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The Sizes of Bubble Wrap you Need 

Looking for bubble wrap for one’s business?  The right bubble wrap will give your customers satisfaction and create regulars. Not every size is necessary for each product, however. The right size bubble wrap is necessary to get the items from one point to the next. 

The Sizes out there 

There are different sizes for each, all of which include the following”: 

  • 1/8 inch which is good for small items 
  • 3/16th thick, standard size, good for medium sized products 
  • 5/16th thick: a medium sized bubble, ideal for filling the voids and offer more protection 
  • ½ inch thick: a large sized bubble, which is perfect for cushioning medium sized items and filling bigger voids in bags 

How to choose what’s right for you

There are a few ways for you to choose the right size on these. 

The best size for smaller items is an eighth of an inch.  This is because it protects them from being scraped or scratched when shipped. Most tech companies use this for tablets, phones, or other light devices.

However, if they are electronics, you should always make anti-static bags, sheets and the like. This protects them directly during shipping. 

Pink wrap differs from the packaging material types. It does dissipate slowly and creates electrostatic damage. It harms people too, so don’t use that.

For medium-sized products, you want to use the latter two sizes, and try to go for half an inch bubbles.  This is because it helps reduce the impact damage. There is more air captured, and bigger bubbles to create protection against products. 

They’re great for anything that’s medium weight when you’re shipping it. 

For 5/16th inch bubbles, they offer basic cushioning.  They’re good usually for all-around protection, and it helps with adequately absorbing the damage from this.

Combining sizes 

You can combine the sizes of this. Some people use more than one type to ensure safety. Using a 1/8 inch for a screen and then adding a half inch sheet over this to protect damage is great. You should use more than one specific bubble size to ensure that it’s valuable and fragile. 

You may wonder how much you actually need. Overall, you want to make sure that it keeps the items protected. However, shy away from using too much, because that’s seen as wasteful by some people. 

On the other hand, don’t skimp on this either. If you don’t have enough, that does risk damage. To make sure that you have enough, first you want to pack it and then shake the box. You shouldn’t have any sort of movement or item motion within the box. If you use the right kind, this prevents it, so you want to shoot for that.

Bubble packaging is used to help with reducing the shipment and the absorption of impact when dropped or jostled.  You want to make sure that you avoid this common mistake, and make sure that you don’t use too little bubble wrap when it comes to packaging. 

There are a lot of different bubble wrapping options for you to check out. For a lot of people, the right bubble wrap can involve manipulating different kinds. If you’re not sure on the ideal bubble wrap of choice, find the right one based on your needs by contacting a shipping supplier. They can help you with finding the ideal bubble wrapping for your needs, to help you get the right type of bubble wrap that’ll provide you with everything that you need to create the right cushioning for your items.