential that these packaging supply companies offer are worth looking into. 

If you’re someone who is looking to get new and better packaging options, then you’re in luck. This is definitely what you should use to vet all of this, and make sure to follow this whenever possible. 

Why Paper Tape 

When you’re looking to improve your business, paper tape is the way to go. 

After about a century of cellophane and other plastic tapes, the tape industry needs something that’s more reliable and is a better alternative to regular tape. 

But is paper tape the godsend that we’ve been looking for? 

Let’s look into this. 

What is paper Tape 

This is usually known as kraft tape and is basically the alternative that’s out there for those who use cellophane a lot. 

It’s something that a lot of the packaging industry, who is trying to save the planet one package at a time, is trying to utilize. It’s made totally out of paper, and it uses a starch-based natural adhesive to help stick the tape to a surface. 

It works pretty easily, and you do need some water usually for this to work. 

What you do, is you cut the amount, moisten a side of this, and then stick this down onto a surface. The starches in this activate, and it creates an adhering surface. 

The best way to use this is usually in painting or handling drywall, as this can be the packaging solution that you need. 

Paper or Plastic? 

There are a lot of people who wonder if they should change to paper tape over plastic, and the simple answer is yes. 

Paper tape is a lot wider in a lot of cases, so you’re not using it as much. It reduces the wase., rather than pushing for this. It also has different strengths and grades just like with regular tape that you’ve been using. That means that you can find the right tape, and then use this. 

The one drawback that comes with paper tape, is that it does cost a little bit more. however, there are tons of benefits, and if you’re smart with the use of this, you’re going to be able to save some serious money. 

The Benefits 

Here are a few of the benefits that paper tape has, and why more and more people are turning to this. 

First and foremost, it’s a lot wider, so it’s good not just for using less tape, but if you want to reinforce and seal the surfaces that are thicker, well there you go. 

It’s also quite strong too. Because it’s water activated, this is a much stronger form of adhesive, especially when you throw this on some cardboard surfaces, and you can seal this with almost no pressure needed. 

It’s also easy to secure this and is used as a proper security function. This is very hard to get off a package since it is much stronger than a normal piece of tape. The properties of this are very obvious after you remove it, so if you want to make sure that you have tamper-evident packaging, well there you go. 

It’s also much more efficient. Unlike what you may use with plastic tape, where it has to be removed completely to be fully recycled, the tape that’s on this doesn’t need to be fully removed to be recycled and disposed of. 

Finally, it’s a lot more economical. Although it may have a higher cost upfront, it does save you lots of money down the line. Plus, since it is more eco-friendly, and it’s also sustainable, it’s a lot better for those brands that are looking to go green. 

Paper tape is in, and it’s the new future way of sealing the packages that you have. if you’re looking for a green solution that fits your business needs, then look no further, and start to use paper tape today!

Why Get Packaging Now 

If you’re looking to figure out whether or not buying packaging is good to do right now, the short answer is yes. This is something that should’ve been purchased otherwise. While it may seem lie you can’t, cause you can’t turn back time, but buying packaging at the last minute is not something that’s encouraged by many. 

This isn’t just a bad idea, it’s a costly one, as this is one that causes a ton of headaches that you don’t want. Plus, if you’re struggling to get things sent out, the last thing you want is some packaging to not be there. We’ll go over why this is important now, and also the best ways to buy in our current world. 

Why buy it Now? 

If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably haven’t heard of the supply chain and labor shortages. But for most of us, we know about all the shortages, the conflict that is happening internationally, and a sea of other issues.  The packaging that you need for the future should be grabbed today. 

This is something that may seem like a bold claim, or just a cheesy marketing tactic, but that isn’t the case. You should get the packaging that you need for the future today, up to about 12 months or so. 

The reason for This 

The pandemic, the war with Ukraine, and other black swan events have been causing a lot of problems with the materials and machinery that is needed. In many cases, the supplies and equipment that you need have a ton of lead times which can impact when you get it. That’s why, you need to buy the materials that you need today, and this is something that prevents it from getting off weeks, even months too late.  So what are the factors that are causing all of this. 

The availability of packaging and the materials for packaging are important. This is one that’s become a major snafu due to the major material shortages, and right now, the current machinery has practically no availability. The demand for this is starting to increase, but if you get the future purchases done now, you can avoid paying the premium prices down the road. 

How do you know what’s availible though? Well, talking to someone to help you with this can help you find alternatives if there is nothing, or where to buy the actual packaging that you may need. 

The second thing is the lead times. While the materials and machinery may have lead times that seem normal, some items are so out of stock that it can take up to 13 months to get these. But if you talk to someone to help you find the right packaging that you need, you can get the best packaging based off the lead times and the feedback that’s there to ensure when you’re ready for this. Ignoring this does impact the ability to get items when you absolutely need them. 

Before Buying 

With that of course, you should also make sure to ask questions about the machinery used for packaging and get all of the information that you need right away to make the purchase possible. 

Plenty of people benefit from this, and there are a lot of great ways to find packaging ahead of time. lots of times, the right packaging is there, you just have to go and look for it. With that said, if you think that there is a chance that something is going to be out of stock, then you should make sure to get it to them sooner than later. 

