Why 3PL Partnerships Rock 

If you’re a supplier who has been wondering if a 3PL or a third-party logistics is right for you, you’re not alone. Fulfillment is great for focusing on improving the growth of your business, by taking a bunch of the work off of your hands.

If you’re constantly overwhelmed at the sheer amount of orders that are out there that need fulfillment or are scrambling trying to find some space to put new supplies and whatnot, then it might be time for you to get a 3PL in order to help with businesses, and also, get it so that you have some kind of control over your fulfillment. 

Running a business takes time, and between fulfilling orders so that they get shipped, and handling the current demand and supply, you might wonder what the best way to handle this is. Sure, you can hire new workers, but a 3PL can do everything that you need to handle the packing, and then the shipping of this. When you’re able to outsource this, you don’t have to worry about the business facilities, and instead, you can focus on what matters: business growth.

How does this help you succeed? 

When you get more orders and need to manage them, it can be a nightmare to keep up with this. With more and more work and even focus placed on the administrative part of this, it’s easy for items to slip on through.

If you want to offer better customer service, fulfillment, and even better delivery, then you’ll want to consider a strategy that allows you to meet all of these goals.

Fulfillment shipping has new ways for you to take advantage of your business. How? Here are a few. 

Orders are Ready for You to Send Out 

They get the orders ready and do all of the nitty gritty. This includes setting up the shipping boxes, putting together the kits, and even sorting and packing these items so that they get to their destination. 

If you don’t have the management of this, then a 3PL can also take care of managing these supplies by keeping these products in warehouses.  You don’t have to worry about anything besides getting the items to the warehouse. And then, they take care of the hard work there.

It Saves money! 

Did you know that yes, it saves money? chances are, you’re probably not optimizing your shipping. Well, with a 3PL, you can do just that. You don’t have to worry about using the wrong boxes for shipping. They get you the best rates and the best supplies. A lot of businesses like to use this because they’re tired of returns and orders being damaged. They make sure that the items go from point A to point B on time, in a way that’s safe and effective, and also will decrease the sheer amount of returns that you have. 

Better for Far-Reaching Orders 

Finally, these are better for when you decide to expand to a new area.  You may be delivered to a small space, but that’s limited. If you’ve got customers that are across the country or even the world, then you might want to look into a 3PL, because they can help make sure that the items get there on time. 

Let’s say that you’ve got people all on the east coast. You can have a 3PL handle the east coast customers, just so that you’re able to ship these out without having a ton of costs for shipping, or not getting everything out in a timely fashion. A 3PL can help you a lot, and it’s worth considering.

The importance of Paper Bags 

Paper bags are something that a lot of people don’t really think about. We usually talk about boxes when we do packaging. But, there is a combination of both boxes, and bags that are used, and that’s a paper bag.

They’re super lightweight, but they’re great for packing products in pretty deep. While we usually see these as lunch bags, they’re also used in a lot of stores, various markets, and even for little trinkets that are there.  They also make it a lot simpler for carrying different items too. 

With the variety of different options for you to check out, there are a lot of different ways to get the most out of this, and it can really make your experience even better too. 

The Materials for Paper Bags 

When you’re looking at these paper bags, there are a lot of different materials that get used. Cardboard, paper sheets, kraft sheets, and the like are all different ways to offer a fun custom experience.  The resources are so good too to offer a unique way to package the products. There are many different materials for you to check out too, especially if you’re manufacturing them with a variety of materials.

Kraft paper is vital for recycling, and also is involved in different productions too. 

Grocery Bags 

Grocery bags are still unique.  While many have used plastic bags, paper bags are still a valid option. Getting custom paper bags to show off the logo and branding will definitely help with this. A lot of times, you’ll be able to mix all of this up in a variety of unique ways.

You can actually put a lot of different objects in there, and provided that you don’t overload them, they can handle a lot of them. 

You can add bread, cereals, veggies, eggs, and the like to these. They’re flexible, but not so weak that you’ll tear this, provided that you don’t overfill them.

Custom Bags 

If you’re a retailer that’s looking to make sure that your products go out to the market, custom shopping bags are a great medium. Cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and other trinkets can use paper bags. You can utilize these custom bags to attract customers. 

