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DIY Candy Box – Perfect for Teachers Gifts, Romantic Gestures, and more!

Who doesn’t love candy, and what better way to make it more fun then by putting it in a candy box, which is just perfect for teachers gifts, party favors, Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, weddings, grill outs, and more.

To make your own candy boxes is simple and only requires a few materials. In addition, you can fill them with your own choice of delectable sweets from gourmet chocolates to flavored taffy to gummy candies and even gum balls. The choices are endless.

There are a variety of DIY candy box designs, colors, and themes to choose from. However, for a simple candy box design that is just as adorable as it is sweet, try this easy to follow design, shaped just like a huge piece of candy, to really drive home the point!

What you will need:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Candy box punch board
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Your choice of candy, approximately 26 pieces per one pound box

To begin:

Depending on your candy box, the width will typically be about 7 inches wide; however, the length of the box can range up to 12 inches or more.

To start, place the 7 inch side, or the shorter side, of the box horizontally onto your punch board.

Be sure the opposite side of the board lines up with the guide on the punch board in addition.


Press the punch firmly down on the edge of the board, then slightly position the board to the left until it covers the guide.


Once you are sure your board is positioned over the guide, next, use the bone folder to create a cut-off point.

To locate a bone folder, simply use the bone folder included in your candy punch board box.

To incorporate scalloped edges, simply use the end of the punch.


Next, using the bone folder, create a cut-off point on the other side, creating a diamond shape.

Repeat this process across both ends of the board.


The next step is to tape or glue the center part of the box together.


Gather the end of one side of the box together, and then secure it using ribbon. It should resemble one end of a wrapped piece of candy.

Next, fill the candy box with your choice of treats. For example, salt water taffies, truffles, sour candies, gummy candies, hard candies, candy balls, or gum balls etc.

Once the box is filled with your choice of tasty treats, simply adhere the other end of the box using ribbon.

At this point, your candy box should resemble a large piece of wrapped candy!


Once your candy box is complete, you can personalize it even more with ribbons, special messages, stickers, or whatever your heart desires.

Every occasion provides the perfect opportunity to gift the special people in your life with the gift of sweet treats, which is sure to make their day. DIY candy boxes allow you to further personalize your sweet treat, as well as provides a gift from the heart, which is also sure to help make your loved ones feel appreciated.

Custom Packaging Boxes for the Safety of Your Valuables

Security of the customers’ goods is of paramount importance. No one wants to risk their investment, and that is why safe and secure custom shipping boxes come in handy. Whether your business venture is small scale or big scale, customized shipping boxes are imperative .The high quality boxes that are sturdy will ensure maximum security of your goods.

A customer-oriented business will invest in custom packaging boxes for the sole purpose of attracting and maintaining a regular flow of customers. A good customer base means a prosperous and a successful business. The shipping boxes are customized to match the type of product they are supposed to ship. There are customized boxes that are specifically made to ship food and food products that have a short shelf life. There are others specifically designed to ship fragile goods like glass.

The availability of custom packaging boxes in a business is very crucial in a customer. It creates a sense of security, as they know their good are safe wherever they are. The packaging boxes gives the business that classy touch and really attracts customers. The packaging boxes that are well crafted will attract interest. The merits of custom packaging boxes can be neither exhausted nor unmatched. The ordinary boxes leave less to be desired, business people risk having their goods destroyed, some of which are very delicate and fragile. The custom boxes gives a unique identification of the product.

There is also a need for custom packaging boxes in freight forwarding which include air transport, road transport and train transport. Air transport is the fastest method of transport and is also a very good way of transporting perishable goods to overseas markets thus reducing the spoilage. There is a lot of vibration that comes from the plane’s engine. The vibration can cause a lot of damage to the goods been transported especially if they are delicate or fragile such as glass products, flowers and electronics. Thus, this calls for the use of specialized packaging to avert all the losses. This is where the custom boxes comes in boldly.

Road transport is perhaps the most common method of freight forwarding. Many people opt to transport their goods by road. Extra care should be put in place to make sure that the goods are intact and that they reach their destination in one piece. The magnitude of the damage to the goods solely depends on the type of packaging used. Poor packaging boxes will mean more harm than good to the goods been ferried from one place to the other. This calls for the use of the custom packaging boxes, which are able to withstand the shakes and the pressure just in case the boxes are stack together in the vehicle.

The train transport can also cause harm to your goods. As the trains move, they may cause damages to the fragile goods been transported. The intensity of the damage solely depends on the type of boxes used for transporting. Customized packaging boxes will ensure that nothing is destroyed and everything will be intact.

