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How to make your packaging Design Pop 

Packaging designs are good, and while attractive design is the best way to make it sell, there are other factors that can stop a customer from making the correct decision. You need to make sure that you have a good packaging design that targets the audience that you have, and really makes the most popping design. 

Think about the goals of Packaging 

It’s imperative that you’ve got a good idea of what to achieve with the design. It’s the most crucial portion of this, regardless of if you’re a new brand or if you’re going to rebrand yourself. Customized packaging is a way to make the marketing plan execution, delivery of product, and the brand of development all Nealy put together as well. 

Kinds of Products that Need Packaging 

You also look at the products and what kind of packaging is absolutely needed.  it’s crucial to look at the packaging’s intent, and what’s suited for your needs. 

Boxes and tubes with some filling internally are also good to have in your repertoire, and also having packaging for bulky, along with fragile sorts of items is important. 

You want to give them an experience that’s memorable, with some personalized options including tissue paper. 

Tell a Story 

You want to use a story to talk about the packaging designs that are there. This is good for all sorts of packaging. This does convey the information necessary to have some sort of popularity on the major social media sites. 

Because there’s a lot of companies in almost every market, this is something that you want to capitalize on, and also use additional creativity to spark purchasing in customers. 

Make the Font Clear 

Customers are usually looking at tons of different products that are out there.

Competition is crazy, and for a lot of customers, they need something that’s easy to read. 

Choosing the right type of font is vital for making sure that the customers know the products and what they does. If the font is hard to read, then they will have trouble understanding the product. It can impact the overall way someone uses the product as well. 

The font size does need to also be considered. You don’t want something that’s too big that it makes it way too distracting, but also not so small that a person can’t read the contents. 

Have fun 

The right packaging design needs to be original and fresh, and also be recognized by many. The custom packaging that’s used and interactive is very fun and allows customers to buy the product. 

Make this eye catching, in order to ensure that clients are smiling from the moment they get the product they desire. 

Invest in Handles 

You want to make sure that you invest in handles or some kind of grooves to make this easier to carry, especially if the packages are too big.  You should make sure that it’s not so slick that the product is hard to carry, and customers end up losing it. you want something that they can carry and is easy to use.  Making it cute also creates a sort of monopoly on the market. 

Be Unique 

Finally, you want to be unique.  You want to make sure that you have different designs that catch the eye of the person that uses it.  This increases the interest of the clients, and the goods as well. 

You want the packaging to be appealing visually, and also extraordinary when compared to the competitors too. 

For example, if the rivals do use square boxes, try a different shape. 

Why you Need Corrugated Packaging for Your business 

In our current world, secure and safe shipping of products is important to your success. Corrugated types of packaging, which is made from corrugated fiberboard and has a fluted layer sandwiched in between this, is commonly used to protect and thereby ship products. 

We’ll discuss here why packaging of corrugated products is good for shipping and protection, along with the best options for your needs. 

Protection Benefits 

Corrugated types of packaging are best for protection of items during the transit of them. Fluted layers get sandwiched in between the fiberboard, offering some cushioning that absorbs the shock during the transit process, which prevents damage from the products within. It’s also sturdy, and also will withstand loads which are heavy, reducing risk of collapsing and crushing of the items. 

They’re versatile e

They dome in different shapes, sizes, even strengths, which makes it ideal for packaging a variety of different products. From smaller electronics to larger furniture, it all fits. 

Corrugated packaging also prints on there with logos from the company, various branding, different graphics, and the like, thereby enhancing the marketing and providing some more opportunities. 

Cost Effective 

It’s more cost effective compared to different packaging materials. Being lightweight and requiring less transportation costs along with being durable, helps with it being useful for a lot of reasons and also reducing the wastes and costs. 

Good for the environment 

It is good for the environment since it’s made directly from more renewable and recyclable materials. This corrugated packaging reduces the need for plastics, since they do take far longer in order to decompose.  They’re better as well for recycling and repurposing anything you need. 

It also fits on the other sustainability factor, which is compliance with the regulations. It’s compliant with different transit regulations, so you’ll be able to use it, without getting hit with penalties and other issues. 

Choosing the correct Corrugated packaging 

There are a lot of different means for you to get the corrugated packaging that you need. Here, we’ll give you a little bit about the things to consider. 

First, is the flute profile, which is the strength and cushioning of this.  it comes in different letters, going from A to F. A is the thickest, and B is used for packaging of foodstuffs. C is the most common for furniture and heavy fragile products.  You may use F packaging for printing and retail packaging. 

You also might want to consider the board type. You’ve got the single face board, consisting of liner sheets attached to corrugated layers. This is the best one for wrapping a product due to the extra cushioning. 

There’s a single-walled board, which is the standard, consisting of one layer of corrugated medium placed between two different liner sheets. This is a board used for products and goods that consumers buy 

The double walled box adds an extra layer to this, creating a strong type of packaging. 

Finally you’ve got triple walled, which consists of three layers of a corrugated medium between four of the linger sheets. It’s used for heavy goods or industrialized parts. 

There is also the board grade, which is based on the edge crush test and the Mullen board test. 

The edge crush test or the ECT is a measurement of how much stacking a box will be able to handle before it collapses. 

The higher this value is, the more that package can withstand being placed in an area with more items over each other. 

Then there is the Mullen board test, which measures the resistance to puncturing from the internal parts.