You can pack the items in some custom boxes, or specialty boxes, and then put them in a printed paper bag. This boosts the impression, and it can really offer a unique variety. This customization, however, depends on the item itself, and their clients.  If you make them out of cardboard sheets, this offers a robustness, a strength, and also a unique flexibility.

Bags with handles 

Did you know that you can also have custom paper bags with handles too? Handles are great because they make the bag stronger, and look better.  You can get them in the typical paper material, but you can also get them in fabric styles too. 

Ribbon is a very popular one since it looks fancy. The cotton wire helps make a stronger handle. If you’re going eco-friendly, go for twisted paper, since it’s strong but sustainable.  Finally, there are foldable handles, which are different too, but they work well. 

You can get your bags with different handles, or none at all.  Overall, paper bags have a lot of different options for you to choose from. A lot of times, people don’t realize that they have this opportunity until they realize it.

With these paper bags, there’s a lot to choose from, and a lot for you to do.  You’ll be able to carry all of the items that you want with these bags too!

Why Custom Packaging and tape is Great for Small Businesses 

A lot of people get a product that excites them, and if the packaging looks good, it creates an impact that’s positive.

Packaging that custom is used in a lot of cases as a tool for marketing, and then offers better protection for the items that sit inside.

Custom types of packaging allow for the printing and designing of logos, shapes, pictures, and also patterns for the packaging that’s there.

Small businesses should take advantage of customized packaging and even tape in order to ship this in a safe manner, especially when they want to build a brand identity for the customers that come in.

When you offer customized packaging, you’re building that customer base, while also offering credibility and further sustainability too.

With so many to choose from, including mailers, boxes, tape, and even office supplies and like, you’ll be able to create a better sort of packaging state for the products at hand.

They offer Better Protection 

Customized boxes are better for product protection in a variety of ways. 

Items that are fragile, and those with a shape that’s unique that gets susceptible to jars when shipping might get some benefits from packaging that’s custom. Many times, typical packaging doesn’t offer the kind of protection that you need.

You’ll be able to further customize these product packaging sizes, in order to fit the products that are being given to people.

Padding is good to offer a better, snugger fit, and customized packaging is good for transporting items that are fragile.

Great for Marketing 

Whether you’re trying to present the products as more premium and high-end, or a more mysterious sort of way, packaging that’s custom is great for displaying different products in the ways that you want.

With the correct combination of these colors and the logos too, it offers packaging that’s better than those that are on your market too. This is great for branding too, and you’ll be able to redesign the packaging as needed to fit the personality of the brand.

It also sets you apart too. This helps with standing apart in the realms of customized packaging. You’ll be able to show up to the competitors and get more customers to your business. A good, attractive box that’s customized shows off the mission, and the product types that create a great impression for customers. 

A lot of people focus on the packaging of the product, and also the quality of this product too. This packaging can be good for influencing the customer, and customized packaging is great for customers that wish to target the brand perception too.

Reduces the shipping costs. 

Finally, it saves a ton of money on shipping costs that a lot of people don’t realize that they rack up when you have pre-made packaging. 

These savings might not happen right away, but it does save a lot of money over a substantial amount of time.

For products that are lightweight and small, you’ll save a ton on shipping customized boxes. A lot of pre-made ones might be good for the products, but if they’re too big, you’re going to end up paying a lot more in shipping than you care to admit. Customized boxes are great for getting stuff made according to product size, and you’ll be able to ship out inappropriate types of packaging.

Packaging tape that’s customized too can offer a more eco friendly reception. This is especially true for water-activated and other kinds of packaging tape that are out there for you to use and get the benefits from too.

How to Boost Unboxing Through Packaging 

One great thing about the rise of social media, is that we now have more ways to communicate with others, and for businesses, it’s how a lot of people are able to boost their relationships with their customers too. In a way, social media is one of the most powerful types of marketing tools for people, and it offers a more positive effect on people. One way for people to actually improve their brand messaging is via unboxing, and we’ll go over how packaging is impacted by this.

The Rise of Video Marketing 

Video marketing is super popular, and it can account for over three quarters of the traffic that’s there. Between the different queries that google gets, the videos that are uploaded to YouTube every single minute, and also the rise in video marketing producing more leads than ever before, it’s something that a lot of customers are using because it’s so beneficial. 

