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Is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Overwrap Film Right For You?

What is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Overwrap Film?

Are you are looking for a more flexible packaging film that can resist oxygen gas and water vapor? Whatever your need, we have a flexible film that is right for you. Biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP)is a great choice for these applications because it has properties that are ideal for flexible packaging. The main thing that you have probably had trouble finding is the information about BOPP. This is because, unlike other flexible packaging films, it is not widely known. This material is typically not as easy to find as other types of flexible packaging. 

Since 1945, Industrial Packaging has been supplying packaging films to a variety of industries. As a result, there is a catalog of information about the various types of polypropylene films available. As a multi-generation company that has been in the packaging industry for over 65 years, all that collected information has been put into a huge database based on various types of packaging films. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the polypropylene overwrap film. 

More In-Depth on Bilyxed polypropylene

Bilyxed polypropylene (BOPP) is a type of flexible film that has a molecular chain orientation. It is produced through a tubular production process. The film is stretched in various directions. It has a molecular chain orientation that is perpendicular to the film’s shape. This makes it possible for the film to stretch 300-400%. 

A different technique is tenter-frame film manufacturing, which involves the extrusion of polymers onto a cast roll. This method generally stretches the film at a given direction and is fully adjustable. The tenter-frame process is commonly used for producing clear films. It involves forming the film using a biaxial orientation. BOPP has numerous advantages over shrink film. These include better resistance to oil and grease, better transparency, and higher strength. 

BOPP films are commonly used for food and beverage packaging. Many companies that deal in food and tobacco products use BOPP film for their packaging. These include grocery stores, gas stations, and food manufacturing firms. They commonly use it in their product packaging. They are gaining popularity due to their superior properties. BOPP films are also more durable and can offer better heat-sealing capabilities. Their superior properties and low cost make them an attractive alternative to shrink films. Due to their capabilities, many companies are opting to use BOPP instead of traditional shrink films.

Before choosing BOPP film, you need to answer some basic questions like the following: Are you looking for a flexible packaging material that has better vapor resistance and oxygen resistance than standard shrink film? Are you looking for a material that has a higher strength than regular film? Are you looking for a more economical alternative to cellophane? If you need a stronger packaging film, then BOPP is a good choice.

If you’re planning on using BOPP for your packaging needs, make sure that you thoroughly check the details before making a decision. Aside from the questions to consider, there are also plenty of details to fathom when it comes to choosing the right shrink film for your packaging. Although it’s a good choice for most uses and applications, shrink film may be the better option for some depending on intended needs and usage. 

Office Supplies You Need To Have On Hand

We are all too familiar with working in an office setting. While it is true that many of us have been working from home over the last few months or so (some of us even longer!) I think most people would agree that having the right office supplies on hand at any given time in any type of business can really make the difference for the overall success of a business. I have personally seen a lot of businesses struggle in some way or another because they simply do not have the right top of office supplies on hand for when things really matter. So in this article today, I am going to be writing about some of the most important office supplies to have on hand. Whether you work in a high-profile accounting office, or are some low-level eCommerce marketer who is sitting in a cafe writing SEO articles (while being bored out of their mind), these are some great office supplies to have on hand for the next time you are ordering office supplies or heading out to the store with the company credit card.

The first type of office supplies that I want to talk about is actually overlooked in most cases by a lot of employers and office managers. The office supplies that I want to talk about are actually various types of shipping supplies and packaging materials. Now at first glance, I may sound like a crazy person by saying this; however, I need you to understand how gravely important having shipping and packaging supplies on hand is when you are working in an office setting. Especially when it comes to getting things done on time, shipping supplies can be your best friend. You might also be wondering why shipping supplies are important if you are not working in some sort of manufacturing or something like that.

Well, I believe that there is always a time to send something off to a client or a partner, and having various sizes of shipping boxes on hand as well as other types of supplies is super critical. After all, who wants to take the time to drive all the way to the store to order something as simple as shipping boxes? I know that I don’t. That’s why I heavily suggest ordering some shipping supplies ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about it later. I know that this may be quite a surprise to some of you and not what you were expecting to read in this article, but I encourage you to trust me in this area since I am extremely experienced.

The other type of office supplies that I would like to talk about is a little more costly than your basic shipping supplies. When it comes to working in an office setting, you really need to have a good printer on hand. In my opinion, there are two different classes of printers: expensive printers, and printers that don’t work. Seriously, if you spend less than 300 dollars on a printer, you can pretty much guarantee that the dumb thing is not going to work for more than 6 months. I really don’t understand why we as a society stand for such awful quality in something as simple as a printer.

