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How to Avoid Shipping Mistakes 

Shipping is fun, but it’s also one that can be a bit stressful. It also can be expensive when you try to handle the service levels, and other changes of accessories.

Here are different tips to help you avoid these shipping mistakes that are all too common.

Let Customers Choose 

Did you know that you can leave it to the customer to determine when it’ll be there. Some want it super-fast. Others are willing to wait a little bit.  It actually was something that some customers wanted, but others are fine with up to seven days.  Not as many will pay more for shipping.

Offer different options, so that they can choose whether they want this to be there fast, or if they want to save some money.

Listen to your Customers 

Customers will give feedback on the packaging, and it’s up to you to listen.

If there are complaints about the dimes for delivery, it’s up to you to choose better, and sometimes a bit pricier, shipping options.

If they’re amazed and happy, that means you’re not dropping the ball, and subverting their expectations, offering better customer satisfaction. You can also use shipping options that are a little slower too.

Use Correct Packaging 

This is very important because this is what protects the contents inside and is what builds the image of the brand. It also determines how carriers are going to charge you.

Use the right packaging. Don’t try to skimp and save money by shipping stuff in boxes clearly too small, or without any bubble wrap. You should use a box that’s new, with up to two inches of various cushioning.

The packaging is vital, as this is what will protect your product, build the brand image, identity, and also determine the carrier charges.

You want to use the ideal packaging for this. don’t just try to skimp  on by, and don’t try to ship anything without any protection such as bubble wrap. Keep a couple inches of cushioning there to protect the goodies. 

Don’t Guess the Shipping 

This is something that some companies do. They’ll try to get packages out, and then, you run out of the box to use for this. you’ll then get another box, but then it’s larger than the regular. You can use the item and then get it out, but the problem is, you’re now paying a bit more to ship, since you’re using something bigger.

This is something that a lot of people do, and it’s a huge mistake. You should avoid wasting any money if you research the costs of shipping. Depending on the carrier that you’re able to use, you might get charged for different items, such as delivery on Saturday, and surcharges of fuel, deliveries and signatures, and also delivery charges for residential areas.

Remember that you should know these all in advance, so that you won’t have to pay for different delivery features that aren’t important to yourself, or the customers at hand.

You want to make sure that you’ve got the right shipping options, and also so that you can get the best options.

Track Shipping Supplies 

You finally want to make sure that you’ve got shipping supplies tracked. Track your inventory of shipping. This is important because they’re necessary to send out to your customers and are important for your success. 

Track all of these right away, and if you have reorder points, make sure to follow these. That way, you won’t have to worry about this running out, and you’ll be able to store these for usage down the line. 

Why a Total White Box is the Wonder Trend 

Packaging for anything needs to be pretty, drive the curiosity of people, get their sight and attention, and engage with as many senses as you can./But, what if you decide hey, why not make the box just white?  While it might seem a bit strange, one new trend is to make boxes that are totally white, and it boosts the wow effect you’re going for. 

What the Wow Effect Strategy Is 

The wow effect falls into a different type of strategy.

While we know the three Es which are engagement, enjoyment, and experience, the Wow Effect is what’ll leave your customers speechless. 

This is when the expectations that a person has for something are subverted, exceeded, and there is a positivity that goes along with this. applying this to marketing is a good way to look at the way consumers respond to stimuli within the packaging that’s there. 

Creating packaging to make it so that it has a wow effect is a valid marketing strategy used to capture curiosity, attention, and also enhances the “fear of the unknown” but from a way that’s positive.

In fact, getting a box that’s completely white actually stimulates that portion of the mind that encourages you to learn a bit more. 

When the wow effect gets turned on, memory records this as a great thing, which is what we’ve got to do.

When you focus on the unknown and all of that, it can make it more positive too, as it pulls us in, and it’s way more positive.  Focusing on this creates a dualism within the box, and on the outside.

Think of it this way, the wonder is calling when you do this. experience the wonder and embrace it by using a fully white box for your stuff. 

White unboxing 

Yes, you can use white boxes for unboxing videos.  Unboxing, which is where you take out the contents and show it off, usually through social media, is super popular. If you’re someone that has gotten stuff that you don’t like, you’re not alone. This is all wrapped up in stuff that you manually unwrap.

These days, unboxing is what influencers love to do on social media. They show collaborations, and usually, this is the word of mouth that people use in order to get more people to partake in something.

Unboxing or unwrapping is something that creates a feeling of wonder, and this is something that comes with the familiarity of seeing surprises within these boxes, and building that constant wonder that you can enjoy, and that you can love. 

White boxes actually offer some versatility that’s different for a variety of gifts.

It’s also great for creating a fun presentation too. Plus, you can protect almost all of the items within through good packaging.  The presentation is really strong, and white boxes can also be resealed too.

If you’re someone who wants to; create a nice custom inside, you still can. Give them the wonder of what’s inside, and then, make the interior colorful. It’s kind of the reverse of the very designed boxes and the white insides. It creates a fun little different means to create the ideal situation and possibilities that the white box offers.

Probably the biggest selling point of this though, is that it’s totally green. If you’re someone who is constantly trying to create an eco friendly experience for your customers, this is the way to do this.

A box is the best way to make it so that you have the best presentation possible.