The power of Unboxing 

Unboxing is something that can make or break companies, and that’s the truth of it. It’s something that can also be used to generate new leads. But, it also can have other implications too if you’re not careful. The packaging and ecommerce success is innately intertwined. The customer’s experience however, gets married when you go into this, get the product, and it ends up being put into some shoddy package.  This is something that can impact the overall happiness of the customer if you’re not careful.

Story sharing is a huge part of their social media world. customers will share the product experiences that they want to. These experiences can be streamed on different websites, and unboxing videos are used in a bunch of cases.

The problem however, is how the packaging looks if you do this wrong. If you don’t give them the ideal experience, or if the product is broken, then you’re going to have to shoulder the burden of this.

How to Succeed with this unboxing experience

How can you improve this? Well, there are a few things that you need to do.

The first thing is give them the product in a way where it’s not damaged. This is super important, because if the product comes back damaged, they’re not going to share it, at least not in the way that you want them to. The protective packaging plays a focal part, and it’s why people need this.

The second thing is to get creative.  You want to give them packaging that ultimately stands out, and also, gives the product information to help with the purchases that they have.

Finally, you want the product packaging to have camera appeal. What this means is, you want to show it off in a way that looks good in front of the camera. Show how it’s easy to open, the durability of this, the way the product is presented, how it’s recycled, and even the branded packaging. The correct packaging also improves the appeal for people to look at this.

If you have packaging that is reusable, then you’ll be able to show that off too, and that’s a great way to get views on the products that are there.

For a lot of businesses, this is something for them to remember. It’s imperative for you to have the right packaging for people to share with others. Having packaging that people want to send to others, to show off and give out as something exciting, is really good, and with this, you’ll be able to build that foundation that you want to, and to improve everything overall. 

Shrink Wrapping Chocolates 

If you’re someone who loves to bake chocolates and make them, you’re not alone. But, if you’re someone who likes to ship these, you’ve probably run into the issue of making sure that they don’t melt. Well, one solution to do this is shrink wrapping them with heat. This can actually be done without them melting as well. 

It’s vital to make sure that the chocolates get wrapped either with a bit of chill to them, or if they’re at room temperature. However, you don’t want to pop these bad boys in the freezer, as this will create condensation too. The correct machines, and the materials used, offer a more professional appearance, and it secures different products, and provides an easier opening, and better clarity that comes with this too.

A good idea of the type of finished product that you’ll get also determines the equipment that’ll you want to buy from this. you want to make sure that you wrap this correctly, because with anything that’s heat-sensitive like chocolate, there’s a specific sort of way to do it.

How to Do It 

The best way to use this, is to have some polyolefin shrink wrapping, as this is approved by the FDA to be used with contact from foods directly. You should go for the thinner type of film, as this is better when coming into contact with the chocolate directly, as it requires lowered levels of heat, and a better opening that’s easier too.

There are other materials that also change as well, based on the film and machines which are needed. You can use a box to help create a bigger packaging length, but it also requires more types of equipment, and bigger ones too. 

There are paper types of products that do fold as well, while the film shrinks, so it’s important to be mindful because this might cause the packaging to be distorted and uneven. If you’re going to use packaging materials that are uneven, you should consider many things before you buy these supplies. 

Bulk or Individual 

If you’re going to shrink wrapping these, you usually need to also consider whether you’re going to shrink wrap both of these, or individually.  If you’re going to do this with bulk, you’ll need a bigger machine and bigger film too. The machines and the materials that help with the bulk pack offer a chance for the product to shrink packs which are smaller too.

As for how many you can get, this ultimately depends on the demand, and the equipment that is there. it’s imperative that you’re going to want the correct types of equipment, as the wrong kind will create issues with the labor, and also might slow down the entire process that’s there.

When you’re looking to get into shrink wrapping items, you also need to focus on the budget that’s there.  you should make sure that you have the size and the efficiency to make this work. If you have a machine that’s slower and smaller, it’ll cost a bit less than anything that’s bigger and faster, but also, you need to make sure that you have the right ideas in place.

When you’re looking to have the correct shrink wrapping process, you need to factor in all of these. The machines that are there also do play a part of this.  It definitely is important to make sure that you have something that prevents the melting of the chocolate.  Usually, tunnels and heat guns are the way to go, to help shrink wrap the item, while also maintaining form. 

