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What things you need to move your house

The time has come, you have put in your offer and it was accepted.  The finances went through and you just finished closing.  Do you know what I am talking about now? Buying a home and finally getting to the stage of moving into it. This is a complicated and yet sometimes stressful and simplistic time.  The idea of moving all your things from one place to another sounds simple and in theory it really is, but there are some things that need to be taken into account to help lessen the stress and hardship involved.

It seems that having some things on hand are really useful. I find that stocking up on shipping supplies is a big step in the moving process.  So what kind of shipping supplies should you have on hand?  I think lots of cardboard boxes are a great start. But many are not taped or need to be retaped depending on their use. 

So get lots of packing tape to go along with them and you never know when those can come in handy for making barriers between items so they don’t get scratched or even items and vehicles for that matter. It is also important to make sure some things don’t move and tape can be very handy for that.  Scotch tape or panters tape is very useful for drawers you don’t plan on taking out before you move.  Keeping them from sliding out can save much damage from occurring on expensive furniture.

It is also important to have an idea of how many boxes you will need beforehand and this is a complicated process.  I find that you should walk through your current location and pretend in your head to figure out how many boxes you may need. This then correlates to how many you will need to buy and also what vehicles you will need to travel with them to the new home.

Now that you know how many boxes you may use and have planned out all the items you will be moving it is important to have a way to move them to your newly purchased home. Many people like to ask friends with trucks and large vans to help, but some people are not as lucky and don’t have friends who have large vehicles or a trailer they could use.  So other options are rental vehicles and Uhal is a big company that is usually in most cities.

Overnight Hiking Trips and Proper Supplies

This past weekend I made my first overnight backpacking trip at a local state park. I’ve been meaning to go for months now, but the stars finally aligned for me and my friends with good weather, an open weekend, and the right supplies.

I will say that it was one of the more taxing endeavors I’ve ever carried out. I underestimated just how much work it takes to hike 10 miles with a 30 pound pack on my back and lots of up and down hills to navigate. By the end, though, I felt extremely accomplished, and I was proud of everyone for having a great time, roughing it for a night, and getting up early the next morning to hike the last half of the trail.

Those sorts of trips are wildly underestimated in terms of the preparation needed. And I say this from a physical perspective and accounting for appropriate gear and things to bring along.

One thing I realized we could’ve used more of was supplies. Be it office or shipping supplies, we could’ve afforded to take some extra cardboard or paper for kindling. In fact, other shipping supplies like tape would’ve also been extremely useful in binding our food packs together for the night. We ended up tossing all of our open food bags and uneaten snacks into a sack, tying that sack to a string and a rock, and tossing the rock over a tree branch to suspend it in the air for the night, out of reach of raccoons and other critters.

But had we had some tape, we could’ve further sealed the bags in order to prevent any scents from escaping. Unfortunately, we did attract the attention of a few raccoons that evening (which impacted my sleep some). But overall, everything worked out quite well.

Going forward, another thing I’ll be keeping in mind is water supplies. We underestimated how much water we would need for camp, and that accounts for cooking and having something to drink with dinner while also having some water for sleeping at night (which I’m often found slugging water in the middle of the night).

So maybe I need to ration my water better while on the trail. Or perhaps we didn’t try hard enough to go out of our way to reach a water source to filter and have along the way. Whatever the case, packing more water from the get go isn’t the best idea considering your pack being weighed down is something you don’t want unless those things are absolutely necessary. And since we could get water out in nature, there’s no reason to carry more than needed.

3 Packaging Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

When it comes to being the most prepared you can be for a move or even just for transporting new furniture and decor back into your home, there’s nothing better than having the right shipping supplies available to make transportation of certain materials and items much easier, safer, and efficient.

The thing is, there are a lot of shipping supplies out there that some of you may not be aware of. While moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape may be quite familiar to you, would you be able to name off other products that movers use on a daily basis to make their job easier and more efficient? Probably not.

With that said, check out these three moving supplies to increase your knowledge on the wide variety of supplies out there for your own convenience.

Moving blankets.

These are some of the most handy things out there that have more than one use for your move. More than anything, moving blankets are like large, thick quilts used to protect bigger furniture from rips, tears, scratches, and more. Basically, they’re just cushioning and a material in between to help preserve the nature of your furniture and belongings so that nothing becomes damaged or broken. The last thing you want to happen when moving is add more to the stress of the move.

As another use, though, moving blankets are amazing for transporting heavy pieces of furniture without wheels across flooring that’s prone to scratching. Not only do the blankets protect your floor, they also make it a heck of a lot easier to move things around in tighter spaces.

