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How to Organize your Packaging Supplies 

Organizing supplies is not easy, and it can be chaotic.  Here, we’ll go over the best strategies for organizing these supplies. Whether they’re cardboard boxes that are corrugated, or packaging paper, you want to make sure that you have the proper organization in place. 

Why does Organization Matter 

Keeping the shipping supplies organized isn’t just to sit there and look pretty, but rather it’s a vital part in keeping the efficiency of the shipping and operations. 

The right organization is basically a linchpin for proper supply chain management.  This offers a lot of benefits that are more than what you might be thinking. Orderly shipping is great for productivity. With everything in its rightful place, it drastically reduces items and searching for them. It speeds up packaging, as this will help with shipping goals, without the possibility of delay. 

Then of course, there’s an organization and system that allows you to replenish your supplies without any problems.  This prevents you from running out of stuff unexpectedly, especially boxes and packaging paper. 

It also prevents damage to items.  Your packaging supplies wont’ be subjected to wear and tear with this, so it’s good for the business, but also what the customers think too! 

Now that you know why you should do it, here we’ll go over how to do it. 

Give yourself a packing station 

This is where you make the magic happen. Keeping this stocked, and properly organized will streamline all sorts of processes for packaging. 

Make sure that the station accommodates the shipping and makes it adequate. This includes boxes, paper, and other necessities. 

Get good Storage! 

You want to have good storage, since this is something that you’ll want to make sure that you have in place. 

Shelves, bins, drawers, and the like are good for organizing these supplies. 

Label these too to make it a lot better.  That way, you’ll know exactly where everything is, so you won’t have to rummage for it. 

Have a Restock System 

Restocking is super important. 

With proper restocking, you’ll never run out of the supplies deemed critical.  The system ensures that you’ll have everything at all times. 

Set it up so that when it gets low, you’re notified.  Check this on the regular, making a list of those items that are getting a little bit low.  When it reaches a certain threshold, start to replenish all of these supplies. 

Keep it Clean 

Finally, cleanliness should always be in order. 

Having a clean space is great for productivity, and also extends the lifespan of these supplies.  Maintaining this also offers an overall benefit, one that you can’t always just dismiss. 

You should try to keep this clean whenever you can. If you see it start to pile up, take action into your own hands in order to clean it.  start to promptly replenish any supplies that aren’t put together, and make sure that you do keep it nice and orderly. 

If you have tools that are taken out of the wrong rooms, put them in the right place.  Also make sure that the tools get returned to the storage areas that are there after they’re used. 

Organization is critical for the smooth shipping management of your business. It prevents product and supply shortages, helps with productivity and also makes you look more professional. 

If nothing else, make sure you start to organize. You won’t regret it, and you’ll be happy to see the differences once you start to work on this, and the results of the efforts that you put in and the overall wellness of your efforts too. 

Why you Need Corrugated Packaging for Your business 

In our current world, secure and safe shipping of products is important to your success. Corrugated types of packaging, which is made from corrugated fiberboard and has a fluted layer sandwiched in between this, is commonly used to protect and thereby ship products. 

We’ll discuss here why packaging of corrugated products is good for shipping and protection, along with the best options for your needs. 

Protection Benefits 

Corrugated types of packaging are best for protection of items during the transit of them. Fluted layers get sandwiched in between the fiberboard, offering some cushioning that absorbs the shock during the transit process, which prevents damage from the products within. It’s also sturdy, and also will withstand loads which are heavy, reducing risk of collapsing and crushing of the items. 

They’re versatile e

They dome in different shapes, sizes, even strengths, which makes it ideal for packaging a variety of different products. From smaller electronics to larger furniture, it all fits. 

Corrugated packaging also prints on there with logos from the company, various branding, different graphics, and the like, thereby enhancing the marketing and providing some more opportunities. 

Cost Effective 

It’s more cost effective compared to different packaging materials. Being lightweight and requiring less transportation costs along with being durable, helps with it being useful for a lot of reasons and also reducing the wastes and costs. 

Good for the environment 

It is good for the environment since it’s made directly from more renewable and recyclable materials. This corrugated packaging reduces the need for plastics, since they do take far longer in order to decompose.  They’re better as well for recycling and repurposing anything you need. 