Why you Should Reuse Boxes 

Reusing boxes and recycling them are words that get thrown in conversation a lot, but do you know the meaning behind that?  While we all know about recycling, and it’s something that’s super commonplace, do you actually reduce and also reuse those materials that you have whenever you can.

This is something businesses don’t think about, especially since it can be, well, overwhelming for reducing this. There’s a ton that goes into business building, creating and making products, and getting the products out. But there are easy motions to take in order to reduce the carbon footprint, and overall save money as well. One way is to reuse, and it’s important to take action to make that possible. 

How to Reuse Boxes 

If you’re using boxes to distribute and ship, and you can definitely utilize those, but reusing isn’t just something like this.

Reusing can be done for a variety of things, and businesses aren’t going to be looked down in any capacity because they reduce the carbon footprint through reusing boxes that are there.

If you’re trying to reuse customized boxes, or reusing regular standard boxes, they’re all virtually the same. All of these boxes can be reused, provided they’re in a decent condition.

One other thing that you can use, is reuse them in other ways. Suppose you have a lot of boxes from a move, you’ll want to also look at getting boxes to use for storage of holiday items and the like.

And you can even use and reuse boxes in other ways. Some people have started to sell their old boxes to others so that they can be reused again. There are businesses who get some great benefits out of using this, and you can use that extra money, while also getting rid of the boxes that are there in a better, more eco friendly sort of way.

If you are not sure about the boxes that you want to reuse, you can also purchase other boxes that are used for the company to utilize. The used boxes are priced at a much lower level than typical shipping boxes, the beautiful thing about this is that they’re in decent condition. Using and buying boxes that are used will inevitably save some money, and allow you to be more eco friendly in the long haul as well, for you have this option, and these boxes will provide the help that you need to create an eco friendly space for you, and for your items as well. 

Using boxes that are used is better than just buying boxes all the time.  then, once they’ve been fully worn down, you can take this the next step, and then recycle all of this.  Then, you can tell others about this, and tell them that you do reduce, then reuse, and recycle the boxes that are there. 

Being eco friendly in this day and age is important. With the increase of plastic filling our landfills, it’s imperative that we also consider how to reduce our carbon footprint, and how we can do our part. By looking at the boxes that you have, and learning how to reuse them over time, you’ll be able to, with this, create the best results that you can, and also offer the best means for you to get this as well.

When you’re able to reduce and reuse your boxes, and then recycle them too, you’ll be able to create a better, more eco friendly type of process, and one that others will triumph and love as well. 

Makeup Boxes for Packaging Cosmetics: A Guide

In today’s highly competitive cosmetic industry, packaging plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. Makeup boxes are an essential component of cosmetics packaging, providing a protective and attractive way to present and sell makeup products. This article provides a comprehensive guide to makeup boxes for packaging cosmetics.

Benefits of Using Makeup Boxes for Packaging Cosmetics

Protection: Makeup boxes provide protection for cosmetics during transportation, storage, and use. The boxes keep the products safe from damage, such as cracks, scratches, and leaks, ensuring that they reach customers in perfect condition.

Branding: Makeup boxes are an excellent way to promote a company’s brand image and increase brand recognition. By customizing the design and color of the boxes, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and create a memorable first impression on customers.

Convenience: Makeup boxes make it easy for customers to store and transport their cosmetic products, reducing the need for additional packaging materials. This convenience also makes it easier for customers to organize and keep track of their makeup collection.

Eco-Friendliness: Companies can choose to use makeup boxes made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paper and biodegradable plastics, to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Types of Makeup Boxes for Packaging Cosmetics

Custom Folding Cartons: Folding cartons are a popular choice for cosmetics packaging, as they are lightweight, easily foldable, and cost-effective. They are ideal for packaging smaller cosmetic products, such as lipsticks and eyeshadows.

Custom Rigid Boxes: Rigid boxes are a more premium option and are commonly used for high-end cosmetic products, such as perfumes and luxury skincare products. They provide a higher level of protection and are more durable than other types of makeup boxes.

Custom Display Boxes: Display boxes are an excellent option for businesses that want to showcase their products in-store. These boxes often have a clear plastic window, allowing customers to view the product inside, and are commonly used for products such as nail polishes and blush palettes.

