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Stretch Film Wrap

As important as stretch film wrap is to the working world, I want to take a minute to talk about the stretch film wrap dispenser. If you are like me, you might like to try and save by cutting some corners. Sometimes I think that I can purchase a product without all of the suggested accessories and that I will “improvise”. I don’t suggest improvising with stretch film wrap.


Have you seen the stuff? It’s like the Hulk version of saran wrap, and by that I mean it’s indestructible. You could probably wrap yourself up in it and survive a nuclear blast… then again, you would probably suffocate, but that’s not the point. The point is that a roll of stretch film wrap can come a foot long, fifteen inches long, or a foot and a half long. I’m talking industrial strength. If you try to improvise with this stuff you will probably wind up looking like Frodo after Shelob got ahold of him and stashed him in her lair. And that was seriously disturbing.

If you don’t think it would be hazardous to your physical health, consider your mental state. Do you realize how frustrated and angry you get when regular, food-grade saran wrap folds over onto itself? Even though we always think we can wind up straightening it back out by hand, we always wind up cursing and wadding it into a ball that we throw across the room. Imagine this on a much more massive scale. On par with the Hulk. It makes me shudder to think about. This is why I’m advocating for the stretch film wrap dispenser.

At there are three different styles to choose from, and all of them are adjustable to fit all of the different styles of wrap. The roll of wrap slides right onto the dispenser; at one end is a handle, and then another handle comes around the front of it. It’s like a giant paper towel roll, really, with another handle running parallel to the bar in case you might want to mummify your cat or something. Since stretch film wrap is industrial grade it really does need to be handled well. It’s going to be heavy, and bulky, and hard to get in place if you are just doing it by hand. It’s like trying to change a baby’s diaper without putting them down: it’s doable, but the results won’t be pretty.

Cheap Moving Boxes

Cheap moving boxes are hard to come by. As a matter of fact, they’re pretty much an anomaly. It doesn’t matter where you go, if you want boxes that are easy to stack and easy to carry and haven’t been handed down from generation to generation, and didn’t come with your best friend’s juicer in it, you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny. Are are you? At you can buy cheap moving boxes. And that’s just a fact. Of course I don’t expect you to take my word for it, but if you visit the website you can see for yourself.


I’ve tried buying moving boxes from department stores, and they were anything but cheap. I’ve even tried buying totes to pack my stuff in, and not only was that the opposite of cheap the bins were difficult to carry. At times I seriously considered throwing up my hands and stuffing everything in garbage bags; but could you imagine how impossible it would have been to load those into a moving truck? Forget about unloading them. It would have been a cheap option for sure, but not the best option.

The best option is obviously cheap moving boxes. It may be the best option, but it’s certainly not the most accessible. Unless you go to and get them from there. On top of that, the more you buy, the more you get! What I mean by that is that the more you buy the less you pay, which frees up more money to buy more boxes. On top of that, promises to match or beat any price on the same product. They really do mean to carry the cheapest of cheap moving boxes. And so they do!

A bundle of twenty-five small boxes sells for just over twenty dollars. A bundle of twenty medium boxes for thirty-three dollars. A bundle of fifteen large boxes sells for thirty dollars. These are seriously great prices. If you try to buy your boxes elsewhere you are usually looking at spending up to four dollars a box, and you don’t really wind up getting a whole lot of box out of it either.

If cheap moving boxes is what you are looking for, then look no further than Let them do their job so you can do your job- with a better product, at a better price.

The Bottom Line to Bin Liners

When I think about bin liners I automatically think about Ben Stiller. You know, the actor? Allow me to explain. As I was learning about bin liners, I discovered that the bins they line are actually called gaylords. The really incredible thing is that when I Googled it (gaylord), this popped up: what is a gaylord container. How fascinating! I was not the only person on the planet who had wondered this and gone in search of an answer.

Bin LinersApparently “gaylord” is the trade name for a specifically large, specifically reusable shipping container. Why are they reusable? The bin liners, of course! Apparently they are called gaylord containers after the name of the corporation that started making them. These are more than just the average cardboard box because they are designed to carry heavy weights, sometimes even being triple –walled. At they call their gaylords “heavy duty” or “extra heavy”, and they also sell the bin liners.

As for why bin liners make me think of Ben Stiller, it’s because of the gaylords. In the movie Meet the Parents his name is Gaylord, and not only is that a smile-cracking name because of how it sounds like a character in a William Shakespeare production (no offense to all you Gaylords), it’s funny because all characters that Ben Stiller plays are funny.

The gaylords, the bins, if you will, aren’t even the real hero here, though. It’s the bin liners. At they come in just about a hundred different sizes, and I’m not exaggerating in the least. I hope that you can still take me seriously even after all I’ve said about Ben Stiller. Because I’m being serious. The very convenient thing about the bin liners is that they come in a roll, with perforated ends that allow for easy access and removal. It’s not like a giant garbage bag box, where you want to just pull out one bag but you wind up pulling out multiple ones because they are all static clinging to one another, and then you have to stuff the rest back in the box for next time.

