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How Much weight Can boxes hold 

If you’ve ever needed to move something, you’ve probably wondered just how many boxes can hold. Well, we have the answers here, s we dive in and show you exactly just how much weight your average box can hold. 

First, What are corrugated Boxes 

Corrugated boxes are usually called “cardboard boxes” but it’s a bit different than that. they are two pieces of cardboard, with fluting in the middle, responsible for holding all of the items that you have. 

Have you ever tried to move something and the box just up and gives out? Chances are, that’s a cardboard box, and probably a low-quality one at that. but there is a science to this! this is the edge crush test, or ECT. Essentially, it’s a box muscle test, with the higher your ECT, the stronger the box will be. 

The weight Capacities of different types of boxes 

Now that you know about what they are, let’s break down what each box can hold. 

First, we’ve got the single walled corrugated box, which is good for everyday items. They’re good for lighter things, such as clothes, toys, and even small bits of kitchenware.  However, they’re not good for books, or anything really heavy. 

You have the double walled corrugated boxes, which are two layers of cardboard together. The weight capacity is much heavier and is considered heavy duty. They handle much higher weights and stress. For those fragile items, or even just stuff with a higher weight, they’ll be your best friend. 

So yes, ceramics, glassware, tools and books, and anything that needs a little extra TLC will benefit from double-walled corrugated boxes, used during transit. 

Then we’ve got the heavy duty corrugated boxes.  These are very strong and are ideal for international shipping. After all, you don’t want to just wrap it in some bubble wrap and call it a day. Essentially, they’re good for valuable items, and anything that’s heavy during movements, as they can handle all of the bumps and jostles that come with transit. 

There are also large side loading boxes, which are good for shipping flat screen TVs and the like.  They are essentially side loaded, and are used for awkward items, or flat ones that won’t fit in a regular box.  Artwork, mirrors, and other screens too may also benefit from this. 

Remember when you choose these, you should always make sure that you factor in different things, such as your own needs and the like, to protect your valuables as best as they can. 

The Factors that Impact Weight 

So we’ve mentioned plenty of times the different factors that impact weight capability of corrugated boxes. 

There are a few that can really stand out however, and we’ll go over it too: 

  • Design of a box: if the box is designed correctly, it distributes your weight in an even manner. 
  • The material quality: not every box is the same, and the quality of this does matter 
  • The ECT rating: the ECT rating should be the best way to determine the right box for your needs, as this is something that’ll help you see exactly what it can hold. 

Some people may know from the moment they stare at their items, that they need the heavy duty shipping boxes, for a few reasons. After all, they have a variety of benefits to them. If you’re shipping stuff halfway across the world, you want something strong, right? 

These factors all impact the way that the box is handled, and you’ll be able to have peace of mind, no matter what you ship.