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How to Reduce your shrink Wrapping Waste 

Reducing waste from packaging is the name of the game, and when you reduce this, you also lower the environmental results and impacts from this.

You want to reduce the waste from stretch film, and there are a lot of different ways where you can increase the efficiency of the loads.

Most of the time, they do require far fewer types of pallets that are wrapped. 

Here, we’ll focus on different types of ways to down gauge these waste options into stiffer, stronger types of stretch film. 

You also want to reduce the waste from shrink Wrapping, saving a lot of money on different costs for film. 

Reducing the width 

Both polyolefin and PVC types of shrink film are used with machines that have a high speed.  This is something that can be good as well to reduce not just the waste, but the costs too.

If you have more than an inch and a half of film that’s excess after you’ve made the seal, then you can reduce this film by about two inches to help with this.  it’ll save you a lot in terms of shrink wrapping waste.

This is very common for those who wrap different products of various sizes.  If you’re going to wrap just a few different products of different sizes, you may be buying just one big old load because it saves you a lot. 

If you shrink wrapping a lot of products of different sizes, or even just hundreds of different products, you’ll want to also get different films of different widths to help with this. 

Making One Two 

Shrink bags are great for wrapping products, and tons of companies will use this to wrap different objects.

One problem that shrink bags have been is that they only come in a few different sizes, so you’ll have a lot of waste when you wrap products. Many times, the waste that’s in excess comes via the extra length of these bags. But did you know that you can make a single bag with two different seals? 

Depending on the types of products that you’re wrapping, you can make multiple bags out of just one type of shrink bag.

This is also used with shrink tubing and centerfold films as well. shrink tubing is cool because you can also make different tubing based on how small or large a product is. 

The same goes for centerfold too, and if you’re able to use this, you can reduce the cost and the waste. Due to the fact that it’s hard for someone to explain exactly how it’s done, it’s important to watch a video or two on how they do it. you can get some ideas in order to get a feel for the types of products that you’re throwing together, and all of the other various benefits that come with this too.

With that said, make sure that you also keep in mind the ultimate benefits of the shrink wrapping, and all that’s there. When you’re able to improve your shrink wrapping, you’re not just saving money, but you’re also saving waste too.  Your output is far greater, and the materials are far less.

If you haven’t tried to use these two types of ways to reduce shrink wrapping yet, then get on it and try it! you owe it to yourself to try this, and to get the right shrink wrapping for your needs, so be mindful of just how it’s done, and the impact of the different shrink film that you buy for your company and its production.