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Smart food Packaging Ideas 

When you put together food packaging, your ultimate goal is to protect that food within, and offer freshness, so that it holds up when handling and shipping. However, it also showcases brands within the foods, making them worth the craving.

Here are some of the best food packaging designs that customers can rave about, and they’re perfect for making sure that you have the ideal ingredients to create some great success. 

Chocolate Santas By Lindt 

If you’re someone who likes chocolate santas, you’re not alone. But, Lindt takes it to a different level by even channeling the holiday spirit with this. He has a bell that hangs a  cute little ornament that a customer can decorate around their trees after they have the chocolate. They use the normal logo there, and it’s written in a gold color that’s a contrast to the red robes of Santa.  They’re perfect for coming down and getting chocolate within your stocking. 

Qualitalia Pasta 

This is a unique pasta that’s something that comes with some noodles that are naturally colored, and the Italian flag is there on their logo too.  They also use see-through packaging in order to show the customers what they’re getting.

But what’s really cool is that they also offer unique noodles that have the colors of the Italian flag as well. so, if you want fun, colored pasta, this is the way to do it. They also have no attestation to it to tell the masses that yes, it’s authentic.

Then, near the top part of the package, right over the logos of the brand, is a picture of a sheaf of wheat that’s there. It’s perfect for promotion, branding, and also for showing off the hottest products that you can get through this amazing packaging.

Arcor Buds 

You’ve probably seen this candy in your grandma’s candy dish, but it’s still super impactful and something that people like to eat.  These drops use a similar packaging that’s like a strawberry itself, which mimics the candy inside. The wrapper is like a strawberry, with the end of it being green like a stem. They’re great for candy bowls and perfect for decorating different holiday dishes. See, not all grandma candy has to be bland and boring. 

Jif Lemon Juice. 

You’ve probably seen this lemon container at the store, and this was created back in the 1930s by a man named Irving Swartzburg, who found that he could squeeze the lemons, but that got messy with the squeezing technology that they had. So, he started to do it himself, and then he would sell this to others.

Then of course, a few decades later, Jif started to sell lemon juice in these bottles.  ReaLemon came from this. While there was a lawsuit, these bottles are still seen all over the place, and you can still get them as well. What’s cool and unique about this is that it does have a texture and a shape that comes in a real lemon form. The main selling point of this is the lemon packaging, but also to sell the concept that their brand is founded upon. That is the concept that this is the real deal, and it’s something that’s real, just like the lemons that you would get. But unlike the lemons of old, it’s more convenient and fun.

If you’re looking to revolutionize your packaging, check these out, and from there, see if it’s right for you, and also look at whether or not these packaging means could be what you need to really stand out from the crowd.

Is Stretch Wrap Right for your Products? 

Stretch wrapping is a huge investment, and a lot of people are looking at using these especially when they’re trying to use automation, and whether it’s worth it for you.

Here are certain things to consider if you’re looking to implement stretch wrapping into your business.

The pallet Numbers. 

If you’re wrapping up to 15 or more pallets every single day, then you’ll want to get one of these. If you’re only wrapping a few, it might not be worth it, so you can get away with hand wrapping. But, hand wrapping for lots of pallets is a ton of extra work, and it’s super costly when it comes to the film amounts that are there. 

The Costs 

Another thing that you need to make sure about too, is the costs. Stretch wrapping is expensive, and it can cost a lot for some people if they’re not ready for it.

Power stretch wrapping costs a bit less than getting the hand film stretch wrapping, and the core break sit there right in the middle.

This also can have a high upfront cost, and you’ll want to factor in whether it’s cheaper for you in the long run. Some people may benefit from this, but if you’re not going to be wrapping this for the long haul, you might want to consider foregoing a stretch wrapping machine. 

The space you’ve got.

You need to make sure that you’ve got the space for this.

If the space is limited, go with a mobile wrapper for your pallets. You can move it around, so the wraps get delivered. Some people can also get a turntable and ramps installed to get the pallets on there.

There are no other types of ramps and you can use that are great for tighter spaces, and a lot of times, you can get a lower turntable height too, so for easier loading and unloading, you’ll be able to get just that. 

