The Best 8 Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can really dig deep into your pocket. If you are not new in e-commerce, you will understand the fact that shipping charges can be so huge when shipping products to your customers. Here is a few tips to help you save on shipping charges.

A tip that can have an immediate effect on your shipping charges

When shipping products that weigh less than 2 pounds, it’s advisable to find a carrier who can offer First Class or Priority Mail. On the other hand, for packages weighing more than 2 pounds, which are usually for wholesale customers, it’s advisable to not use Post Office because it’s relatively expensive. Instead, look for a cheaper option among the many companies.

Instead of shipping directly from the store, create an account with the shipping company you have chosen to avoid more charges. You could have the package delivered to a business address rather than a residential address because it can cost more to ship to a residential address. Additionally, make sure the products are packed well in packages such as shipping boxes.

Other tips that can help you cut on shipping costs

  1. Safety

The safety of parcels during packaging and shipping is paramount. You should endeavor to offer tracking services to reduce cases of lost parcels. Additionally, look for cheap packaging options such as shipping boxes to reduce packaging costs. Use the right size of packaging boxes to package products.

  1. Explore the many carrier options

You should not stick with one carrier. Instead, choose the best shipping company for each individual order to save on shipping costs. It might seem time-consuming but it is worth it because shipping companies offer different rates depending on weight, destination of your package as well as dimensions of your package. There are companies that will charge you residential fees and others don’t. Therefore, it is paramount that you choose a company whose rates favor you.

  1. Zone skipping

This service entails consolidation of parcels going to the same zone which is a distant region and shipped in one shipment to a consolidator who offers the service in the zone. Afterward, the consolidator distributes the parcels to customers within that zone. That reduces the shipping fees per package drastically.

  1. Ship using freight

Shipping by freight will save on shipping costs. However, the package should be large enough for this option to be sensible. If a customer agrees, you could even split the order into two different freight trucks.

  1. Negotiate with carriers

You should endeavor to negotiate with different carriers and find a carrier that can offer you the best rates. In a move to stay competitive, some companies can offer you an incentive and work with you at lower rates. Let them know your businesses strategies, goals and urge to grow.

  1. Save on packaging costs by re-using packaging

Re-using packages such as those of mails, bubble wrap, among others will go a long way into saving money. The packages can be expensive if you will have to buy them each time you package a parcel.

  1. Join a professional association

An association can negotiate for discounts and reduced rates in private carrier companies on your behalf.

  1. Know the size of your box

If you ship by both freight and ground, make sure you know the size of your box. This will help you determine whether boxes are small and light enough to be shipped by ground. The more packages that are shipped by ground, the more savings you make on shipping.