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Staying On Task

As the charm of the new year has started to wear off a lot of people are looking at themselves and realizing they are no longer working on their new year goals or resolutions. It’s almost April, but there is still many months left to get back on track. People assume if they did not achieve their goals by now then it is probably a lost cause. They will wait until next year to make the same goals all over again and fail at them, once again. So, how can you turn it around right now? How can you motivate yourself to get stuff done?

First things first, have you tried writing a list? It has been proven that people who write what they want to get done down are way more likely to actually do it. Maybe you did write your goals down! Okay, so where? In a journal in your bedside table that you haven’t opened since January. Or maybe you wrote it down in your notes app in your phone. That’s probably so far buried by now… Some people opt to keep a list on their desk at work. Okay! That’s more like it. A place where you can look at the list every single day. But, it looks like you spilled some coffee or some leftovers on it one day. Maybe the gross document is still there, or maybe it has made its way to the trash by now. We’ve established that you need to write it down. It needs to be visible. And it needs to stay clean.

My best advice would be to buy a few job ticket holders from a place that sells shipping supplies  to put around your office and home. These things are seriously great. You can put any document inside of them and the document essentially becomes waterproof! There is even a little hole at the top to tack it to your wall. Or use a magnet to hang it on your fridge. The front is clear so you can always see your document.

The more you see your goals, the more likely you are to work on them! You can even use dry erase markers to mark up your document. You can write notes to yourself or cross things off as you achieve them! Who knew there would be such great use for random shipping supplies! I wonder what else I could use for my everyday life.

Still Shipping?

Given the current climate of the United States, many Americans are nervous about their packaging and what will be happening with their orders. With any pandemic, there are going to have to be sacrifices. Some people will have to temporarily leave their jobs. Some even will be asked to stay inside for weeks on end in order to contain the virus. So the question on a lot of our minds is, will I still get my package?

For now and probably indefinitely, shipping is labeled an essential activity. It is understood that people need to receive their packages. Many people are ordering food and necessary medical supplies from companies all across the U.S. These are the people who cannot leave their homes to go pick these essential items up from their store. Shipping could be the only means for a person to get the supplies they truly need. So, shipping companies will stay open for the good of all people.

People should also not fear their packages and worry about where they are coming from. Some people are assuming their goods from highly infected areas must mean that their boxes will also be infected. The way the virus is acting right now, this simply is not true. The virus cannot stay active for more than 30 minutes on a hard surface.

Think about how long the box would take to ship to you. The people who should worry a little about the virus are the people who are handling the shipping boxes. If you are still worried about it then you can let your box sit on your doorstep for thirty minutes before opening your door and unboxing your package. Make sure you have wipes and hand sanitizer available at all times. Even better, wash your hands with soap and water multiple times a day.

A lot is going to change in the world in the next few weeks. More and more updates are released by the hour at this point. We should not be afraid, though, of shipping boxes not being delivered. There are companies dedicated to making sure the boxes are made, packaged, and then shipped to the consumer. We understand most of these packages will be containing essential items in order for the consumer to survive. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep these operations running smoothly and quickly. If you are able to, please stay home during this time. Enjoy your deliveries!

Quality of Box Matters

If you’re a golf club dealer, or any dealer, you need to have a good idea of what the going rate is for specific clubs, accessories, and equipment. This value can be drastically different depending on whether or not the club is new or used. The truth is, if you’re wanting to move large amounts of clubs, you have got to price them to sell. If you’re not going to price them to sell, you’re wasting your time in the first place. It makes me so frustrated to see others that are in the same business as me set prices on items that will never ever go. I had one guy set the price on a putter headcover for $140.

The putter headcover is a limited edition, which gives it some value. But, the item was listed as “used”. Anyone in the world can go online and buy the same exact headcover brand new for $75. So, why in the world a guy would think he’s going to get $140 for the same item that is used is absolutely beyond me.

This drives me crazy. But, at least the guy was charging $0 for shipping. He has a better chance of selling the shipping supplies (i.e., boxes) he ships his items in for 100 times what they’re worth than he does selling this particular putter headcover for $140.

