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What Is Contract Packaging

If you are a small retail business, whether it is online or in a physical location, you know the difficulties that come with the ins and outs of your business. First, being a more mom-and-pop type of store, you have to compete with the big box stores and their prices. Granted, you have the one advantage of building a sense of brand loyalty, especially, amongst the local populace. However, offering competitive prices with the big-box store is difficult. Not to mention that you also have to do a majority of the work yourself, or with just one or two other people to help you. And while in most cases this isn’t a big deal, there are times when you find yourself at a crossroads on how to handle certain situations.

For instance, if you are a retail store that sells a specific product, more than likely your product requires special packaging supplies. In the past, when you were smaller and just starting out, packaging the products yourself wasn’t as big of an issue. Now however, that you’ve grown in size, you are finding that more and more of your time goes to packaging up your products just so you can place them on the shelves, or get them ready to ship to your customer. Sure, you’ve thought about hiring an extra person just to do this job to free up your time. But, once you started to run the numbers, you realize that it’s more expensive than you’d like it to be. And of course buying any fancy equipment to speed up the process is out of the question. After all, you don’t have thousands of dollars just to spend on machines that will automatically to the job. Plus, the cost of your packaging supplies is already through the roof. So, what is the solution to this seeming impossible conundrum? Enter, contract packaging.

Contract packaging is when you have a company pre-package your products. These types of company’s are already set up and prepared to handle situations exactly like yours. They have the equipment and labor, but can package your products at a far more cost-effective price. This is because they aren’t focused on selling particular products. Rather, they solely base their business on packaging products for businesses just like your own. This is beneficial to you because it allows your products to be packaged quickly, efficiently, but at a far less expensive rate than it would be to hire an additional person, or the fancy equipment to get the job done more quickly.

If you are a small retail business and you’ve never considered contract packaging, maybe now is the time to start. If you find a reputable packaging supplies company, you will have a professional service will do a professional job. You will be able to save time and money. And you can devote more of your attention back into your business, rather to focusing all of your time and attention on packaging your products. After all, your business and products deserve the best. So, why not make sure it has the best and find a company that can you provide the absolute best service to not only you, but your customers as well.

The Ultimate Moving Box Buying Guide

Moving can be a daunting task. It literally means uprooting your family to move to a new location that you’re not even familiar with. It requires an extensive amount of time, energy, money, and much of your sanity. And with all of the different aspects that it takes to make a move, such as selling your house, buying a new house, or learning about your new location. There are often times several things that get overlooked during the moving process. For instance, packing supplies is probably one of the most under thought of aspects to moving, yet it actually is one of the most important. Without the proper supplies, such as cheap moving boxes, you won’t be able to properly organize or pack up your house to move to your new home. So, in this article we will give you specific information on different types of moving boxes you have at your disposal when preparing for your move.

First, before we start into the different types of moving boxes, it may be good for you to know where you can get such boxes. For starters, if you are just looking for plain old generic cheap moving boxes, check out your local grocery or department stores. Often times they are clamoring to get rid of them and will give them to you for free. However, if you’re needing a specialty type of moving box, such as a China box, you may have to go to a packing store in order to purchase the proper materials.

Book Box

A book box is the most common type of moving back there is. Again, if this is the type of cheap moving box you are looking for, check out your local grocery stores first. However, if you’re wanting new boxes these ones are the first standard items such as CDs, books, magazines, cleaning supplies, items, etc. Just make sure that you don’t put too much weight into the. Otherwise the bottoms will break off. 50 pounds is normally your maximum limit for these types of.

Linen Box

Linen boxes are slightly larger than the book boxes, and are better for larger items such as pots and pans. Like with the book boxes, this also has a maximum weight limit of about 50 pounds. Also, we recommend filling in the empty spaces of this box with packing paper or towels so as your items inside won’t clamber around and break or become damaged.

China Box

China boxes are far sturdier than the two previous boxes. They are also larger. These boxes are constricted of extra thick cardboard and a double corrugated as to make sure that your items inside will be protected from harm during the move. These types of boxes are best for your fragile items such as bowls, vases, electronic, lamps, etc.

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe boxes, like China boxes, are specialty boxes. These boxes are specially designed for clothes and other large shaped items. Typically they stand about 4 feet tall and come with a bar at the top that allows you to hang your clothes. Other types of items that you can use in these boxes are ironing boards, big cushions, umbrellas, etc. However, do not fill these boxes with heavy items or you will make it next to impossible to be able to move.

All the boxes we’ve listed above are here for you to utilize when making your move. The key to a successful transition is being prepared and giving yourself the adequate time to pack up your house before moving day. Just make sure that whatever you do you have the proper packing supplies in place before you start. This will better help you to have a stress-free move and actually let you enjoy the process of starting a new adventure. Happy moving!