Padded wrapping paper.

As an alternative to moving blankets, you can use padded wrapping paper instead. Basically, this looks like brown paper bags that have cushioning built in so that it can be wrapped around pieces of furniture to prevent any sort of scratching or tears. While this is more of a temporary, lighter weight material for moves compared to the permanent heavy duty nature of moving blankets, it can be quicker and easier to use in a pinch.

Stretch plastic wrap.

This kind of looks like Saran wrap and is available in different dimensions to fit your needs. They’re great for wrapping drawers so that they don’t come flying open in transit like you’re probably used to. This stuff is pretty great for protecting softer furniture from rips and tears, too. Heck, it prevents your furniture from getting dirty or wet, too.

Picking Up Your Home Can Pick Up Your Mood

I get pretty stressed when the house is out of order, things are laying around in places they shouldn’t be, and for the most part, everything is just in a state of constant disarray.

Honestly, I’m probably like most people who find these things bothersome and stressful, and by the time you even want to do something about it, it’s too big to tackle all at once (which only adds to the stress even more).

The problem with handling this sort of recurring situation is getting to the root of it all: and that’s organization.

But organization is an intangible sort of thing, you know. It’s hard to nail down what it means to be organized and how to instill such a “skill” in yourself. The good thing is that a lot of it starts with the type of storage and supplies you have around your home. The more tools and containers you have to be organized, the more likely you are to be successful at keeping everything cleanly and in order.

So, that’s where I started recently with my girlfriend. We got a few containers meant for storage purposes and some other basic shipping supplies like packing tape and sharpies so that we could mark on the containers to show what goes where. The good thing about such tape, too, is that it can easily be peeled off and replaced if you happen to dedicate that container to other items.

Since we’ve taken the time to actually get things in order and have dedicated spaces for an assortment of items, things have been so amazing around our home. Nothing is ever scattered out and about anymore. And we’re so, so much better about keeping things picked up and in their right spots. It’s amazing how a few containers, some shipping supplies, and a will to do it all can completely transform the way you keep your home in order.

And even better than all of that is how happy and relaxed we are in our home as of late. The amount of stress that can build up within you when you’re surrounding by a state of disarray is criminally underrated. Only after getting everything cleaned up and constantly spotless did I realize how much less stressed I felt each evening after coming home from work. There’s no other way to put it than saying I’m just genuinely happier and healthier (mentally, especially) because of the changes we’ve made.

Ecommerce and Valentine’

Now that February has come around, you can focus on that one holiday that people love to hate and hate to love: Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday surrounded by loathing, love, and lust alike, but no matter how you regard the day of hearts and the color pink, it’s undoubtedly one that ecommerce businesses love to capitalize on.

If you’re someone who runs one of these online businesses, you know what I’m talking about. It’s so easy to market niche Valentine’s Day products to starry-eyed teens and college students who want to make a big impression on a crush or someone they’re recently in a relationship with. Or, even more, anyone selling jewelry knows that it’s a huge day for sales, as spouses come in to make big impressions on their husbands and wives or are even looking for tokens of forgiveness.

But as technology and society progresses, so too do transactions on the internet. Fewer and fewer customers are making trips to the store when they can simply buy things online and have them shipped right to their doorsteps. Why go out and make an effort in a big store when you can just pinpoint exactly what it is you want online (and often search for very specific and niche items) for less effort and sometimes less money?

A big part of this experience, then, is the cardboard box. All around the world, millions of shipping boxes will be in transit to arrive on Valentine’s Day in hopes of making it before “the deadline” of the exchange of gifts between two lovers.

Whether those shipping boxes make it in time or not, though, is up to the purchaser. Did they pay for same-day, one-day, or two-day shipping? Can they trust ground shipping or priority to make it in the 7 business days that was advertised at checkout?

No matter the case, business is booming in mid-February for all online businesses simply because of “love.” Whether or not it’s really in the name of love or not for those customers is irrelevant if it means business is booming for online retailers and distributors.

So, there it is. Just like other big holidays, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to cash in for businesses considering how crazy people can become during gift-giving season. If you’re an ecommerce company, you’re likely reaping the benefits of doing things electronically, because that’s exactly where the younger generation goes to buy their gifts nowadays.

