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A Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce Packaging 

With a lot of businesses now looking for ways to be able to handle businesses online, a big part of it is looking at packaging. With ecommerce still growing strong and is now a norm, this is something that you want to also look at. Even with supply chain concerns and other issues, there are some very big benefits to this. With more and more brick and mortar stores offering the online shopping, you want to do this too, but you also need to look at how to stand out as a brand, compared to the others. 

How it works 

Let’s talk about how it works. There is a difference between presenting something in a store vs. online and then delivered to a person. You also want to factor in the idea of unboxing. First impressions matter, and physical touch improves retention, so if you want people to actually keep looking at your items, you wnat a good first impression and one that makes it easy for customers. You may want to consider utilizing premium packaging if it fits, but not every brand needs that. 

The expectations of customers is something that’s created through digital images seen on computer screens, and with business looking to meet and exceed demands, youwnat to choose something that hits on the appeal, and put the effort where it matters. 

Consider ecommerce Ready Packaging 

This is packaging that can be used for shipping, and you want to make sure that you’ve got the boxes for shipping that are useful for customers. You want to make sure the box showcases the identity of the brand and the creativity of a brand and customizes this to really help it stand out. When you’re looking for this, you first and foremost want to make sure you choose something that protects the product, since well, that’s the purpose of the packaging that’s there, right? 

You also want to make sure that the packaging is in materials which are durable, which we’ll go into later. You want ecommerce ready type of packaging that’s specific to the product itself, and the journey that it will have too. Ecommerce packaging is huge but being able to conceptualize the whole packaging can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have the right experience to make this here. 

But you want to make sure that at the bottom of it all, your product packaging stands out. The wrong packaging leads to products which are damaged, and bad connections with the customers along with weakened customer retention as well. 

The goal is you want to make sure that you create packaging that’s protected, easy for you to open up, and doesn’t have a ton of waste. It can be a lot to do, but with packaging experts, you’ll be able to make sure that you get the right materials and way to make this truly sell to others. 

Always consider Product protection 

The main reason people love ecommerce is because it’s super-fast, but you want to make sure that you get something that protects your item. If it doesn’t do that, it’ll create a bad reaction to those who buy from you, and you also may deal with refunds and also exchanging items. So you want to make sure that the protection of the product is always focused on when you’re shipping out items. 

You also want to make sure that you have protection so that it’s easy, customers are happy, and your brand looks good. You don’t have to do much, just focus on this, and see the difference it makes. 

Custom Packaging tape 

Every business has packaging and different processes for shipping to hit the goals. It’s important to make sure that you get the products to adequately stand out. Custom packaging tape is something that will make everything nice and unique. If you want to set your small business apart, custom packaging tape is cost-effective and helps with packaging while you maintain safety for the packages. It also will increase the logo and branding due to the logo being visible on everything. 

Why use this 

There are a few reason as to why you should utilize custom packaging tape in your business to truly make it stand out. First, they’re cost-effective. They’re a useful part of small businesses, since it does remove the need for tapes that are there, and different circumstances when you’re packaging parcels. You should also use this to reduce the storage space and also any costs that are unnecessary. 

Custom tape also reduces the need to make further purchases including stationery and stickers to strengthen your branding, so you can utilize custom tape to offer further marketing solutions without causing more costs to rack up. 

They also have different tape that’s high-quality too. One of the coolest things to come out recently is water-activated tape that’s made from yarn and paper that has the ability to create a strong bond with a wettened motion. This makes it very hard to tamper the seal without it being seen, and this is great for those packages in transit. 

Water-activated tape is reliable, very strong, and is very good for most packaging compared to regulate tape.  You waste a lot more with regulate tape when it comes to the labor and resources used for this. The water-activated type is better, since it’s customized, and protects the packages better. 

Build Brand Awareness with Tape 

A cool thing about this is that it does build brand awareness naturally too. How? Think about it, with the package going through from person to person, there are many who are in contact with you repackage, and from there, your brand. With this custom tape, people can identify the parcels that you’re using to create the brand, and it can pique the interest, while also introducing them to the website. 

You want to pay attention to the brand and the importance for success too. Small businesses do represent almost all US exports, so with the competition getting more aggressive, you want to set yourself apart, and this is probably the key to boosting the brand identity that you have too. 

It’s easier than ever to purchase and customize the branded tape for the packaging situation at hand, and there are tons of great ways to build this. You can of course, revamp the small business and the packaging solutions there to create the proper packaging tape that’s there for you to use, and a lot of great tools. 

For a lot of companies, there are a lot of great ways for you to really build the business and brand that’s there. If you’ve ever been curious about this, you’ll definitely want to talk to someone about possibly getting set up with branded packaging tape, for it’s the beginning of a great resource for you to use and it’s something that can be great for brands of all sizes. If you feel like you could do better with your branding, you’re not alone, and with branded tape, you get just this, and a whole lot that you can utilize to properly and effectively build the brand that you wish to have as well. 

The Best Ways to recycle Corrugated boxes 

Recycling is good, but the thing that they don’t tell you as a kid is how to do it correctly. With new rules being set all over the place every single time, it’s hard to figure out what the best guidelines are for this. Knowing this, we’ll be able to understand the benefits of cardboard boxes and their recycling capabilities. 