These bin liners are easy to use, they are gusseted which provide a third dimension (which doesn’t’ have anything to do with aliens, its just a way of saying they are 3D; not just flat bags, they have extra material on the sides so that they open up nicely). The bottom line is that if you deal with bins, you should start dealing with bin liners. But don’t take my word for it, take Gaylord’s.

Packaging Tape is Not Just for Packaging

By this point you may know me well enough to know that when I start talking about a product I’m going to be talking about how much more it is than what it really is. This might not seem like it makes sense but it really does. For instance: packaging tape. When I say “packaging tape” I am really just referring to the rather enormous world of tape in general, and how all tape is technically for packaging but all tape actually has an individual use as well.

Packaging Tape This is why you should not shrug off my suggestion when I tell you to buy your tape at Because it does apply to you! You probably wouldn’t just guess that there are actually seventeen different kinds of tape at, and each kind has a selection of sizes, strengths, and whatnot. So when you think that packaging tape doesn’t apply to your specific needs, think again.

For instance: gaffers tape. And no, I’m not making fun of you. Just like the website says “gaffers tape makes the ideal stage tape”. This is what you want for your travelling band, or your trade show booth. In no way should you be tripping over your microphone cord while trying to lay down a face-melting electric guitar solo, forever cursing your courageous little group as a joke. Maybe this is why it’s called gaffers tape; because if you don’t use it you could wind up being a laughing stock. How bad would that suck?

Here you are, trying your hardest to make it big, and with one false move of your Chuck Taylor high-top it all comes crashing down. Literally. Let’s just hope you don’t have to get any band equipment surgically removed. So don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Gaffer’s tape, even starving artists can afford it from And no, you can’t just use duct tape instead.

What I’m talking about is premium grade, cloth tape, for easy application and easy removal. As starving artists you would definitely not be able to afford the bill from leaving sticky trails of duct tape gum all over upon your departure. The point is to get paid for playing, not to hand out cash everywhere you go. This is best accomplished by doing things the right way and sometimes that means gaffers tape; or, more generally, packaging tape.


Custom Shipping Bags

When you hear the words ‘custom shipping bags’ perhaps you might assume that the product doesn’t pertain to you because it is meant for shipping. Although ‘custom shipping bags’ is a general term, it is in no way exhaustive. It is just a way to categorize bags on bags on bags. Can they be used for shipping? Sure! Can they be used directly on a store shelf? Sure! That is the amazing thing about buying your bags from For example, I use the paper merchandise bags to sell my hand-painted stationary.

They come in brown or white, 12 X 15. There are 1000 bags to the bundle, and that is serious business! I only have to order bags once a quarter, which is a huge weight off my mind. On the other hand, I have friends that do have to mail a lot for their companies. They buy the bin liners and the pallet covers. We are both on completely opposite ends of the spectrum in the business world, but we get our merchandise from the exact same place, and they both just so happen to be called custom shipping bags.

Custom Shipping Bags

At there are three subcategories of custom shipping bags. There are the paper retail store bags, which are your normal paper sacks. Then there are the standard paper shopping bags, which have the stiff, twine handle and come in 18 colors. The eurotote paper shopping bags come in 12 colors that you can get in either matte or gloss, with the soft string handles. And then I’ve already mentioned the flat brown or white paper merchandise bags that I use when selling my stationary.

The second subcategory is the poly bags. This category offers many more options than the first, and they usually have a specialty in mind, such as anti-static poly bags for electronics. Not only are the bags for sale, but also the accessories normally used with them, like the twist ties or the heat sealers. Lastly, the third subcategory is the plastic retail store bags. This is probably the most extensive of the three subcategories.

Almost every type of bag breaks off into its own subcategories. It would take a serious chunk of time to be able to talk about all of these bags, and you probably have what you need already in mind. Instead of wasting your time, I will encourage you to save even more time by going to and checking out their custom shipping bags.

Cheap Cardboard Boxes

‘Cheap cardboard boxes’ does not have to mean that the object in question is of poor quality. As a matter of fact, when speaking about the cheap cardboard boxes at that is not at all the implication! The implication is exactly what is said: they are not expensive! They are specifically priced so that when a customer goes to the website they know they won’t be wasting their time.

Cheap Cardboard Boxes

I mean, how much time have we spent browsing a product online, only to discover that it is way more expensive than we thought it would be? is forthright with their pricing. They don’t list the price for one box, and then leave you to do the math (so many boxes in a bundle, at such and such a price per box, and then tax, can’t forget shipping and handling… Help!) No. The customers at are guaranteed to be able to find what they are looking for, and they are guaranteed to be able to afford it. This is because offers wholesale prices, resulting in cheap cardboard boxes. It’s really that simple. They want someone to be able to get their money’s worth.