Why Sustainable Packaging for business 

For a lot of brands, there are new initiatives that are happening to help create sustainable packaging. This is something that’s a big movement, and it can help you not only get more customers, but also help you get the products that you have owed, as they won’t pay you just for one product, but for a bunch of greener, better products. 

This is something that’s definitely grown because of the environmental changes, and it’s something that as a supplier, you need to be aware of. 

What is it? 

This is basically the packaging that goes to the customer that won’t leave a bad carbon footprint there. Packaging is something that does deliver messages, and you want customers who are excited to unbox the products that you have. They also want a company that is transparent too. 

Lots of companies aren’t , and they realize when it’s too late the materials that they have are creating negative environmental impacts, and it can be something that is possibly a major problem for a lot of companies. The materials and process that’s used for this is a big factor in the impression of a consumer, and it’s something that sustainability helps maintain, as it’s something that is just as important as the proper design for a product. 

The best elements for sustainable packaging 

There are certain products that stand out from others, especially when I  comes to sustainable packaging. They’re considered the cornerstone and are a big part of the sustainable packaging movement. 

The first one, is kraft paper. This one is sustainable, and it’s popular. It’s something that’s better than the regular paper that’s out there, created from ingredients which are all-natural, and also comes from different wood pulp too. You don’t need to bleach the paper, and it decreases the costs of manufacturing, and also is considered lighter than normal shipping. 

There is also molded pulp, and it’s something that is being used more and more amongst the smaller brands. This is made from virgin or recycled paper fibers, and it’s very popular on the market. It’s used for electronics, and also appliances at home. 

It does need thermoforming and protective capabilities added to it, but it does offer new options for packaging, and is great for all sizes and shapes, and it increases the amount of fibers that are recycled, especially when they’re trying to eliminate plastic in some of the other sorts of means. 

Foam is another one that’s become quite popular, as packaging foam is something that’s used in all different ways within the packaging industry. 

It has the duo-purpose of being protective, but also organizes various products, in order to offer the top presentation that’s there, and that which is popular as well. 

Foam is something that’s not the most friendly to the environment, so you’ll want to consider using biodegradable, paper foam, or other sustainable ones, but for a lot of smaller businesses, this is one of the best ways to really gain traction with your brand. 

Then there are plastics, which are something that actually are becoming more and more sustainable, and this is something that offers a lot of benefits. 

It’s light, and when you’re able to source it correctly, it’s actually more energy efficient, especially compared to appear. It’s something that can also save a lot of energy. Blister packs, ryas, and inserts are just a few of the many, and lots of companies will incentivize the customers to return this to locations, so that people can use it again. 

This is also reducing a lot of the single-use plastics and offers sustainability for customers. 

Using Tamper Evident Packaging 

If you want to improve the security along with the shelf life of a package, then tamper-evident packaging is the best option. Product security along with protection are super important, and since more and more counterfeit are impacting the world, you want packaging that protects your goods. Not to mention, the shelf life is also a big part of it, and tamper evident packaging is great for improving the shelf life, security, and even the safety of this. 

How this improves shelf life 

Some of these tamper evident packaging, including flexile films, will drastically improve the shelf life of an item, and it includes lidding films, and also modified atmosphere packaging as well. 

Along with this, there are a lot of benefits that come with this. If the product is sold based on weight, including produce and the like, this also helps with improving the revenue, since the weight will not change this.  This of course, helps to retain moisture and freshness. 

There are tons of benefits for improving the shelf life, so you’re not sitting here having to replace everything. 

Product Security 

If you’re someone who is worried about others coming in and ruining your packaging, you’re not alone. I mean think about it, there are people who have opened up tubs, licked it, and then put it back. Super gross right? 

Well, tamper evident packaging is a great way to show when something has been messed with, in the most obvious manner. 

The most common ways to improve this include the following: 

  • Shrink film 
  • Seal bands 
  • Sealing tape that shows a mark when it gets taken off. 
  • Overwrap that’s hard to put back 
  • Flex pouches 
  • Lidding films 

There are tons of great ways to protect it, and for customers that see this on their packaging, they’ll know something has been compromised, which is great for prevention of the product getting messed up. 

If you are worried about the possibility of the product being compromised, then try to create tamper-evident packaging that works well, and also is something that is perfect for the person to use so that they can keep their items safe and secure. 

More abut this 

Tamper evident packaging is one of the best packaging things that you can add, and it offers a ton of benefits to the materials used to package stuff. 

What are some of the different kinds of materials through? How can it benefit the people? 

Well, it can help in a lot of ways. Providing the best and most secure packaging to the people who buy your product is important, and it’ something that, if you use a lot of packaging that involves you possibly having the freshness compromised, this saves you money. 

In our world with items getting more and more expensive, having the proper packaging to help and assist with this is very important. Lots of people struggle with putting together the right packaging means that’ll help them, and luckily, with this, you’ll definitely get the proper protection that your packaging needs. 

Tamper evident packaging also doesn’t look unseemly or ugly either. It can be used as a first lay er for packaging, since it can close it, and then the overwrap of this is something that also is really good for a lot of people that are looking to improve their packaging abilities. 

For a lot of people, tamper evident packaging isn’t just a suggestion for their business, it’s vital, and we went over why in the world that is here and why it can be good for freshness, and for protection.