Design Considerations for Makeup Boxes for Packaging Cosmetics

Branding: The design of makeup boxes should reflect a company’s brand image and values. The logo and color scheme should be consistent with other brand materials, such as business cards and websites.

Functionality: The design of makeup boxes should be functional, with consideration given to the size and shape of the product, as well as the materials used for packaging.

Sustainability: Companies should consider the environmental impact of their makeup boxes and opt for eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paper and biodegradable plastics.

In conclusion, makeup boxes for packaging cosmetics are an essential aspect of modern business, providing protection, branding, and convenience for companies and customers alike. With a wide range of options available, businesses can choose the type of makeup box that best suits their needs and create a positive customer experience.

Differences in Stretch Film 

There are many kinds of stretch film that offer a variety of uses.  The varieties of this do address some common problems including the size of the load, the weight of this, and the like. There are also stretch films that you can get that are used to protect the UV rays from getting into the product, reduce the static, which is great for electronics, reduce condensation of the product, and the like.

There are two major types of stretch film, the blown stretch film, and there is the cast stretch film.  Here, we’ll talk about these types, and other common ones. 

Blown Stretch Film 

This is one that’s created through blown extrusion and that process utilizes a vertical sort of die that extrudes out the plastic, melting it to create a tube that’s thin. The air then gets blown directly into the center portion of the tube, forming air bubbles with this. 

The amount of this that’s blown does determine the width overall of the film that’s finished.  They constantly rotate the film, so the speed of this and how it gets pulled in an upward manner determines the film’s thickness.

While it travels upwards to the nip rollers at the top, this film starts to cool down. Once that bubble is then collapsed onto a tube that’s flat, they then move this to the next set of rollers, and from there, they then are woven to the core, and for larger ones, one side of this sits to create a large width of stretch film. 

The advantages of this are that you can use this for higher loads and it has a better stretch capacity. It’s also considered better for the load retention that you need. It’s also better in terms of memory, so it’ll stay in a tight manner for a much longer time period. It’s also resistant to tearing, and it’s great for loads that have edges which are sharp. 

This tends to be more expensive though, so the costs of this do tend to be a problem for others. It’s also got a chance that it might not be as clear, due to the crystallization that happens with this.

Cast Stretch Film 

This is made with cast extrusion, and in this process, they utilize a die that’s horizontal, and from there, they melt the plastic, force this through that horizontal die, and from there, it then sits flat, and it comes out in a shape that’s flat.  The size of this does determine how thick it is.

It then goes through some nip rollers that are chilled, and then, the trim is then made in a way that’s a specified type of width, and this is done after they cool this film. The film then gets pushed over the other chilled rollers, and further cooled. Then, at the end of this, is where the film gets placed, and they get packaged into cases so that they can be shipped. 

It’s much cheaper, and it usually costs a lot less. It’s also better for clarity and optics too, since the film gets cooled down faster during cast extrusion, and the crystals are far less here. 

They also have better tear resistance too. The biggest disadvantage is that over time, it doesn’t really hold the shape, so it’s bad for load retention. So if you’re going to be using this for a long period of time, you may want to consider using the blown options, rather than cast, so that it keeps the same integrity that it’s had up to this point too. 

Supplies Needed to Make Any Move Stress Free 

Moves are exciting, and it can give you new chances to build on memories. It’s exciting for those in businesses, and families too, but sometimes things go awry. Between the furniture being damaged, paperwork getting misplaced, and people hurting themselves carrying different items, it’s a stressful experience, and one that’s exhausting.

But there are solutions.  When you prepare beforehand, it helps with making the move far less stressful. Here are some things to have on hand to make the experience rewarding, exciting, and how it should be.

Corrugated Boxes that are High Quality 

This is something that’s great for professionals in both shipping and moving. The boxes do benefit from being corrugated, and it also creates small crimples, secured directly with cardboard layers, creating lightweight, but sturdy boxes, which are perfect for holding different items in when transporting them.

This is also good, because, provided that you don’t overstuff these, they’re great for carrying different objects that are heavy, so it’s a good way to make it easier.

