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Cosmetics Packaging And Shipping Boxes Trends For 2017

The packaging industry is constantly evolving. The days of the square shipping boxes wrapped in plain brown paper are gone. Today’s products come wrapped in a variety type of packaging materials with beautiful creative designs. This article lists the best beauty packaging trends for 2017.

Labels Made Simple

Labels typically contain the product’s ingredients, but too much information printed on the label can be confusing. If you print the ingredients on the label keep the number to a minimum. Your product will stand out from the crowd.

Product Instructions

With beauty products, there is often a specific routine to follow. Using the products in the wrong order will produce an adverse effect for the user. The product’s packaging should indicate which product should be used first.

Multi-Product Packaging

For convenience, beauty products and the products’ applicator are often sold together. Items that are sold together should also be packaged together. The packaging should be the type that makes the items look like they belong together.

Packaging That Stimulates the Senses

Customers recognize products by the packaging and anticipate the package’s contents. Certain emotional responses come along with this anticipation. A positive experience produced by the product will translate to a positive feeling about the packaging that will be duplicated the next time the customer sees the package.

Customized Product Packaging

DIY packaging and shipping boxes are very popular. Customers want to have a choice in their product selection and the way the product will be packaged. Customers can create packaging that fits the circumstances under which the purchase is being made, such as a holiday, birthday, or wedding gift.

Vary the Shape and Pattern of the Package

Cosmetic products are packed in various sizes and shapes of bottles, tubes, and boxes. These items are not always the standard size and shape. There is packaging material to match every type and size of container.

Multi-Purpose Boxes

Products on the today’s market may serve more than one function. It will be advantageous for the customer to know all of the different uses of the product. The product’s packaging should inform the customer of the product’s versatility so they can make an informed choice.

Environmental Impact

Many people are concerned about the environment. The manner in which the packaging is disposed of once the product is gone and how it will affect the environment is an important consideration. The packaging should not be disposed of in a manner that will be harmful to any animals or the environment.

Skin Type Product Match

Different types of cosmetic products are suitable for different types of skin tones. The differences in the product’s application regarding skin tones should be communicated to the customer on the outside of the packaging. This can be written on the package or indicated by a different color or shape of the package.

Individually Packaged Products

Some products are designed to be used only once before disposing of them. These products cannot be reused once they are open. These types of products can be packaged individually to make sure an entire container is not wasted because they were all opened at once.

These practical suggestions concerning the type of packaging to use should be considered to increase the possibility of customers choosing your product.

5 Great tips on How to Buy Moving Supplies

Being prepared for the day of a move can be a very challenging, frustrating and exhausting undertaking. Because there are a wide range of duties and responsibilities to be taking care of during this time, everyone will need to make sure that they have all of the supplies needed in advance. Securing the right kind of moving supplies does not have to be difficult if people know where to look and who to get them from. So, for those of you who are interested in 5 great tips that can assist you with finding the right resources, please review the following.

Tip #1 – Consider Retail Moving Companies

Most people will need a lot of essential supplies for their move. Local or nationwide it really does not matter, all of the items in a home or facility will need to be boxed up properly before the moving company enters the location. Traditionally, one option that many people consider is obtaining the essential supplies from a retail moving company. These companies can assist the owner with everything thing that is needed including boxes, scissors, labels, and etc. However, before securing these items, it is also important to note that these supplies may come with an added price. So, it is best to negotiate the pricing by adding it in to the package deal that the owner agrees to.

Tip #2 – Online Shopping Leads to Cheap Moving Boxes and Other Supplies

In addition to shopping retail, another option that can be considered closely is shopping via the Internet. The internet is an excellent alternative for obtaining cheap moving boxes as well as other essential supplies. This is because there are sites like that offer movers a lesser expensive alternative for the supplies needed.

Tip #3 – Local Office Supply Establishments vs Department Stores

When a business or homeowner looks for moving supplies to prepare for their moving day they may want to look at the choices that they have locally within their own communities. In fact, places like Walmart or Staples can be ideal for a number of different reasons, especially because they are easy to access and anyone can go get what they need to get the job done.

Tip #4 – Used Cheap Moving Boxes

New moving boxes is not the only choice that people can select today. This is because used boxes are great for recycling as well. Boxes in good condition can be found on a number of different reputable sites (i.e. Boomerang). So, it is best to search the net to find what sites make them available.

Tip #5 – Free Moving Boxes

New, used or free are 3 of the most common alternatives that many of the veteran movers can recommend. Therefore, for those people who may be a little or a lot short on moving funds, free moving boxes is a viable option that can be factored into virtually any moving plan. Free moving boxes can be collected from multiple useful resources including friends, co-workers and family members.

