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The Best Ways to recycle Corrugated boxes 

Recycling is good, but the thing that they don’t tell you as a kid is how to do it correctly. With new rules being set all over the place every single time, it’s hard to figure out what the best guidelines are for this. Knowing this, we’ll be able to understand the benefits of cardboard boxes and their recycling capabilities. 

How to recycle 

Pretty much all types of cardboard boxes are free to be recycled but they do require a few conditions. For starters, you need to take out any plastic windows and bags, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and whatnot, and make sure that’s removed. If you have food, you need to take it out of there, and you should make sure all stains from the food are taken out. You can only recycle some boxes, such as pizza or carryout, if they’re not stained with grease and whatnot. 

Finally, you should make sure that it’s not wet. That’s because the wetness from water does weaken the fibers within this, making it harder to use, and not as stable as well. A lot of them may ask for you to make sure that you flatten it too, and make sure that’s done before you throw it in the bin.

Knowing what’s Acceptable 

You need to check the regulations in order to make sure that you get the right cardboard boxes for this. In general, most cardboard shipping boxes and packaging need to be recycled, so long as they’re free of other items that don’t make it possible to be recycled, such as plastic and whatnot. 

You can also just check with them, but overall corrugated boxes, white mail packaging, pasta boxes, and cereal boxes are all valid. Anything that’s wax-coated does need the sign that it’s okay to be recycled before you can do it, and some of them also may incorporate other special directions including removing and rinsing the cap before you’re able to recycle this. 

Why recycle 

This should be obvious, but the amount of energy that you save through recycling is important. If you manufacture the pulp within this, it does cause sulfur dioxide, which does contribute to acid rain, and this in turn does cut down on the pollutants used. 

This also is good because you can actually use boxes up to seven different times before you can’t use the fibers anymore, and one ton of cardboard recycled can save up to 17 trees. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, over time that does grow and get better, and it can be something that you’ll definitely want in terms of benefits, as there is a lot that you can do with it. 

This also cuts down on CO2, and in a lot of cases, it can definitely improve this. Think about it, with over 24 million tons discarded every single year, if we do recycle, we save 9 cubic yards alone, and if you take that worldwide, that’s 217 million cubic yards of landfill saved by this. 

It also is good for trees, saving three tons of trees if you just recycle a ton of cardboard alone. This also does reduce emissions. One study found that about 35% of emissions got reduced just from recycling boxes more. 

With our world in peril and a lot of humans just using different parts of the land, it’s vital to ensure that you are taking care of the space. Through recycling and reducing emissions, we’ll be able to, with this alone, definitely keep our planet nice and safe, now and in the future. 

The Benefits of Custom Food Wrapping Paper 

Food wrapping paper is a paper that helps keep the food safe and fresh, allowing it to be transported, last a whole lot longer, and be protected from contamination. You can usually get these pre-cut in terms of sections, and you can get them in specific sizes that fit the needs you have. [re-cut wrapping is also good for faster service too. 

Custom food wrapping is also made with other bonuses too, including more customization, better branding, and also increases the impressions of customers. Those that work with “foodies” will definitely benefit from this, all while protecting the food while doing this too. If you’ve been curious about custom food paper wrapping, then you’re in luck. Here’s how you can benefit from this, and also make it look, and also be a beneficial item for your business too. 

Improves First impression 

Customers will buy from you if you keep giving them the right impressions, and custom food wrapping is wonderful for giving a good first impression and offering positive reception to the brand and the food too. Since this paper is something that you can customize, it’ll also protect the paper, offer better delivers, and also try to ensure that the food leaves a good first impression, and better impression o the whole brand itself. 

Creates a Stronger brand identity 

Customization helps to individualize the foods that you’re making and get customers excited for what you’re providing to them too.It’s an easy kind of direct marketing that doesn’t eat up the costs like how other techniques do, adapting packaging to create cost-effective kinds of marketing and bonuses too with this. Customers will then associate the brad with the packaging and then view the company as a more high quality experience. 

Improves social Media influence 


For a lot of food based businesses, you need to also look at the social media aspects of this. Because of social media, it’s brought about what’s called “foodies” which document everything that they experience onto different platforms, creating a boom within the industry, to attract better businesses without more costs associated with this. Through the customized food paper wrapping, this offers free marketing that’s advantageous to you too. Social media profiles will make sur that high-quality food that’s picture worthy and a part of the brand, from there, they’ll want to seek out the food for themselves and food documentation will definitely benefit from this. 

Offers a grease-Proof experience 

Good food is bound to have some grease to it, especially burgers and whatnot. But grease is not something a lot of customers like though. However, through food paper, you’ll be able to create a greaseproof experience that also protects foods that are cold and warm. This is great for offering customized wrapping that saves space within the inventory, but also is really good for your business as well, especially for those who want to show that they care about a customer too. 