Behind the Bin Liners

In the back of the warehouse were the bin liners, and behind the bin liners was where the secret club met.  Seeing as they were a group of adults they didn’t refer to themselves as a secret club, or even a club of any kind.  They all agreed that it was a secret, though, and this meant that they weren’t allowed to divulge the information they went over to anyone outside of the group.  And they weren’t allowed to talk about it with each other unless they were in a meeting, to avoid being overheard and possibly intercepted.

If there is any place meant for the gathering of secret clubs a warehouse would be it.  And if there is any section of the warehouse the most clandestine it would be the spot behind the bin liners.  There was minimal traffic in this section, and when the crew assigned to it took their break it made for a perfect opportunity.


Seeing as the club was a secret, no one ever got to find out what the members met about.  They may have been amateurs at whatever they were meeting about, but they most certainly were not amateurs at keeping the topic a secret.

It was purely by default that they were discovered one day, but of course it was bound to happen.  Someone decided not to go on their break that day, or had forgotten something they left behind on one of the shelves, and heard some strange chanting off in a corner.  It turned out not to be chanting so much as reciting some sort of pledge or promise, and the person that stumbled upon it retreated with the quickness.  He was later recorded stating that he didn’t know what they were up to, but he wasn’t about to find out.

When the authorities, by which I mean the shift leads and warehouse management, went to investigate the mysterious clubhouse they found the space completely empty.  It was devoid of any paraphernalia whatsoever, and the only thing that gave it away as a place of frequent meetings was that it was also devoid of dust or debris of any kind, either.  There was never another secret club behind the bin liners because better cameras were installed, which wound up shedding some light on some actual nefarious activities that were really going on in other spots of the building.  Oddly enough, after the discovery of the club there was a rise in crime for a short time, but then it went back down again, and it is speculated that they found somewhere else to meet.

Bin Liners as a Baby Gift

Although this entry is going to be primarily composed around babies and all things associated, it still offers some valuable information for people of all walks of life.  Because we all know someone with kids, right?  Or who are expecting?  I mean, I seriously doubt any of us have no children in our lives.  It would be incredibly difficult to manage, although I guess the person with pedophobia would beg to differ.  Even say it was necessary.  The fact of the matter is that it’s impossible to avoid the little buggers.

When I had my first kid I thought that I was too cool for school and wasn’t going to get one of those diaper genies that wraps each individual diaper and sucks it down into the compartment, sealing in any stench and saving everyone in the vicinity from instant nausea.  I took one look at the price of those bin liners and thought, “Nah, I’ll pass.”  Seriously, though, maybe if they didn’t insist on packaging them in the most expensive way possible…

By the time we were having our second kid I still wasn’t completely resolved to make the commitment.  I mean, it’s all well and good to get everything as a gift, but you are the one that has to keep buying the bin liners.  It’s a long term commitment, if you think about it.

Well, when baby number three was on the way I couldn’t wait to ask for a diaper genie.  I was ready for the commitment.  I was ready to be done with the nasty diapers lying around.  I was ready to be done with a pile of poopy diapers right outside the front door.  Some people would wrap up their dirty diapers in old shopping bags.  Not me.  I couldn’t bear adding another step to the whole process.  As soon as all buns were wiped clean and reswaddled I wanted to march that bundle of refuse outside immediately.  Outside being the key word.  I didn’t want to march all the way to garbage can, mind you.

Not until I had amassed enough to make the trip worth while.  I’m sure all of this sounds pretty heinous to most of you.  So you will gladly rejoice that I did indeed commit to the diaper genie, and faithfully paid for the bin liners for the three years it was in use.  I then sold it at a garage sale for five bucks.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving.  Keep that in mind when having your own, or buying for someone else.

Bin Liners for Industrial Purposes

 I always thought that bin liners were just regular trash bags with a fancy way of saying it. It kind of seemed like trying to dress up something that just can’t be dressed up. Like calling the toilet the porcelain station or something like that. It’s true, but it’s a little glorified. Trash bags are meant to be seen as something disposable. It seemed like calling them bin liners made you feel like you had spent too much money on something that is just going to get thrown out. You would think, “No, not my bin liners!” as if they were made of silk or something like that.

Bin Liners for Industrial Purposes

On a domestic level, bin liners are definitely trash bags. On an industrial level they are so much more. Since they are used for packaging materials, it actually gets very interesting. The most amazing thing about them is that they are form-fitting to whatever particular container they are designed for, allowing the manufacturer to take full advantage of the space. The most obvious use for bin liners would be that of protecting the product from moisture, or pests, or leaking. They allow the least amount of residue for liquid products (usually stored in drums from fifty-five gallons all the way up to over three hundred, I might add.

