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The Best Products for a corrugated box 

A lot of business owners like to use corrugated boxes to help with their shipping. It’s a fiberboard medium that’s study and comes with different folds that are between sheets that are flat. The corrugated boxes are good for a variety of products and is used for a variety of shipping options. 

The Benefits 

There are many different benefits for this, and we’ll go over them here. First, they have the best production, since they can withstand a lot of damaging pressures that other boxes may not be able to, so if you value something and want to ensure that it won’t get damaged, this is good. You can get thinner wall for less fragile items, but also something with thicker walls so that it’s more durable. You can secure this in order to shock absorb, and also keep everything from rattling around. 

The packaging is also very adaptable, so pretty much anything can fit into one of these, and you can even utilize inserts to put more in this. You can stack items in these that already fit well in boxes like this. Toys and shoes are some of the most common, and if you have anything pre-packaged that you’d’ like to make sure is taken care of, this is one way to do so with ease. 

It’s also some of the lightest shipping. This is light, but strong, and is great for items that need to be transported for a long time. the carboard that’s thick and light are also good, since the items within this are even in weight distribution, and it’s easy to handle and transport, which is great for those warehouse workers you’d like to discuss this with. 

Finally, it’s made form materials that are affordable, and is cost effective. Plus, since it’s so easy for you to put this together the transit for this is also really good, and you don’t have to worry about possibly ruining the products within this. 

The best products for cardboard boxes 

Here are some great items that you can put inside cardboard boxes. Clothing and textiles, especially fabrics, are great for cardboard boxes.  You can even include craft and sewing items if you want to use this, since the moisture is kept out and they won’t be marred by debris when transporting this. 

Apparel and shoes also are good with this, since you can put a lot of these in there, and it can definitely go to the customer in a quick fashion to meet their needs. Lots of food retailers will use this for food, as it will protect the products from the air outside and keeps it safe from any marring and damages. 

It’s also eco-friendly, totally recyclable, and is great for food services and subscription food companies. Office supplies also go well in this, including stationery, printer ink, copy paper, and pens, along with other sorts of supplies. They’re lightweight, so everything fits in there, and it also will protect it from being damaged. 

Finally, you’ve got industrial supplies as well, since furniture is really good, and raw materials used for building are great for this. This is great for commercial use, along with personal use, as it’s very easy to utilize cardboard boxes to help you with improving this. 

Sa you can see, pretty much anything can fit inside a cardboard box, and the beauty of this, is that there are a ton of great ways to use a cardboard box, not just so that you get the item to the customer safe, but also so that it does get there in a way that’s beneficial for everyone. 

Why you should Prioritize Sustainability within a Recession 

The uncertainty of our economy is scary, and with many brands cutting down as of late, thinking that the sustainability and ethical parts of this to the side, it can be bad for the planet, and it’s terrible for business. 

Brands need to be committed to the initiatives and the goals that they had during the previous kinds of recessions, and if you focus on sustainability, you bounce back faster. With the tough economy that we’re in, here’s what we should also be looking at. Sustainability is something that will definitely help you have leverage when you’re a brand that’s looking to figure out how to stay afloat. 

The reality of the Current Market 

With over a thousand brands that are at the front of innovation and working to make changes to the environment, having a D2C business model is something that’s good for a lot of people, especially before they get to the top of the charts.  There are many brands that are dealing with sales not hitting the expectations that are there, leaving them with too much product, and not enough certainty about what’s next, and this is something that’s stuck around in the previous year. 

Plus, with these different aspects, there is a lot going on globally: 

  • Inflation hitting a 40-year high 
  • Gas prices over $5 nationally 
  • The sentiment for the consumer is declining 
  • Hiring declining, with high-profile companies laying off more and more. 
  • Most places slashing prices to get rid of inventory 

This is a common problem for many businesses, and the idea of sustainability may not be something they ware ready for, especially with the next year. 

How ethical brands and sustainable ones Fare. 

Brands that are ethical and sustainable tend to actually do better when faced with a recession and economic downturn. 

Let’s look back to the 2008 recession. Some of the most sustainable brands tend to be the ones that were the most successful, those brands that made aggressive, bold investments during these years did a lot better than a lot of traditional brands. That’s because a lot of experts predicted the opposite, and the thinking that people needed to cut the costs in order to possibly be beneficial to the environment, and it’s something that a lot of companies struggled with. 

In a study back in 2014, it was found that a $1 investment for sustainability companies grew to $22.60 in those that were still sustainable by 2010, and this also is a major increase compared to many of the lost sustainability companies. Plus, a lot of companies that have a strong responsibility and repute do have some declines when they were not working in sustainable fields. 

Some of the greener places and companies actually were able to expand, offering more greener options of revenue, and it also improved the competitiveness during the economic downturn. Plus, a lot of B corporations and those that were known for high standards of transparency and performance did have a much stronger chance to fare during the recession of 2008 than more traditional businesses. 