How to Minimize Wasteful Packaging 

Packaging is important in order to stop spoilage, damage, and also contamination. However, packaging does affect the planet, especially plastics. They cause unnecessary waste. It does harm the world around us, and while this issue is not solved overnight, we do need to look at the excessive packaging that’s there, and here, we’ll provide sustainable solutions to help with packaging waste. 

Definition of Environmental Impact 

Obviously, we do want to commit to eco-friendly kinds of packaging. However, we do also need to look at the exact impact that this has. 

What we do mean by this is the excessive waste of packaging, the emissions they’re creating through disposal and manufacturing. All of these things do impact our planet, so we must reduce all of this to create a world that’s healthier. 

Plastic waste is one of the biggest ones, but all types of packaging do contribute to it. This is because of the packaging life cycle. When improperly disposed, it causes a negative carbon footprint for the person that’s creating it, and for others. You do need to look as well at not just the end where you cross it, but also the beginning too. 

Sourcing: the root of the Problem 

Yes bad packaging starts at the inception of this.

While all types of packaging require these resources to be made, the problem with it is the manufacturing that comes from this. greenhouse gasses are emitted, and this creates particulates that are heavy metals, dropping toxic waste into the waters and other environments. 

Even just chemicals, petroleum, and also wood collection play a part in this, hence why a lot of people are looking towards more ethically sourced packaging for their needs. 

Reducing Plastic Waste 

One thing that we’ve started to learn is that with more and more technology becoming stable and sustainable, a lot of consumers are starting to take more appropriate steps to help with reduction of the impact of the environment, including excessive packaging. 

There are different ways to get this, and one of the ways is eco packaging. 

Eco packaging is something that more companies are working with. You can get ethically sourced materials from factories that are certified to use sustainable types of practices, in order to ensure that the materials utilized in this are optimized and reliable. 

It also provides clean manufacturing, so that the energy is renewable and clean during the manufacturing process. You can also consolidate the different print jobs in order to meet these requirements.  You can also reuse, compost, and recycle the waste that’s related to manufacturing. 

Finally, you can also reduce this with eco packaging through the right engineering and design. You get products that are tailor made to be sustainable aft every part of the journey, whether it’s manufacturing the items, or even disposal of such. Whether you decide to use less ink, packaging, or opt for better recycled materials, there are more sustainable designs. You also want different finishes that are sustainable too, in order to contribute to circular economies. 

Why Reduce Your Eco Impact 

You want to make these changes for the sake of your business. It’ll help with brand image, productivity, lessening of business costs, and better profits! It is better, and for many, being sustainable is the answer to tons of benefits, which is why as a company, you should never shy away from helping the planet.  It starts with the packaging that you have, and with you, you’ll be able to improve the different aspects of such, and make it better for you in the long haul. 

The Sizes of Bubble Wrap you Need 

Looking for bubble wrap for one’s business?  The right bubble wrap will give your customers satisfaction and create regulars. Not every size is necessary for each product, however. The right size bubble wrap is necessary to get the items from one point to the next. 

The Sizes out there 

There are different sizes for each, all of which include the following”: 

  • 1/8 inch which is good for small items 
  • 3/16th thick, standard size, good for medium sized products 
  • 5/16th thick: a medium sized bubble, ideal for filling the voids and offer more protection 
  • ½ inch thick: a large sized bubble, which is perfect for cushioning medium sized items and filling bigger voids in bags 

How to choose what’s right for you

There are a few ways for you to choose the right size on these. 

The best size for smaller items is an eighth of an inch.  This is because it protects them from being scraped or scratched when shipped. Most tech companies use this for tablets, phones, or other light devices.

However, if they are electronics, you should always make anti-static bags, sheets and the like. This protects them directly during shipping. 

Pink wrap differs from the packaging material types. It does dissipate slowly and creates electrostatic damage. It harms people too, so don’t use that.

For medium-sized products, you want to use the latter two sizes, and try to go for half an inch bubbles.  This is because it helps reduce the impact damage. There is more air captured, and bigger bubbles to create protection against products. 

They’re great for anything that’s medium weight when you’re shipping it. 

For 5/16th inch bubbles, they offer basic cushioning.  They’re good usually for all-around protection, and it helps with adequately absorbing the damage from this.

Combining sizes 

You can combine the sizes of this. Some people use more than one type to ensure safety. Using a 1/8 inch for a screen and then adding a half inch sheet over this to protect damage is great. You should use more than one specific bubble size to ensure that it’s valuable and fragile. 

You may wonder how much you actually need. Overall, you want to make sure that it keeps the items protected. However, shy away from using too much, because that’s seen as wasteful by some people. 

On the other hand, don’t skimp on this either. If you don’t have enough, that does risk damage. To make sure that you have enough, first you want to pack it and then shake the box. You shouldn’t have any sort of movement or item motion within the box. If you use the right kind, this prevents it, so you want to shoot for that.

Bubble packaging is used to help with reducing the shipment and the absorption of impact when dropped or jostled.  You want to make sure that you avoid this common mistake, and make sure that you don’t use too little bubble wrap when it comes to packaging. 

There are a lot of different bubble wrapping options for you to check out. For a lot of people, the right bubble wrap can involve manipulating different kinds. If you’re not sure on the ideal bubble wrap of choice, find the right one based on your needs by contacting a shipping supplier. They can help you with finding the ideal bubble wrapping for your needs, to help you get the right type of bubble wrap that’ll provide you with everything that you need to create the right cushioning for your items.