I, on the other hand, price items to sell and sell fast. I want people to feel like they got a great deal so that they will keep coming back for more. Another way I keep them coming back is by using the very best boxes that are out there. I want my items to be safe, secure, and end up in the buyers hands with no damages. That’s why I spend a little more on the cardboard boxes I buy.

There’s actually a huge difference between high and low quality shipping supplies. The low quality boxes come as if they were already used. They are often tattered, the material is worn and soft, and they just don’t hold together very well. The high quality boxes are very crisp, they are stiff, and very compact. And they keep all of my products exactly how they were first listed online. That’s what the customer wants more than anything. They want what they see online to show up on their doorsteps exactly as is. Spending a little more money on higher quality boxes makes that possible.

One of the Worst Jobs of My Life

I’ve had a handful of jobs in my lifetime. I’ve detasseled corn, washed dishes, cooked food, sold insurance, ministered to coaches and athletes, and done taxes. I’ve had favorite things in those jobs and dreadful things in those jobs. Sometimes, the job itself was nothing but dreadful. Detasseling corn was definitely not a favorite job of mine, but it only lasted two to three weeks and it was over.

And we got paid what seemed like a lot of money in that two-week span. Looking back, it wasn’t very much money at all, but to a high school kid who has everything taken care of for him by his parents, the extra cash seemed like a lot at the time. The worst job I think I had to work was washing dishes at a local restaurant. It was a summer job and I always had to work in the evening when all the fun was going on outside of work. It wasn’t just washing dishes that was bad, it was the fact that when the restaurant closed for the night, everyone except the dish washers got to leave. The reason being was because the restaurant had a buffet. Every single buffet pan needed washed before I was allowed to leave.

These pans had food completely caked and burned on them, so it took forever to get that stuff to come off. Not to mention, we had to break down all the shipping boxes that the restaurant supplies and products would come in. Why this responsibility fell on the dishwashers was completely unbeknownst to me because of how busy we were. The waitresses were so bored they’d just hang out in the kitchen and eat.

Why couldn’t they have broken down shipping boxes? All they cared about was getting to play with the supplies like popping the bubble wrap that would come in the cardboard boxes. And to be honest, that would upset me to some extent.

But, looking back, we couldn’t even get them to scrape the food off the plates they brought us. Instead, they just sat all the dishes down on our runway with all the food in the world piled high. A true breeding ground for flies and gnats alike. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that they couldn’t break down boxes when they were incapable of scraping a little food off the plates they had just sat down for us to clean.

Working on Projects

Many people begin building furniture when they realize how expensive it is to buy new furniture. With all the do it yourself plans on the internet, there’s not a lot to building your own furniture. All it takes is a quick search for a plan on your desired build, a quick trip to the hardware store, and possessing the right tools. The cutting, the screwing, the construction and assembly doesn’t take much time at all. For example, one could build what would seem like an intricate king size bed in as little as 12 hours. With the help of another person, this particular build could be built in half the time. A table, however, would only take a few hours to construct and assemble. Common tools that are needed in many do it yourself builds, that most people don’t have, are table horses. Table horses help prop up long pieces of wood that are being cut, and are also used to place various pieces that need sanding on.

A great alternative to table horses are cheap moving boxes. My house, for instance, is full of cheap moving boxes because we just moved. So I use these for all my wood working projects. With the help of these stand ins, I have been able to build many different pieces of furniture that are now being used daily in my house.

I sleep in the bed I built. I eat food at the table I built. I store books in the bookshelves I built. And all these builds have been made for a fraction of the cost. Thousands of dollars have been saved because a few personal hours have been valuably spent constructing these pieces of furniture.

Although the build and the construction is fun, the sanding and staining is no fun at all. Certain wood has to be sanded to specific standards in order to properly take the stain that will be applied. This is a very tedious and lengthy process. A great idea would be having a partner that you could count on to sand and stain after you have constructed the piece. Some people, however, will sand all the wood before they even begin construction.

This makes the staining process a breeze because you don’t have to worry about a nook or corner or crevasse not taking the stain the way the rest of the piece takes it due to improper sanding techniques.