Weight of Goods 

A lot of the other factors that go with this are also the weight that’s there.  The weight is hard for some people to really guess. If it’s unstable and heavy, it’s not going to sit on a stretch wrapper that’s a turntable. Unstable types are managed with the top platen, which is a disc that’s made of foam that keeps the loads nice and steady while they’re rotated. If the items that get packaged are lighter in weight, including bottles, then power or a pre-machine is better, since this applies it correctly to the goods without possibly crushing them, offering a better, more profound, and easy-to-use load containment than others. 

The performance 

Finally, you want to make sure that you’re getting a stretch wrapper that’s got some value, and it delivers it.

You want one that shows the full reports that are there.  There are now types that do monitor the performance of each of the stretch wrappers through a mobile device. You can look at the performance settings too, and also the film usage, and the information about the service.

With the predictive maintenance software of newer systems, you’ll be able to find the defects early on, offering the best optimization, regardless of the person who is operating the machines that are there. This is something that a lot of people are starting to realize is a huge part of this, and of course, it can help with improving the different benefits that come with this too.

Consider these five factors when you’re working with stretch wrapping and keep all of these in mind whenever you’re trying to put these all together, in their own ways and their performance.

Why 3PL Partnerships Rock 

If you’re a supplier who has been wondering if a 3PL or a third-party logistics is right for you, you’re not alone. Fulfillment is great for focusing on improving the growth of your business, by taking a bunch of the work off of your hands.

If you’re constantly overwhelmed at the sheer amount of orders that are out there that need fulfillment or are scrambling trying to find some space to put new supplies and whatnot, then it might be time for you to get a 3PL in order to help with businesses, and also, get it so that you have some kind of control over your fulfillment. 

Running a business takes time, and between fulfilling orders so that they get shipped, and handling the current demand and supply, you might wonder what the best way to handle this is. Sure, you can hire new workers, but a 3PL can do everything that you need to handle the packing, and then the shipping of this. When you’re able to outsource this, you don’t have to worry about the business facilities, and instead, you can focus on what matters: business growth.

How does this help you succeed? 

When you get more orders and need to manage them, it can be a nightmare to keep up with this. With more and more work and even focus placed on the administrative part of this, it’s easy for items to slip on through.

If you want to offer better customer service, fulfillment, and even better delivery, then you’ll want to consider a strategy that allows you to meet all of these goals.

Fulfillment shipping has new ways for you to take advantage of your business. How? Here are a few. 

Orders are Ready for You to Send Out 

They get the orders ready and do all of the nitty gritty. This includes setting up the shipping boxes, putting together the kits, and even sorting and packing these items so that they get to their destination. 

If you don’t have the management of this, then a 3PL can also take care of managing these supplies by keeping these products in warehouses.  You don’t have to worry about anything besides getting the items to the warehouse. And then, they take care of the hard work there.

It Saves money! 

Did you know that yes, it saves money? chances are, you’re probably not optimizing your shipping. Well, with a 3PL, you can do just that. You don’t have to worry about using the wrong boxes for shipping. They get you the best rates and the best supplies. A lot of businesses like to use this because they’re tired of returns and orders being damaged. They make sure that the items go from point A to point B on time, in a way that’s safe and effective, and also will decrease the sheer amount of returns that you have. 

Better for Far-Reaching Orders 

Finally, these are better for when you decide to expand to a new area.  You may be delivered to a small space, but that’s limited. If you’ve got customers that are across the country or even the world, then you might want to look into a 3PL, because they can help make sure that the items get there on time. 

Let’s say that you’ve got people all on the east coast. You can have a 3PL handle the east coast customers, just so that you’re able to ship these out without having a ton of costs for shipping, or not getting everything out in a timely fashion. A 3PL can help you a lot, and it’s worth considering.

The importance of Paper Bags 

Paper bags are something that a lot of people don’t really think about. We usually talk about boxes when we do packaging. But, there is a combination of both boxes, and bags that are used, and that’s a paper bag.

They’re super lightweight, but they’re great for packing products in pretty deep. While we usually see these as lunch bags, they’re also used in a lot of stores, various markets, and even for little trinkets that are there.  They also make it a lot simpler for carrying different items too. 

With the variety of different options for you to check out, there are a lot of different ways to get the most out of this, and it can really make your experience even better too. 

The Materials for Paper Bags 

When you’re looking at these paper bags, there are a lot of different materials that get used. Cardboard, paper sheets, kraft sheets, and the like are all different ways to offer a fun custom experience.  The resources are so good too to offer a unique way to package the products. There are many different materials for you to check out too, especially if you’re manufacturing them with a variety of materials.