Bin Liners for Industrial Purposes

Can’t even wrap my mind around that). They also allow for a speedier dispensing of dry products. I’m thinking gigantic cereal box… Perhaps the most interesting thing is that these bin liners actually allow for less waste. By lining cardboard bins, the bins can be reused over and over. Also, they reduce mass amounts of water and cleaners used to wash out the plastic containers. So if you were thinking about turning your nose up at giant plastic bags, consider that bit of information. Not only does the design improve efficiency and help cut costs and waste, there are many variations as well. You would think “plastic bag” is all that would be necessary.

Bin Liners for Industrial Purposes

Think again! There are special bin liners with anti-static properties, or they can be stretchy, or they can be extra durable. Perhaps someone wants their bin liners to be extra clear. Who are we to judge? What if they wanted theirs to have pink polka dots all over? Again, this is also an option. I’ve already mentioned the insane range in sizes. It turns out that bin liners are actually a useful tool.

Bin Liners: The Not-So-Unconventional Material

Have you ever seen that show Project Runway? I have had the utmost pleasure of seeing pretty much every single episode to all of the seasons. Sometimes my internet didn’t want to load certain ones, and then I would have to just suck it up, but Project Runway is kind of my go-to. My favorite week is also [usually] the designers’ least favorite: the unconventional challenge.

I was imagining what it would be like if the crew had to use materials from a packaging and shipping supply store. They’ve done a candy store, a dollar store, a flower store (real ones, I might add), a Hallmark store… There’s just a ton. So why not someplace like UPS, or the post office? I used to sew doll clothes and little quilts and random stuff like that when I was little. I was considered ‘good’ and it was flattering and also came in handy. However, I had no real skill and it certainly never occurred to me to make my own clothes and learn different sorts of folds and tucks and whatnot.

Bin Liners

But if I did have skill, and did design and sew clothes, and was also on the show, and we found ourselves at a packaging and shipping supply store for the unconventional challenge, I would head straight for the bin liners. I’ve learned a lot about bin liners recently, and have come to see their merit. For those of you not so familiar with them, bin liners are enormous plastic bags with extra sewn into the side (called gussets) so that they can spread out and maximize the space they are lining.

They are usually pretty large, and can go on up to larger and even larger. I would use these bin liners to create some sort of amazing textile (they are always saying “textile” on Project Runway). During the little interview clips I would sit there with greasy hair in a stained white t-shirt and move my hands around so all my bracelets would tinkle while I talked: “I just used layers and layers and layers of these bin liners over this hoop skirt to make this amazing Cinderella-esque dress.”

After I had [clearly] won immunity for the following week, and Vera Wang said she wanted to use my dress for new online brand, I bet the crew for the show would then secretly take all my leftover bin liners. I can’t imagine the insane amounts of trash that the designers make during the chaos of every single challenge, and somebody’s gotta clean it up.

The Many Uses of Bin Liners

I was a talking a little bit last time about how I was cleaning out my garage and found an old roll of bin liners. This was truly an amazing find, because I like to refer to bin liners as tools. I clarified last time that I say this because whenever I have something that needs a solution I often look to bin liners. And then I went on to explain the many sizes, and how they go from decently large to absolutely huge. I won’t go as in depth into the sizes again this time, because that doesn’t seem necessary, but you can check out and see for yourself. There’s like eighty sizes to choose from, give or take.

I also took a moment to explain how bin liners are better than glorified trash bags because they are gusseted, meaning extra material is sewn into the sides so that the liner can easily surround the entire bin, instead of just hanging down in the middle. Perhaps you should Google the concept (“gusseted”) if you need a better idea.


When I found that old roll of bin liners I immediately began to put them to use. First I raked my entire yard. I had been meaning to rake my yard anyway, but I don’t like leaving huge piles of leaves all over. Know what I mean? Some friends of mine have a dirt driveway and they always rake the piles all down the driveway and then set them on fire. I can’t do that because I don’t have a dirt driveway, and because most of my leaves are in the back. Even if I had a dirt driveway there is no way I would rake them all up to the front just to burn them.

The firepit is in the way far back of our yard, and so it would be the opposite end of the spectrum to try and get all of the leaves to the fire pit. A solution would be to leave piles all over my yard, but we all know that leaves don’t really completely break down over the winter, and I don’t want to have moguls all over my property. Clearly the bin liners were making a way for me. I stuffed those babies with leaves and the results were truly breathtaking. Not only was my lawn clean, but when the garbage men came later that week they saw an absolute monument waiting for them.