What this taught us is that if you’re looking to have some sort of plan for when those economic downturns happen, sustainability is the way to do this. While nothing is possible to be recession-proof, and almost all businesses of all kinds will feel this, the goal of this is to pull yourself up, and prioritize the sustainability of the product, and by doing this, you’ll be able to become bigger and better, and bounce back once the aftermath of the recession is over. 

How to Create Environmentally-sound packaging 

If you’re looking to be a bit greener in terms of brand, or if you want to use sustainable packaging, you’re not alone. Custom boxes are actually one of the best ways to do this, but here, we’ll discuss how you can start making your packaging as sustainable as possible. 

How to make it useful and sustainable 

Of course, the right packaging that you use is very important, since this is what actually impact the environmental results from the company.  You can choose the boxes, and opt for something smaller for your boxes, but you should also look at the materials that you have, in order to create the ideal boxes that minimalize the environmental impact of this. 

You also want to look at packaging functionality.  You may wonder if you can change this to something else, such as maybe your box becoming a flowerpot for some succulents, or even into a hanger if you sell clothes in boxes and whatnot. The function and form is something that not only reduces the footprint, but also makes it very innovative, and super cool for those interested in this.  There are so many great ideas that you have, and they can even be put into social media posts, building brand awareness and whatnot with them, and also impact customer engagement as well. 

Educate them 

You want to showcase the products, but also the philanthropic needs that are there, since the packaging is also about as important as the product you’re selling. You also want to look at the message you’re sending, and the text you want to include in some cases. Even a little bit about the cause and whatnot on the inside of the lid of the box is important.  Remember, all blank spaces matter to customers, and that’s a chance for you to connect with the customer base and build it as well. 

You can also include essays and whatnot on the impact of the environment, and what it means to the person. People can write this, and then, you choose the winner or winners, print this on the inside of the box, along with the exterior.  When you’re working with texts that relate to different causes also look at the overall design, and the impact of this too. You want to make sure that the message is the focus but keep the boxing color that’s there to earth tones, and keep the design minimalist otherwise. 

Remember as well to put the social media on the packaging too, so that when customers do this, they can look at what you have to offer, and also find out how you’re able to work with these different causes as well. 

Work to change the world 

If you’re someone who is interested in philanthropy, or maybe your company has been known for this, it’s imperative that you make sure that you do your research, and also work to showcase all of this in the packaging that you have. 

Create packaging, which is ethical, and definitely you’ll see a difference in this today, something that can ultimately change the world. If you’re someone who wants to make a difference with your box packaging, you’re not alone. Companies want this a lot, and luckily, with this, you’ll be able to do just that. 

With custom boxes, custom shipping, and all sorts of new ecological needs that are there customers can opt for an experience that’s greener than ever, and also one that’s good for them, so that they can be happy and also enjoy every aspect of the packaging experience that they have. 

How much Can a Box Hold? 

The volume of a box is pretty much what you want to look at when you’re trying to explore how much boxes can hold. They’re 3D spaces that hold gases, solids, or liquids in order to hold the contents within. The volume of this can be decided with different formulas to help you figure this out. This is usually done in cubic units to depict this, and with different math formulas out there to help with shapes, it can help to make even the most complex of shapes easy for you to understand. 

Types of Volumes 

There are various different types of volumes that you can figure out. This is good for the application of this in your boxes, and helps you get the right idea of what it is that you’ll be putting in there. 


Cubes also known as regular hexahedrons are 3-D shapes that come with six sides that are square. This is pretty much the typical box volume that you’re going for. This is six different sides and each of these meet at 4 vertices, with the cube containing the polyhedral, congruent, and other angles and faces. The edges on each of these are equal, so to find this volume, you want to simply measure out your lengths on each side, and then multiply that by three different instances, so it’s pretty simple. 

Rectangular priss 

These are a bit different, since they’re not always what people are going to use, but for longer items, this is definitely a type of shape that you’re going for. This contains six different rectangular faces, and everything is a right angle.  Unlike the previous one, this is also quite similar to a box, and is not two dimensional like rectangles. It’s got lengths, weight, and width for this too. 

The volume of this is done through measuring all of this, and you basically multiply the length by the width by the height in order to get the results and the answers that you’re looking for. 


Prisms include two ends that are parallel, or different bases, which are similar in size along with shape.  A polygon that forms these bases are actually what is the name for these prisms. Prisms that have two triangles for example are known as triangular prisms, the same goes for rectangles. 

The two sides of this are then connected by different rectangles, and of course, the side numbers are determined by the sides of the bases of the polygon. A prism for example has the same measure of the cross-section near the length of this, and you basically want to find the polygon that creates the base of this, and then, measure the height that’s perpendicular from a base to the next, and then, you multiply the two in order to create the volume. if you multiply the area of the base with the height, you then get the area of this. 


Finally, we’ve got pyramids, which is created by making a base that’s a polygon, with a vertex or apex, and they basically come together to make sides that are triangular, and the number of these sides is made up by the sides of this near the base. Basically, they’re classified based on their base, which can be a polygon.  A pyramid that comes with a base that’s square is known as a square pyramid, and you basically find this area by taking 1/3 and then multiply it by the area of your base, and then the height. Use this to find the surface area of any box or item.