Packaging Peanuts 

These are nothing like the food grade, but they offer some cushion and support. They’re made from foam, or biodegradable materials, offering protection if something gets hit, and it helps to fill out places that are empty. They are somewhat flexible, with a shape that’s unique, allowing everything to hook itself together, and move around when not compressed, so they are reliable.

There are some that are eco friendly too, which offers a far less wasteful type of experience too.

Packaging Tape 

This is another one that’s important, because you want to make sure that the boxes are sealed, and nothing comes undone or loose. This is vital for moves, with so many variants of this, and each of these comes with a different sort of focus.

There is carbon sealing which is great for packing and is lightweight. 

There is cold temperature tape, which you can get for climates that are colder.

There is water activated tape, which is durable, and when water is applied, it creates a strong seal 

Fragile tape. This is tape that’s also good for marking ornaments, glassware, and China as fragile 

There are many different types of tape, all of which are vital for every person’s packaging needs. There is also stronger tape too that you can get for objects that are heavier. If you plan to package a ton of items, you might also want to invest in tape dispensers, in order to save some effort and time as well.

Ratchet Strap 

This is a great type of strapping that’s good for some people. It attaches a secure fastening to the top of the car, or to the roof, which is good for keeping objects in one location when they’re being transported.  While you probably will use a moving van, sometimes you might not, and some don’t like moving companies, so this is an option.


Finally, there are dollies, which is basically a type of item that helps with loading, and creating wheels and handles. These come in a lot of different sizes and shapes, and some are made for different purposes. They can be good for desks and chairs, and are made to be safe, and are hard for people to tip over in certain instances so they’re good for offering manpower when you might not have that otherwise. 

For a lot, having the right moving supplies is vital. That’s why, with this we’re able to create and craft the perfect items for your moving experience to make this even easier for you to handle as well. 

Digital Printing: Turning Packaging into Art 

Have you ever thought that packaging could be art? Have you wondered how to do this? With more and more boxes getting the art treatment, it makes sense why people will want to create product packaging that impresses people. With different companies including Michaels doing this, you might wonder if there is a way for you to get the most out of this.  Here, we’ll go over how you can do so.

More than Just the Cardboard Box 

Cardboard boxes are good, and they do the job. There is just one problem. They’re kind of bland.

They usually are super boring, and plain, not really distinguishable.  How can you make this become even more amazing? 

Well, the artwork will definitely make it different, and it’s something that a lot of people have moved towards, as the packaging that’s eye-catching offers numerous benefits. A branded box that’s stylish will not only make the appearance better, but it also makes the first impression unique, memorable, and the like, especially when you deliver this along with some of your competitors.

The benefits aren’t just for one customer and their impression either. With the digital age coming forward, ecommerce has offered marked support from different efforts that have made marketing different. Some of these include unboxing, and also affiliate marketing, and influencers. In the age of social media, being able to offer a package that looks good, and definitely makes this work, will definitely offer a better result.

This is something that you’ll want to do, as the packaging of the product is what sells it. This is what gives everyone the first impression. You want it to be unique, memorable, and look super different.

We also want to make sure that we hit the attention of those who arne’t buying from us, in order to get the sales even further. This is something that’ll definitely make things easier.

If you’ve been involved in B2B ecommerce in any sort of way, then you know about how important the design of this improves the chances of a purchase being made.

Look at the packaging industry, and how it’s started to embrace the usage of printing digitally. It certainly will change the way that you look at this, and how it’s done.

How it’ll advance Packaging with a Packaging Supplier 

The best way to get a chance to get a leg up in the industry, is of course with a packaging supplier.

This is because, they make sure that the package is ready to go, and it allows you to talk to customers, to find out what options they want, and they also can make it so that the package not only looks good, but communicates all of the branding points.

For many people, this type of packaging experience can change the way that the person sells the items. The right packaging can hit the right high notes,, and anything that this low notes will certainly get tossed to the side.

If you’ve ever thought about possibly getting some new packaging, it’s better to do that now, than wait too long. Your best option at this point, is to also look at the different ways that you can channel this through customers, into many businesses. Getting customers interested in the packaging that you offer, providing a fun packaging experience that’s branded and cool, will bring your packaging abilities to new levels.

When you build a custom packaging experience, it’s more than just a pretty package, you’re bringing art to life, and digital packaging lets you do just that, and more!