Why You Should Be Ordering Products Online 

Are you still wasting your time by going to physical, in-person stores to buy the products that you need? Well, I can tell you right now that you are making a mistake every time you step into a physical store. Now, it may sound like I am being ridiculous and that I should not be saying such things, but I am telling you that I have once been in your shoes. I too used to be like you; getting all my stuff together, walking out my front door, hopping into my car, driving to the nearest Walmart, and strolling through the aisles like some poor, decrepit being with no real purpose or vision in life. I have since had a huge reformation and am now exclusively shopping online. One might say that I have experienced an online shopping revelation.

No longer do I waste my time walking around big glorified warehouses and waiting in long checkout lines. Plus, people at Walmart are absolutely insane. Have you ever been to a Walmart and didn’t see one person whom you thought might be responsible for a serious crime? I thought not. All in all, I wanted to write this article today to convince you to stop shopping in stores and start shopping on online websites. Afterall, we are living on the cusp of technological advancement and there has never been a better time to start buying all your products online.

It all started for me when COVID19 began in 2020, and most people stopped going to stores in-person because things were being shut down left and right. If you ask me, this was the best thing that could have ever happened. I know for a fact that my life changed forever when COVID found its way to America. It is worth mentioning that shopping online has its pros and cons. One con is that you will always have to find ways to get rid of all the shipping supplies that will accumulate on your doorstep and in your garage. For some people this may not sound like a huge problem, or maybe seems like something that would not be that big of a deal. However, when you are exclusively ordering everything you consume online, you would be surprised about how much shipping supplies find their way to your home. That is why I talked to my local recycling plant and convinced them to stop by my house twice a week now instead of just once on Tuesdays. After doing this, I am finding it much more manageable to keep the clutter of boxes down in my garage and one my front porch.

One thing that I really love about online shopping is that I literally never have to leave my couch if I do not want to. It is true that since starting my job from home (since I work on my laptop all day and zoom into meetings), ordering things online has left me with no real reason to leave the house. So I am basically sitting on my couch all day, everyday, about 5 days a week. Sometimes I go out on the weekends, but I never set foot in any sort of store. Honestly, switching to buying all my products exclusively online has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone In Your Life

Are you tired of looking for gifts for people that you can’t seem to find anything for? Honestly, getting gifts for people can be such a pain in the neck. I am not one to complain (even though I literally complain about everything), but it can definitely be super frustrating to go through all the work of finding, picking out, and buying someone a gift, only for them to not even like it all that much. We can all agree that that is one of the worst feelings in the entire world. That’s why I wanted to start researching gift ideas during my freetime so that I could find gifts for people that they would always enjoy, no matter who they are or what they are into. Now, you might be thinking that all of that sounds impossible. Well, I am here to tell you that finding the right gift for someone is completely possible if you are willing to do the necessary research and legwork that it takes to find the right thing. Well, I am happy to announce that I think my long days of research gift ideas have finally paid off; what I mean is that I have found a gift that pretty much everyone will love. If you have not heard of them before, the gift idea that I am talking about is called candy subscription boxes, and they are an absolute game changer when it comes time for the holidays or for a birthday. 

Candy subscription boxes are basically like any other subscription service. So when you are thinking about them as a product, compare them to something like a magazine or a fruit of the month subscription – something that comes every month and always brings something new. Giving the gift that keeps on giving is always a winner in my book, and I have seen numerous people get extremely excited about the prospect of receiving a new box of candy every week.

Basically, this is how it works; you sign someone up for a candy subscription box service for however many months you wish, and then you simply give them the first box on their birthday or whatever holiday you are buying for. The great thing about this is that, once you have given the fit, your work is done; however, the gift will continue to provide them with exciting new treats every month! The subscription boxes come to your door in what looks like shipping boxes, but they are not your regular shipping boxes! They come in all sorts of colors and with a whole assortment of treats, candies, and snacks. To help you pick out the right box, I am going to talk about a couple different companies that utilize this subscription box service so that you can pick out the right one.

My personal favorite company that does these subscription boxes is called SnackCrate. I love SnackCrate because it offers a unique take on the regular and ovedone candy subscription box format. SnackCrate actually offers candy boxes from a bunch of different countries, so you can get a taste of a different culture or part of the world depending on what box you get! This is a huge step up from your average, everyday gift that you might find for somebody. I highly recommend that you take some time to research this gift idea on your own too.