Custom boxes are carefully crafted to fit the customers’ different needs and preferences using the latest technology. The boxes also use additional materials such as foam with the main goal being to safeguard and protect the goods of the customers.

A Complete Overhaul of Cleaning and Restoring your Workplace

Spring cleaning: a thorough cleaning of a house or room, typically undertaken in spring.

Everybody needs to do a complete revitalization in their houses. It is a great feeling when you finish cleaning the whole of parliament, every corner, realign the furniture, everything, and then you’re left with a fresh and new-looking home.

Sometimes, when you do a spring cleaning, you will need to use some boxes to store your things to do better the process of cleaning without your stuff getting in the way. This is especially true when you are scouring your office. You should never leave your working room out of the cleaning mission; it is the place where you work and maintaining it organized and fresh is important to keep a quick and responsive workplace.

In this article, we’ll be analyzing how to purify your office and restore it to the workplace that you deserve, what boxes you should use to move your objects out of the room and what methods you can utilize to do the spring cleaning effectively without wasting time.

First: Buy moving boxes, and then store your trinkets and equipment

There are many Cheap Moving Boxes that you can utilize to store and transport your documents, equipment, products and stuff that you have above your desk or in your drawer.

These boxes can be bought in any storage products distribution company or shop, and they come at a low price as well. Alternatively, you can search the web for moving boxes, and you’ll be paired with the most sought and internationally certified moving boxes distributors.

Once you have your Cheap Moving Boxes, which, preferably, are big, large and in a sufficient number, you need to store your stuff before you start cleaning your office. Take everything out, because when you are removing the dust or wiping the floor, you don’t want to be picking trinket by trinket while you are brushing the desk. This will allow it to end as quickly as possible and increase the productivity of your day.

Second: Begin by wiping the desk and the surfaces above the floor

Because the dirt and dust that you wipe out of your desk will then fall to the ground, you should begin by cleaning these surfaces. Since you removed every trinket and working apparels out of your desk, this shouldn’t take two minutes.

Now, clean inside your furniture as well, every drawer and locker should be emptied to prevent accumulation of mold.

Third: Wipe the floor

This step should be self-explanatory. Take a piece of cloth, take a squeegee, and start cleaning your floor. This will give a natural revamping that you aren’t even expecting, and it will look and feel much fresher and have a much cleaner atmosphere the next time you go to work in your office.

Fourth: Bring back all of your stuff and reposition them wherever you want to

Because you’ve done a complete revitalization of your office, while you’re repositioning your trinkets, paperwork, and equipment, you’ll begin to realize that there are better ways to organize your office. It is a natural evolution if you don’t clean your office from time to time.

Grab those Cheap Moving Boxes and start repositioning everything the way you feel will be the best when you start working again. Don’t feel hurried to end this process, spend the necessary time to complete everything.

Fifth: Reorganize your virtual and physical work

Now that everything is in place finish it by analyzing your paperwork, your desktop, your virtual e-mail, everything that you use to work, and organize it. Make it as optimal as possible to find the things that you will eventually need in the future.

You’ve successfully done a spring cleaning in your office. Congrats!


Three Tips to Help Improve Your Shipment Experience

Have you ever had trouble with shipping products? Everyone that has experienced this process knows how painfully problematic some of the steps of shipping can be.

Shipping is the physical process of transporting merchandise to other individuals, maybe in the same city or in a whole other country. Although it is meant to make the transportation easier than it would be without the shipping service, it is still a headache for anyone that is not completely familiar with some of the workarounds that exist.

For example, when shipping boxes: There is a lot of fear regarding stuff that can be easily broken or damaged if care isn’t taken. Why not cover the walls of the box with Styrofoam them? Or some other material that protects it from the outside world.

This was just an example though. In this article, we are going to be revealing X ways to improve your shipping experience.

  • Safely packaging products

One of the biggest issues with the transportation of merchandise has always been the state of the product at the other end. Sometimes, the product arrives broken, the box is kneaded or dirty because of some other material that got poured over the package. It can happen.

The solutions aren’t magical, they are all very self-explanatory, but surely avoids the issues of the customer asking for their money back.

Choose a more durable packaging. When shipping boxes, if a cheap box is not doing it for you, consider filling the inside of the box with wasteful materials and cheap stuff that will be perfect to fill the empty spaces of the container. Once that is done, make sure that it is heavier than previously. Remember: Loads of packages will end up going right on top of your box, so make sure it is resistant enough.

