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How to Ship a Knife Properly

If you had asked me if I would ever have an interest in knives five years ago I would have laughed and thought you were really weird.  But alas, times have changed.  I found myself enjoying the outdoors more and thanks to my father gifting me a knife I thought was crazy at the time I have thrive outside.  Now I regularly hunt and backpack and have found it very rewarding.  I have also found myself making lots of money buying and selling knives on the second hand market.  It is a passion that has been driven by adventure and profit over the last several years.  I have also ran into some interesting experiences when sending knives in the mail.

It is indeed imperative that you use the proper shipping supplies when mailing important gear and specifically knives.  One might think that it’s ok to send them like any other item, in the box and it will simply be fine.  After all these tools are made of steel and handle materials that are meant to withstand impacts.  The issue is that they are meant to withstand impacts only in certain ways.  So if the box gets dropped on the truck or thrown around in the factory and the knife shifts it can damage it.  I have had several knives come to be with broken tips.  This is a failure on the packer of the box and a lack of proper shipping supplies used.

So what are some of the most important steps.  The first is to ship the knife and sheath wrapped separately.  This can be done by taking the blade and wrapping it in a cardboard sleeve.  Most people will not have one so it can be made by cutting another box and wrapping the blade with the cardboard.  Then you tape it closed. Fold it over the blade and apply lots of tape to it won’t cut anything. Also add another piece of cardboard to the end so the point has a place to land if the box is dropped.  Then place the knife in the proper shipping box and add a small piece of wood to the end where the point is. 

This gives a second layer of protection.  Since wood is soft yet hard enough to stop the blade, if the box is dropped the tip will go into the wood and not through the box and onto the ground.  This lessens the impact and keeps the tip from being broken in shipping.  Those are the most important parts of shipping a knife.

Mail With Confidence

The majority of the business across the world is moving to an online model. People are able to stay at home in their pajamas, read reviews about certain products, and then choose one to then get delivered to their door within a few days. This really is a luxury most people take for granted. Ordering things and then shipping boxes showing up at their door is truly an advanced way of doing business.

It has become so common so quickly that pretty much every business is expected to offer this same luxury to keep up with their competitors. Especially during a time where everyone is isolating and cannot visit storefronts, it is important to be able to send packages directly to customers. The thing is, shipping boxes vary greatly, and it is up to the business owner to decide what type of boxes to keep on hand for shipping. It would be smart to keep a few options on hand for different shipments.

Easy-fold Mailers.

These types of boxes are great for bookstores because books and magazines fit right into them. The boxes are scored in multiple different places for easy flexibility in the shipping process. The customer can browse the type of books they want and then the employees can find the book in the store, package it in the mailer, and send it on the way to the customer. Depending on the books size, multiple books can fit into one box for easy shipping.

Telescopic Boxes.

These boxes are useful for awkward shaped things. These types of boxes are adjustable and can be adjusted for any shipments. They are also good for heavy shipments because of the overlap on the bottom. Multiple things can be packed in these boxes for minimal shipping containers for the same order.

Heavy-duty Boxes.

For bigger products, heavy duty boxes are best. People who are buying big products like furniture still need the product to be shipped to them. Some boxes can even hold products fifty pounds or more. It doesn’t need to just be big items like furniture, though. Smaller products that weigh more can be shipped in a smaller size heavy-duty box. This can be things like gym weights or heavy decorative pieces.

Store owners should know the type of products they are shipping and what type of boxes work best for those products. They need to have variety in boxes as well, so they can instantly ship any orders that come in.

Mailing Art

A great way to spruce up your house is adding art to your home. Any kind of art, really. Some people choose to keep it simple and just display a few pictures of their family. Some people go all out and spend thousands of dollars on expensive art pieces that were once hanging in galleries. And then there are the people in between who want to do something more creative in their homes, but don’t really think spending thousands of dollars for a few pieces of art in their home is really worth it. Where does that leave them?

One happy medium between the two is buying local art. There are so many talented artists right in our own communities who can either be commissioned for a piece, or clients can simply choose between their favorite pieces the artist has created. When you are buying art the one thing you want to make sure is that it arrives safely and without any scratches or marks. Certain shipping supplies can prevent damage to your precious pieces.

Specifically, mailing art is a very popular way for local artists to quickly sell their products. In these cases mailing tubes are the best option for pieces on paper, poster, or parchment. Mailing tubes can be ordered in many different sizes to fit the piece exactly. The tubes can be longer, or shorter depending on what is needed. Some tubes are skinnier, while others are wider. Many different types of projects can be sealed inside these tubes. These shipping supplies make it so easy to mail pieces of art without the fear of the paper or poster being ripped or teared.

While being rolled for the tube, the artists will be careful not to crease the paper. Folding the paper will obviously leave creases and possibly ruin the design. But rolling the paper will not create creases. When the client receives their poster they can simply lay it out and maybe put a few books on each end to prevent the poster from rolling back into itself.

Mailing tubes are also great because artists can order many different colors for their tubes. They can use a color that matches their brand or just whatever they think fits their style! Some artists even opt for white or brown tubes so they can draw their own designs right on the tube. Then the client will have two pieces of art! But seriously. Consider supporting local and purchasing art from an actual person, not a company. They can mail your art directly to you!

A Great Time for the Outdoors

While people are being asked to stay home I know most people are going stir-crazy at this point. Most of us have been inside our homes for over two weeks now, with no end in sight. I think I have organized and reorganized every room in my house by now, so I am definitely looking for something different to do.

As the weather has started to warm up I have found myself on my back deck most days. I love being outside and decided this weekend would be perfect for a little camping trip. Now I know most public campsites are closed, and for good reason. We don’t need people gathering in public places, even if it is outside. But I know of some specific places in state parks that are free-range for camping. I don’t have to reserve a spot or worry about being around people.

The fresh air and a change of scenery will surely be beneficial for us during this hard time. We will learn a new appreciation for nature and being out of the house, if nothing else. Many of the camping stores are closed for now, so I will have to make due with what I currently have.

For sleeping arrangements it is actually pretty lucky that we received two camping cots for Christmas. We asked for these to use at camping music festivals and for trips to the lake when all the beds are already taken. But these will certainly be perfect to set up inside of the tent we also already have. We have fold-up camping chairs we can bring and even recently purchased a jet-boil to cook pasta or rice instant meals. We will pack all of our other belongings in shipping boxes and be on our way.

Since we are not going to be camping at reserved campsites inside parks, it might take a little hiking to get to a spot. We probably won’t be super close to our car either so we need strong shipping boxes to hold the weight of the things we will be carrying to our campsite. Once we get there we could use the cardboard for kindling for our fire. We could also tear down the boxes and make an even ground for our tent. Sometimes the ground is too rocky or uneven and a few boxes will help stabilize the ground for the tent.

This may be a more primitive camping experience than I am used to, but I think it will be worth it. I am ready to pack up my belongings and get to somewhere new.