How To Move A Safe

When making a move, you will have to move all sorts of different kinds of items. This will be standard items such as kitchen equipment, lighting, clothes, couches, tables, and patio furniture. However, you might also have to move some more unique type of items such as a pool table, an antique vanity, a piano, or even a safe. Trying to move specialty items will often take extra time and effort on your part because they will require special packaging supplies and materials in order to get the job done properly. Often times, your best bet is to hire a moving company that can safely and reliably move your specialty item. However, under some unique circumstances, such as moving a safe, you may want to do it yourself. In this article we will show you how to move such one particular item, a safe, and how to do it efficiently and safely. (No pun intended)

The first thing you want to do before moving a safe is make sure that you have all the necessary packaging supplies and moving materials to get the job done right. For this type of move you’re going to need at least one other person, a heavy-duty dolly, ropes, and thick blankets. You’ll also want to properly measure your safe. This will especially important when you go to rent a dolly, because they’ll need to be able to give you the proper size so you can safely move it. Also, prior to moving your safe, consider emptying it if you can to help make it lighter and easier to move.

Once all of your prerequisites for moving your safe are done, now you can focus your attention on moving the safe. So, make sure that the door is closed and your safe is locked in place. Then, wrap the entire safe with blankets and secure it with plastic covers and tape so no metal is showing. After that has been completed, enlist the help of your friends and slowly slide the heavy-duty dolly underneath the bottom of the safe. Once it’s on the dolly you’ll need to fasten it with the ropes and secure it tightly so it stays in place. Once it’s secured, you and your friends will need to tilt back the dolly so that the weight is balanced on the rubber wheels and you’ll need to wheel it to the truck. Once you get it on the truck, then you’ll need to fascinate against the wall of the truck with heavy-duty ropes or towlines, to ensure that it doesn’t move during the drive.

Once you get to where you want to go, you then start to work the process in reverse. Unfasten the the dolly from the truck, and with the help of your friends carefully wheel it off of the ramp and roll it to where you need it to go. Once it’s in its designated room, carefully unfasten the ropes and slowly slide it off with a dolly. Once it’s in place go ahead and take off all of the packaging supplies that you used to wrap it up for its trip. Then, if you took out any of the items replace them and lock your safe back up.

Moving a safe doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to perform extreme caution and realize that while it is a safe, it isn’t the safest thing in the world to move. If you keep this in mind, and follow these steps, you will be able to safely and efficiently move your safe to its new home.

How To Pack For A Winter Move

While a winter move may not seem to be the most ideal, it can actually have quite a few advantages. For instance, during winter months you can often times get the cheapest rates for moving companies or rental companies. Which can end up saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Also, you have a tendency to have more flexibility with your moving company, because there’s far less business during that time of year, and they are more apt to work with you and your schedule.

However, if you do decide that you are going to go for a winter move, there are a few things that you should be aware of to help you better prepare. After all, because you’re moving at an odd time during the year, there are a few extra things you’ll need to do that you otherwise wouldn’t have if you were moving in the summer months. In this article we will highlight for you the most important things to prepare for and to do when getting ready for a wintertime move.

One of the most important things you can do in preparing for winter move is to have a plan, and then to have a backup plan. A backup plan, is more so for the possibility of there being too much snow on moving day. Once you have your plan and backup plan in place, you’ll want to start making a list of all the different types of things that you’ll need. For instance, you’ll want all your usual packing materials. Such as shipping boxes, bubble wrap, tape, markers, packing peanuts, etc. However, you’ll also want to be aware that you’ll probably need extra packing materials, especially bubble wrap. You’ll also want to make sure that you have snow shovels and salt as well as moving blankets or old towels to protect your floor from the excess water that you’ll drag in from the snow.

Another thing that you want to do is prepare your car for a winter move. This means that you want to make sure it gets into the shop to have a proper tune-up to help lower the risk of there being complications on the road. You’ll also want to equip your car was snow tires and have winter windshield wipers that can deal with snow and ice. It would also be a good idea to have an emergency kit with jumper cables, a first aid kit, and other survival essentials such as a flashlight, towrope, and flares. You also want to make sure that you pack extra heavy blankets, food, and water in the car with you, just in case you were to get stranded on the road.

The next thing that you’ll then want to think about is protection for your belongings from winter weather. This part is actually very critical as winter weather can play a major role in the damage of different types of wood furniture, musical instruments, and china. However, if you properly pack your items with plenty of bubble wrap, and make sure they’re insulated properly. You can further ensure their safety. Try to keep your more valuable items with you, and put the rest of your non-valuable items into shipping boxes on the truck.

When packing your truck it’s important to remember that you want to pack a winter clothes last. That way they are the first things that will come off when you get to your new home. Also, something to think about, try not to pack your teakettle or microwave too soon. This is because you may want to use it during the moving process to warm up drinks for everyone as you load up the truck.

You’ll also want to prepare your driveway and sidewalk for the move. This means deicing both and making sure that you put salt down to keep ice from building backup. Suggest that your family wear anti-slip boots to keep from falling, and use moving blankets on your floor to prevent slipping, and protect them from water damage. But, above everything else make sure that you take it slow and stay safe throughout the moving process. This is not a time to try to hustle through the weather. Otherwise you can wind up damaging your belongings, health, and wind up creating more problems than you know to do it. So, be prepared. But also be willing to go with the flow when things don’t necessarily go as planned. If you can do these this, you can make your winter move a breeze.