Use a proper pallet for your shipment with a suitable material like wood or plastic. This also strengthens the package and allows it not to get kneaded so quickly inside the shipping transports.

  • Proper communication with suppliers and other teams

Sometimes, you might be on the receiving end, and you have to communicate with your suppliers, with the shipping agency, or even with the customer itself.

Reaching out to the individuals of the other side of the spectrum can be extremely beneficial if you want to be sure that everything goes slightly according to plan.

  • Keeping in touch is important!

First, select your suppliers carefully. Many suppliers can be found through the internet, and the same rule applies to manufacturers. If you are running a store and is having a rough communication, maybe it’s their issue, not yours.

If you trust you have a healthy relationship with your suppliers, communication is never excessive. Monitoring the whole process is your right as a consumer and store manager.

With consumers, ignoring their problems is the worst thing you can do. The customer is always right, and try to be comprehensive if something goes wrong with the shipping. They know it is not necessarily your fault, but they need to receive what they have bought, so consider building a strong relationship of trust between you and the clients, and it might result in more business in the future.

  • The cost is too high!

This problem is the easiest to solve by far, and that is due to the enormous variety of options that you have as a client.

First, consider only buying and using Discounted Labels or Supplies. These are very common practices that can be done by finding a website that has the feature of purchasing and printing these labels, allowing for a cost reduction on the shipment.

Use different carriers and shipping agencies. As a consumer, you always have more than one option, and although they all might look the same, they have distinct features that try to convince you, as a potential client, that they are different and have additional benefits for you. Consider taking a look at various different carriers.

We hope that this solves most of the shipping problems!

Remember: The consumer is always right.

Expectations And Satisfaction When Using Professional Packing Services

The job of packing items for a move, or relocation is a daunting task for most people. Professional packers and movers however, make the job look easy. These professionals use years of experience to carefully package items in boxes utilizing as little storage space as possible, while keeping all items safe and intact for transport. They are also adept at considering the unique needs of each client for whom they prepare moving boxes and packages.

Whether it is born out of a sense of traditional work ethics, or a general ignorance about professional moving services, many people have questions about how packing services operate. These are some of the most common concerns expressed by people presented with the opportunity to utilize the skills of a professional packing and moving service.

What is Involved in Professional Packing Services?

Laymen tend to tackle packing jobs in an unorganized and inefficient manner. They will start with one room, and experience extreme fatigue and dismay with every added task. Professional packers arrive at a household with one overriding goal. That goal is to preserve the integrity of a home and its contents through every phase of the moving process.

Packaging crews will tackle the job of moving an entire home with precision. They will arrive with all needed materials like cheap moving boxes, tape, stuffing material, and a host of transport aids. The crews will normally divide into teams that tackle each room simultaneously. This minimizes working man hours, and helps clients keep on schedule with their move. A professional packing crew is fully capable of addressing a normal home in a single day, and can easily prepare up to several hundred average size cartons.

Do Items Get Damaged During The Moving Process?

The potential for items being damaged always exists during a move. Damage potential is reduced greatly however, when a professional packing service is employed. These crews take every precaution when packing delicate items. This includes using wraps in boxes and cartons that reduce shifting in transport, and padded cartons when the need arises.

Professional Packing Efficiency

People who employ professional moving services are almost always impressed by how fast the job gets done. This is due to the difference in how experienced crews tackle a job compared to a home owner. Property owners tend to involve emotional elements when packing. This slows down the process. Professional moving companies and packers tackle a job without added emotional tension. This facilitates an efficient and speedy level of performance.

Job Completion

Professional packers always try to prepare a move in a way that is acceptable to the client. They will endeavor to maximize space, ensure item safety, and address all items needing attention. Crews will not make judgments about items being waste, or keepsakes. It is the responsibility of the property owner to direct crews regarding which items are to be packed, and which items are to be ignored.

Ensuring Packing Job Satisfaction

A moving consultant is always a valuable resource in guaranteeing that a professional packaging job is done properly. Consultants can assist people with special concerns regarding their move. These concerns include everything from finding cheap moving boxes for cutting expenses, to knowing what to do with hazardous items like cleaning chemicals, paints, and medical supplies. Consultants can also provide tips on packing organization that speeds up the moving process.

Professional packing and moving service companies always appreciate when a client is open and candid about the job. Leaving nothing to guesswork is the surest way to experience a packing job that is devoid of incidents, and makes a move less stressful.