Packing Cakes The Right Way

A cake is always a brilliant present to give to someone because let’s face it, who doesn’t like cake? But when it comes to sending someone some love in the form of a cake, shipping it can be pretty hard, and you the person may not always end up receiving the same thing that you sent. Cake’s are perishable items and therefore need to be packaged right to ensure that they don’t get spoilt in transit. Moreover, they must be packaged well to ensure that they don’t get smashed on their way to the recipient.

#1 Prepping The Cake
There are a few things that one must first keep in mind before they send out a cake as a package or as a birthday present. For starters, using a soft icing or whipped cream for the cake is not advisable. Soft icing is more prone to damage since it tends to be more delicate. Over that, they melt much faster than normal hard icing, which doesn’t melt during transit. Fresh fruit cakes may be the preferred kind for some, but the long hours that the cake might spend on the way to the destination may cause the fruit to lose its freshness, deteriorating the overall taste of the cake. When shipping, chocolate, vanilla and other kinds of essence cakes are ideal since they don’t spoil as quickly.

#2 Freeze Before
One tip that bakers and pastry chefs stand by is freezing the cake before serving. This is mainly done so that the cake retains its shape and doesn’t fall apart. The same can be done when shipping a cake. Just before the day, you plan to send the cake, freeze it overnight. This will help the cake retain its desired shape, and it will help the icing to harden, making it a non messy shipment.

#3 Packaging
On the day of shipping the package, take the cake out of the freezer and cover it with plastic wrap. After you do that, cover the entire cake with aluminum foil. This will help the cake stay cool on its journey, retaining its freshness, preventing the cake from getting spoilt and the icing from melting.

Next, you will need to prep a little hand for this. You will need to buy shipping boxes and fill it with gel packets and styrofoam packaging peanuts. You can also refrigerate the gel bags before throwing them in so that your cake stays cool throughout the ride. If you want your cake to be in the absolute perfect condition when it reaches your destination, place it in styrofoam cooler shipping boxes.

#4 Sealing it Away
After the box has been packed, tape the box closed with super sturdy tape. Be sure that the tape isn’t one that can come off quickly. Get a sticker that says “This side up” and “Fragile.” People often forget that these handy labels are the main things that make delivery company’s vary of delicate goods, leading them to take extra care of them.

#5 Choosing A Delivery
When sending a cake, one of the most important things is to ensure that you pick a delivery service that is fast, and one which will take care of your package as intended to. Choosing overnight or one-day delivery packages are the best way to ensure that your cake reaches the recipient in good condition, still as fresh as it was when it came out of the oven.

Packaging Books For Shipping With Ease

There are many people who wish to sell and ship books everyday, but they are not necessarily shipping them in the proper manner. They need shipping supplies that will help them with each box, and this article explains how books may be prepared for a long shipment that is meant for any of many destinations around the world. This article explains how there are many things that may be done around the world to ship books properly.

#1: The Books Must Be Wrapped

Books must be wrapped properly while using shipping supplies, and each book must be pinned in to ensure it is not bent or damaged in any way. Someone who is planning to put their books away while packaging them properly. There are quite a few people who are sending books out, and they must do them quite well. Someone who is shipping books will wrap them well before sending them off.

#2: The Shipping Company Has Better Boxes

There are many good boxes that may be purchased from the shipping company, and they will provide better places to set up boxes that will hold as many books as are needed. Someone who wants to find a proper box may ask the people who run the shipping company to do, and it helps to ensure the shipper is folding down a box that will hold in all their books safely.

#3: The Books Are Held Closed

The books are held closed when they are shipped properly, and each piece of the every book is closed as if it came from the printer. The printed page will remain in fine shape because it was placed in the proper box, and it will be closed with a bit of tape that was chosen for shipping. Shipping tape is used every day to ensure products are held together properly, and the tape may be used to ensure every corner of the box while shipping. The books will not fall out, and they will be much safer because they are held behind a wall of tape that will hold the weight of the box closed. The weight of the box will cause many problems unless it has been taped properly.

#4: The Books Must Be Stuffed Down With Packing Material

Packing materials are quite important as they will hold down all the books that would have floated loose in the box. There are quite a few people who will use plastic or a styrofoam peanut. These products are quite helpful, but they may not be easy to come by. Someone who uses newspaper will see the same results, and they will avoid the lack of volume that comes from plastics.

Everyone who is selling and shipping books must ensure that they have taken the time to do the work properly before the box is shipped out. The box may be closed with all the books inside, and it will be easy to hand off to the customer who purchased the books online.