They want their customers to keep coming back. Isn’t that what good business should be all about? It’s almost like companies out there have begun to think that they are doing us all a ginormous favor by even existing, instead of appreciating the fact that we are what keeps their doors open. I urge all consumers out there to take a stand once more! Maybe this has gotten a little too intense for you, and you are starting to feel uncomfortable. You might be thinking that this was supposed to be about cheap cardboard boxes, and it is; but there’s more!

Let’s go back to the way it used to be, when the customer was always right, when we knew what we wanted and the business could either provide it for us or we could take our business elsewhere. I’ve had just about enough of rude store clerks, poorly stocked shelves, hidden fees, and penalties. It can be agonizing enough just trying to get our hands on some decent-priced boxes…buying a house? Forget about it! That’s why I’m being completely serious when I’m telling you to not even think twice: just go to for your cheap cardboard boxes. Not only that, they sell more than the boxes.

They sell the tape, the labels, the pallet wrap. If you need a packaging supply, you are guaranteed that they are going to have it. Isn’t that what shopping should be all about? Actually finding what we are looking for; and for a good price? Now that’s what I’m talking about it.

What Stretch Film Wrap Can Do For You

The first thing I think of when I hear “stretch film wrap” is Dexter. Dexter the show, about Dexter the guy who goes around killing people vigilante style. His murder lab is never in the same place twice, and it is absolutely fortified by plastic on plastic on plastic. The whole vicinity is draped in poly sheeting, like the heavy duty plastic that is an economical alternative to things like drop cloths. And then the victim is wrapped up on the table in giant stretch wrap. It’s awful. It’s gruesome. I had to stop watching the show. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it right now because it’s not very professional. Although Dexter would definitely beg to differ. He was about as professional at it as humanly possible, or should I say as Hollywood as possible, which means that no one could ever accomplish what Dexter accomplished.

Stretch Film Wrap

In case you didn’t want to associate stretch film wrap with murder, which I’m sure you don’t, feel free to associate it with the American dream. If you own a business, stretch film wrap is going to wind up coming in handy for you. It can come in different colors, for the more adventurous types, or just clear. carries the dispenser, which you will surely need if you plan on handling this stuff. Unless you get the actual food grade wrap, the rest of it is so large that some terrible accident is bound to happen if handled incorrectly, and people will think that there is a Dexter wanna-be out there. Sorry. I forgot I wasn’t supposed to talk about him.

Back to stretch film wrap.

If you think even the big stuff is for sissies, there is machine grade for your type. As you can guess, this is so huge that it needs a machine to operate it. (Wait for it… Wait for it… “That’s what she said!”. Man. What is wrong with me today? It must be the full moon). But as far as the machine grade stretch film wrap, this is absolutely what you want to wrap pallets with. Pallets with boxes stacked on them, that is. It would be pointless to just wrap up pallets. This way nothing shifts or falls in transit. As they always say, “If you want to protect it, wrap it up!”

Wait for it…

Printed Packaging Tape: Stock or Custom

Perhaps you’ve already heard this story, but my mother-in-law once gave me some bacon tape, and when I say bacon tape I don’t mean that it was tape made out of bacon, I mean that it was tape covered in little pictures of bacon. This was incredibly amusing to me, and I really enjoyed using it to seal up any box I was sending to someone.

I knew that it would be equally amusing to whomever the recipient was, and thus the wonder of the bacon tape was twofold. She had also sent me some flying pigs tape and, once again, this was tape covered in a repeated picture of a pig with wings and clouds. In the business world, we like to call this type of thing ‘printed packaging tape’.

Printed Packaging Tape

‘Printed packaging tape’ is just what it sounds like. You can order the stock print, which comes with your standard sayings: stop if seal is broken, packing list enclosed, caution if seal is broken…That kind of thing. Or, my favorite part: you can order a custom print. Not only can you have your business name printed on it, you can also choose to have our logo printed. And if your logo is a piece of bacon, you can also be the proud owner of bacon tape.

Maybe you’ve heard this story already too, but it’s too good to pass up in case you haven’t. When my husband and his friends were teenagers, they came across some yellow warning tape. In a moment born simultaneously of inspiration and immaturity, the boys proceeded to tape off the front yard of one of their houses. The parents began getting massive amounts of phone calls from people wondering what had happened, was everyone okay, and what could they do to help.

Apparently, friends were driving by and seeing the warning tape, which usually means that something terrible has happened. Well, those poor parents, who weren’t home, spent a long time trying to find out if their son was all right, and when they found out that he was they also found out that he had incredibly poor situational awareness.

This great adventure could be yours, too, if you wanted to order some custom printed packaging tape from I think I’m going to get some that says, “Christie is 40” and use that all over her front yard. Not as upsetting as crime scene tape, but it will definitely get the message across.