How to recycle 

Pretty much all types of cardboard boxes are free to be recycled but they do require a few conditions. For starters, you need to take out any plastic windows and bags, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and whatnot, and make sure that’s removed. If you have food, you need to take it out of there, and you should make sure all stains from the food are taken out. You can only recycle some boxes, such as pizza or carryout, if they’re not stained with grease and whatnot. 

Finally, you should make sure that it’s not wet. That’s because the wetness from water does weaken the fibers within this, making it harder to use, and not as stable as well. A lot of them may ask for you to make sure that you flatten it too, and make sure that’s done before you throw it in the bin.

Knowing what’s Acceptable 

You need to check the regulations in order to make sure that you get the right cardboard boxes for this. In general, most cardboard shipping boxes and packaging need to be recycled, so long as they’re free of other items that don’t make it possible to be recycled, such as plastic and whatnot. 

You can also just check with them, but overall corrugated boxes, white mail packaging, pasta boxes, and cereal boxes are all valid. Anything that’s wax-coated does need the sign that it’s okay to be recycled before you can do it, and some of them also may incorporate other special directions including removing and rinsing the cap before you’re able to recycle this. 

Why recycle 

This should be obvious, but the amount of energy that you save through recycling is important. If you manufacture the pulp within this, it does cause sulfur dioxide, which does contribute to acid rain, and this in turn does cut down on the pollutants used. 

This also is good because you can actually use boxes up to seven different times before you can’t use the fibers anymore, and one ton of cardboard recycled can save up to 17 trees. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, over time that does grow and get better, and it can be something that you’ll definitely want in terms of benefits, as there is a lot that you can do with it. 

This also cuts down on CO2, and in a lot of cases, it can definitely improve this. Think about it, with over 24 million tons discarded every single year, if we do recycle, we save 9 cubic yards alone, and if you take that worldwide, that’s 217 million cubic yards of landfill saved by this. 

It also is good for trees, saving three tons of trees if you just recycle a ton of cardboard alone. This also does reduce emissions. One study found that about 35% of emissions got reduced just from recycling boxes more. 

With our world in peril and a lot of humans just using different parts of the land, it’s vital to ensure that you are taking care of the space. Through recycling and reducing emissions, we’ll be able to, with this alone, definitely keep our planet nice and safe, now and in the future. 

The Benefits of Custom Food Wrapping Paper 

Food wrapping paper is a paper that helps keep the food safe and fresh, allowing it to be transported, last a whole lot longer, and be protected from contamination. You can usually get these pre-cut in terms of sections, and you can get them in specific sizes that fit the needs you have. [re-cut wrapping is also good for faster service too. 

Custom food wrapping is also made with other bonuses too, including more customization, better branding, and also increases the impressions of customers. Those that work with “foodies” will definitely benefit from this, all while protecting the food while doing this too. If you’ve been curious about custom food paper wrapping, then you’re in luck. Here’s how you can benefit from this, and also make it look, and also be a beneficial item for your business too. 

Improves First impression 

Customers will buy from you if you keep giving them the right impressions, and custom food wrapping is wonderful for giving a good first impression and offering positive reception to the brand and the food too. Since this paper is something that you can customize, it’ll also protect the paper, offer better delivers, and also try to ensure that the food leaves a good first impression, and better impression o the whole brand itself. 

Creates a Stronger brand identity 

Customization helps to individualize the foods that you’re making and get customers excited for what you’re providing to them too.It’s an easy kind of direct marketing that doesn’t eat up the costs like how other techniques do, adapting packaging to create cost-effective kinds of marketing and bonuses too with this. Customers will then associate the brad with the packaging and then view the company as a more high quality experience. 

Improves social Media influence 


For a lot of food based businesses, you need to also look at the social media aspects of this. Because of social media, it’s brought about what’s called “foodies” which document everything that they experience onto different platforms, creating a boom within the industry, to attract better businesses without more costs associated with this. Through the customized food paper wrapping, this offers free marketing that’s advantageous to you too. Social media profiles will make sur that high-quality food that’s picture worthy and a part of the brand, from there, they’ll want to seek out the food for themselves and food documentation will definitely benefit from this. 

Offers a grease-Proof experience 

Good food is bound to have some grease to it, especially burgers and whatnot. But grease is not something a lot of customers like though. However, through food paper, you’ll be able to create a greaseproof experience that also protects foods that are cold and warm. This is great for offering customized wrapping that saves space within the inventory, but also is really good for your business as well, especially for those who want to show that they care about a customer too. 

Eco-Friendly experience 

This is something as well that a lot of customers are definitely looking at. With food paper that’s ecofriendly, you’re not only giving them a high quality experience, but also one that’s good for the environment too. You can get compostable and recycled food paper, which means the environmental impact of this is very minimal compared to what it could be otherwise. 

For a lot of people, being able to create a truly magical experience for your food paper definitely offers a lot of great benefits, and with food paper from sustainable sources, and even just adding it in, it does wonders too.