Custom Shipping Bags

When you hear the words ‘custom shipping bags’ perhaps you might assume that the product doesn’t pertain to you because it is meant for shipping. Although ‘custom shipping bags’ is a general term, it is in no way exhaustive. It is just a way to categorize bags on bags on bags. Can they be used for shipping? Sure! Can they be used directly on a store shelf? Sure! That is the amazing thing about buying your bags from For example, I use the paper merchandise bags to sell my hand-painted stationary.

They come in brown or white, 12 X 15. There are 1000 bags to the bundle, and that is serious business! I only have to order bags once a quarter, which is a huge weight off my mind. On the other hand, I have friends that do have to mail a lot for their companies. They buy the bin liners and the pallet covers. We are both on completely opposite ends of the spectrum in the business world, but we get our merchandise from the exact same place, and they both just so happen to be called custom shipping bags.

Custom Shipping Bags

At there are three subcategories of custom shipping bags. There are the paper retail store bags, which are your normal paper sacks. Then there are the standard paper shopping bags, which have the stiff, twine handle and come in 18 colors. The eurotote paper shopping bags come in 12 colors that you can get in either matte or gloss, with the soft string handles. And then I’ve already mentioned the flat brown or white paper merchandise bags that I use when selling my stationary.

The second subcategory is the poly bags. This category offers many more options than the first, and they usually have a specialty in mind, such as anti-static poly bags for electronics. Not only are the bags for sale, but also the accessories normally used with them, like the twist ties or the heat sealers. Lastly, the third subcategory is the plastic retail store bags. This is probably the most extensive of the three subcategories.

Almost every type of bag breaks off into its own subcategories. It would take a serious chunk of time to be able to talk about all of these bags, and you probably have what you need already in mind. Instead of wasting your time, I will encourage you to save even more time by going to and checking out their custom shipping bags.