Kraft paper is vital for recycling, and also is involved in different productions too. 

Grocery Bags 

Grocery bags are still unique.  While many have used plastic bags, paper bags are still a valid option. Getting custom paper bags to show off the logo and branding will definitely help with this. A lot of times, you’ll be able to mix all of this up in a variety of unique ways.

You can actually put a lot of different objects in there, and provided that you don’t overload them, they can handle a lot of them. 

You can add bread, cereals, veggies, eggs, and the like to these. They’re flexible, but not so weak that you’ll tear this, provided that you don’t overfill them.

Custom Bags 

If you’re a retailer that’s looking to make sure that your products go out to the market, custom shopping bags are a great medium. Cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and other trinkets can use paper bags. You can utilize these custom bags to attract customers. 

You can pack the items in some custom boxes, or specialty boxes, and then put them in a printed paper bag. This boosts the impression, and it can really offer a unique variety. This customization, however, depends on the item itself, and their clients.  If you make them out of cardboard sheets, this offers a robustness, a strength, and also a unique flexibility.

Bags with handles 

Did you know that you can also have custom paper bags with handles too? Handles are great because they make the bag stronger, and look better.  You can get them in the typical paper material, but you can also get them in fabric styles too. 

Ribbon is a very popular one since it looks fancy. The cotton wire helps make a stronger handle. If you’re going eco-friendly, go for twisted paper, since it’s strong but sustainable.  Finally, there are foldable handles, which are different too, but they work well. 

You can get your bags with different handles, or none at all.  Overall, paper bags have a lot of different options for you to choose from. A lot of times, people don’t realize that they have this opportunity until they realize it.

With these paper bags, there’s a lot to choose from, and a lot for you to do.  You’ll be able to carry all of the items that you want with these bags too!

Why Custom Packaging and tape is Great for Small Businesses 

A lot of people get a product that excites them, and if the packaging looks good, it creates an impact that’s positive.

Packaging that custom is used in a lot of cases as a tool for marketing, and then offers better protection for the items that sit inside.

Custom types of packaging allow for the printing and designing of logos, shapes, pictures, and also patterns for the packaging that’s there.

Small businesses should take advantage of customized packaging and even tape in order to ship this in a safe manner, especially when they want to build a brand identity for the customers that come in.

When you offer customized packaging, you’re building that customer base, while also offering credibility and further sustainability too.

With so many to choose from, including mailers, boxes, tape, and even office supplies and like, you’ll be able to create a better sort of packaging state for the products at hand.

They offer Better Protection 

Customized boxes are better for product protection in a variety of ways. 

Items that are fragile, and those with a shape that’s unique that gets susceptible to jars when shipping might get some benefits from packaging that’s custom. Many times, typical packaging doesn’t offer the kind of protection that you need.

You’ll be able to further customize these product packaging sizes, in order to fit the products that are being given to people.

Padding is good to offer a better, snugger fit, and customized packaging is good for transporting items that are fragile.

Great for Marketing 

Whether you’re trying to present the products as more premium and high-end, or a more mysterious sort of way, packaging that’s custom is great for displaying different products in the ways that you want.

With the correct combination of these colors and the logos too, it offers packaging that’s better than those that are on your market too. This is great for branding too, and you’ll be able to redesign the packaging as needed to fit the personality of the brand.

It also sets you apart too. This helps with standing apart in the realms of customized packaging. You’ll be able to show up to the competitors and get more customers to your business. A good, attractive box that’s customized shows off the mission, and the product types that create a great impression for customers. 

A lot of people focus on the packaging of the product, and also the quality of this product too. This packaging can be good for influencing the customer, and customized packaging is great for customers that wish to target the brand perception too.

Reduces the shipping costs. 

Finally, it saves a ton of money on shipping costs that a lot of people don’t realize that they rack up when you have pre-made packaging. 

These savings might not happen right away, but it does save a lot of money over a substantial amount of time.

For products that are lightweight and small, you’ll save a ton on shipping customized boxes. A lot of pre-made ones might be good for the products, but if they’re too big, you’re going to end up paying a lot more in shipping than you care to admit. Customized boxes are great for getting stuff made according to product size, and you’ll be able to ship out inappropriate types of packaging.

Packaging tape that’s customized too can offer a more eco friendly reception. This is especially true for water-activated and other kinds of packaging tape that are out there for you to use and get the benefits from too.