It also fits on the other sustainability factor, which is compliance with the regulations. It’s compliant with different transit regulations, so you’ll be able to use it, without getting hit with penalties and other issues. 

Choosing the correct Corrugated packaging 

There are a lot of different means for you to get the corrugated packaging that you need. Here, we’ll give you a little bit about the things to consider. 

First, is the flute profile, which is the strength and cushioning of this.  it comes in different letters, going from A to F. A is the thickest, and B is used for packaging of foodstuffs. C is the most common for furniture and heavy fragile products.  You may use F packaging for printing and retail packaging. 

You also might want to consider the board type. You’ve got the single face board, consisting of liner sheets attached to corrugated layers. This is the best one for wrapping a product due to the extra cushioning. 

There’s a single-walled board, which is the standard, consisting of one layer of corrugated medium placed between two different liner sheets. This is a board used for products and goods that consumers buy 

The double walled box adds an extra layer to this, creating a strong type of packaging. 

Finally you’ve got triple walled, which consists of three layers of a corrugated medium between four of the linger sheets. It’s used for heavy goods or industrialized parts. 

There is also the board grade, which is based on the edge crush test and the Mullen board test. 

The edge crush test or the ECT is a measurement of how much stacking a box will be able to handle before it collapses. 

The higher this value is, the more that package can withstand being placed in an area with more items over each other. 

Then there is the Mullen board test, which measures the resistance to puncturing from the internal parts.

What not to do with your packaging 

Packaging is something that a lot of people worry about, and with every single decision, color, image, you name it, you definitely want something that won’t look bad. One of the most overlooked portions of a plan for the business is packaging, and it’s something that influences the image of your brand. Even if it’s not something that you realize, the packaging does make a huge difference in many cases. 

It’s something that actually makes or breaks brands, and it’s something that a lot of people look for. It can increase the interest customers have by at least 30% if you do have this. What is the stuff to avoid though? What should you be careful of when you’re looking to design packaging. Here are more ways a package could go super wrong than right, so keep that in mind. 

First Mistake: your packaging is Impossible to Open up 

Don’t make it super complicated. Keep it simple. while safety is a huge part of this, nobody wants to get a bunch of tools or knives to open up a bunch of packaging. You want to make sure that it’s safe for sure but also, don’t overcomplicate it to the point where people get wrap rage when they open it. 

Missing Branding opportunities 

If you have packaging that’s not descriptive or boring, this can be a huge miss for the brand in a lot of cases. Take time to ensure that you do build a name for the product within the branding space. You want to make sure that the packaging shines, and you don’t want to mess up the branding or the perception of the brand. Remember, the correct identity for the brand also implies the loyalty to the brand. 

Missing the mission 

What’s your mission. What do you bring to the forefront? The packaging that you use needs to show that. If you’re a product that’s pretty, you need to invest in packaging that looks good? If you’re a beef jerky provider, you want to make sure that it showcases the best features to get people excited. If you’re selling kids’ toys, make sure the packaging does catch the eye. Remember, don’t miss this part of this, since it can make you not stand out. 

Ignoring the Audience 

Finally, we have one of the most common mistakes, but should be a no-brainer for many people. This is something that we see all too often, and so many brands make this mistake. You should know the audience at hand that you’re going for. 

If you’re a company that’s green and green-focused, you shouldn’t use packaging made of materials that aren’t eco-friendly. If you’re doing this, make sure the inks are eco-friendly too. If you’re looking to capitalize on this, make sure to let people know that the inks aren’t toxic, and that you use eco-friendly materials. This is something that a lot of people actually look for, so be mindful of this. 

Do be faithful to the roots of this, and this is something to be mindful of.  Customers demand and are finnicky, and they will not hesitate to toss you out as a brand. Make sure that you have the proper branding experience for this. 

Although this seems like some easy stuff, there are countless brands which mess this one up, and it’s something that you need to make sure that you don’t’ do. If you’re worried about your brand packaging, definitely talk to a professional to make sure it’s ideal, and also is something that is capturing the image you want to capture.