Choosing the Right Packaging 

If you’re someone who is selling products to others, one thing that you need to make sure that you have correct is the packaging. This is imperative because the correct packaging will offer the best results that you can out of these.

The packaging is so important, and you want to make sure that you’ve got all of this in place. 

The main components are as follows: 

  • The box 
  • The filler 
  • The sealer 

Having a good idea of how to choose this is vital, and here, we’ll go over how. 

How to Choose the Correct Box, Envelope, or Carton 

This is the receptacle for your items. 

There are a few factors that go into choosing the right version of these: 

  • Product size 
  • The products that’ll be packed in there 
  • The product weight 
  • The method of shipping utilized 

If you have a product that’s heavy, you’ll want to get a corrugated box made of cardboard.  You also want to make sure that, if they’re stacked, the items are able to be held up.

Anything that’s going to be put inside a mailer that’s corrugated also come in different sizes and shapes. There are even those made of tubes for art and posters. You can also get them made specifically for books and DVDs too. 

Envelopes also come in different sizes and styles. There are also tear-proof ones that you can get too. 

The Right Protection 

The next step is to make sure that you’ve got the right packaging to protect what’s inside. If the items are fragile, you’ll want to use foam, bubble wrap, and also void fill.  These also can be called air pillows, packaging peanuts, and the like. They all offer good protection, and cushioning, and prevent the weight from being added to your packaging.

For electronics and other items that are large and fragile, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got foam corners or protectors for the edges that are packaged within these. They protect the item from shock while also preventing the item from breaking. This also provides further protection in the event the item is damaged.

Kraft paper and newsprint are also good for wrapping items, and are considered a void filler. 

Package Security 

Choosing the correct material and the box are good and all, but if you don’t secure this correctly, the packaging contents will not make it. no matter the package that you plan to fasten, there is a tape that does match.

There are a few options for such. The first is a pressure-sensitive tape that’s ordered in different colors and further preprinted with different messages. There are also different dispensers too. 

Flatback tape is another one that is applied with pressure and is good for withstanding higher temperatures. 

Then there is a water-activated tape that offers the best sealing, security, and bondage, as it does apply directly to both recycled and virgin fibers to this so that you can create a bond that works to secure things tightly and prevent product tampering. 

There is also filament tape, which can be used to seal the boxes and pallets, or also secure a medium load during the shipment of this.

Look at all of these factors and put them in. Make it so that you’re able to create the right packaging and the correct results that come from this. offering the right components is vital, and it can provide an ideal situation for your packaging needs as well. try it, and see for yourself the results of your actions, and the packaging that it contains. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging 

A lot of businesses need some ways to operate and create more eco-friendly packaging. This reduces their carbon footprint, offering a more sustainable way to work. However, this is a little bit tough.

Packaging especially is filled with single-use plastics, and this is something that a lot of companies are trying to correct, by using eco friendly packaging supplies. They’re better for the planet, and here, we’ll go over why you should use eco-friendly packaging as a better way to improve your business. 

They Boost the Branding Image 

One of the best reasons for using this is because it actually has a great impact on the image of the brand, and their reputation. As more try to find some ways of being more sustainable, a lot of times they do expect both small and big businesses to do that part. However, through eco-friendly packaging that’s now biodegradable, and in some ways compostable, it actually shows that you’re aware of the environmental impact, and it boosts the branding image, offering a more positive effect on the lives around you.

Reduces the Carbon Footprint 

One word that gets thrown around constantly without much explanation, is the word carbon footprint. But remember, the smallest things can have a major impact. Our packaging supplies is one of them. Carbon footprint is basically the contribution a person has to the carbon dioxide along with the methane that gets released into our atmosphere due to the activities that happen every single day.

Eco friendly packaging usually costs way less and is made from materials that are sustainable. These don’t release toxic types of chemicals into the air as they start to break down.  You’ll also be decreasing the carbon footprint that you have by reducing the reliance on each of these different plastics that are there too.

Better for the Skin and your Environment 

We usually don’t pay too much mind to toxins and allergens whenever we talk about packaging and packaging supplies. However, eco-friendly packaging is better on the skin. 

You won’t have to worry about toxins that are harmful when creating eco-friendly packaging.

Plastic packaging uses crude oil actually, and many times, you’ll have to worry a lot about the toxins that are dangerous from this, and also the different petrochemicals that are there.  These do leak out when you dispose of each of these.

The toxin absence actually makes this much better on the skin. Plus, it’s devoid of allergens, and for a lot of customers, this is something that they do worry about. This is better for them, and you’ll be able to reassure their concerns through the use of packaging supplies that are sustainable, and are better for the world around you too! 

Better customer Base 

If you’re trying to get a better, healthier customer base, then you’ll want to use this. this is good too since it can help get customers that are aware of the problems.

If you give them this, they’ll be more likely to choose you when it comes to shipping this. Sustainable packaging is great for ensuring that you have the right type of experience for your customers, and also, it attracts eco-friendly people that also wish to buy from the sustainable company types that are out there.

Plus, customers do appreciate it more since they can recycle, and it’s easier to do than merely just tossing this into the trash, right? 

Eco-friendly packaging is a great way to improve your business, and here, we gave you a few reasons to consider this type of project today!