Eco-Friendly experience 

This is something as well that a lot of customers are definitely looking at. With food paper that’s ecofriendly, you’re not only giving them a high quality experience, but also one that’s good for the environment too. You can get compostable and recycled food paper, which means the environmental impact of this is very minimal compared to what it could be otherwise. 

For a lot of people, being able to create a truly magical experience for your food paper definitely offers a lot of great benefits, and with food paper from sustainable sources, and even just adding it in, it does wonders too.

The most common Mistakes when Choosing Packing Tape 

This is something that happens to all of us, where we’re given and order, and people are trying to find tape, only to discover that the role of tape that they have doesn’t work.  This is something that doesn’t seem like a big deal until it happens, and customers get unhappy because the tape didn’t stick when they got the package. If you find that this applies to you, it could be due to one of the most common mistakes when you’re choosing packaging tape. 

The Wrong tape 

There are some types of packaging tape out there, and some people may be choosing the wrong one. Bulk packaging tape is used for larger boxes and is usually done with a dispenser. If you’re using a regular roll of tape for that, it could not be working, since it doesn’t fit the box width that you’re trying to seal. It also affects the security of the products when they’re in transit. You should understand that the tape strength also is a big part of this, so if you notice that a heavy duty tape is what you need, then it’s in your best interests to get it. 

Using Tape Incorrectly 

You should definitely make sure that the tape Is pushed down, and then pressed firmly along the box. If you do have too much tape, use scissors to cut this before folding it over, to make the package look tidy and neat too. You should definitely make sure that the tape doesn’t touch any of the tents, since that can damage the shipping as well, since the tape is stuck to this. You should make sure that all tape is applied above freezing, since if it’s any colder, the adhesive just won’t work, and that’ll cause a problem with the box to seal. 

Not Using the correct Color 

If you’re looking to make your boxes stand out and look pretty, the right tape plays a part. For example, for those boxes that are shipped out with red logos on them, try to use red tape for packaging, rather than some sort of off color that makes it look weird and strange.

This also is good for branding, as customers can see that the package is from you, and they’ll be able to identify the packages that have to be shipped out, and also can be used for any packaging that’s needed to be shipped out sooner than later. 

Not Enough Tape 

Finally, you have to make sure that you use enough tape. You obviously don’t want to go too crazy with this, since then it look stupid and it won’t actually help you, but too little is another side of the problem. 

If it’s not taped enough, the tape will come undone, and then the contents fall out during shipping. You should use two tape strips in different directions to offer the best security that’s there.  If you’re planning to use a dispenser, you should ensure the tape is extended fully before it’s pressed against the box, in order to ensure that there is plenty of adhesive in order to keep this in place. 

With that said, make sure that you do learn the best tape ways, and the best kinds of tape to use for your packaging, as it can be a great and simple way to ensure that you get the packaging experience that you want to, and also to make sur that the packaging that you have stays together despite being in transit, which is a big part of it. 

Should you Consider Outsourcing Primary Packaging 

With a lot of events happening, you might wonder if outsourcing the primary packaging is good. Between issues with the global supply chain, or costs that come with buying packaging and other machinery, there are so many reasons why you might want to consider outsourcing. 

But not all companies are suitable for this, and oftentimes, it may not be ideal. How do you know if this is the right decision or not? What kind of consideration should you have when you choose this? Is there anything that can help with choosing the right choice? This is a small series of collections that you should definitely look at, and here, we’ll go over whether or not you should consider this or not. 

Is it right for you? 

Contract packaging is becoming more and more popular, with co-packers saving a lot of business money and time, but it’s not good for everything.This is great for if you need to focus on what you’re able to do best, not only simplifying the line that you have, but saving you time as well. 

However not every company is good for outsourcing primary packaging and getting into relationships with co-packers and whatnot. You may wonder if your primary packaging should be. 

The questions 

Packaging in house is something that works for a lot of companies, but is it ideal? Is it the best way to succeed? How would outsourcing play a part in this, especially if you’re not handling the packaging. The first question that a lot of businesses ask if they’re ready to relinquish a bit of control to the other company. 

Some companies are cool with this. This may be a good thing if management doesn’t need to keep a close eye on things. But if you need to be more watchful of the elements, and change the KPIs, then you shouldn’t. 

If you’re working with a business that recently upgraded, then you might want to outsource. If you recently upgraded, it may not be the best sort of way to go. Before you even begin to possibly consider this, look at if you’re willing to let other people control your stock. The second question is whether or not you can fiscally do so. You may really want to do this, but if you’re not able to afford this, you shouldn’t. 

You may want to look into different third-party agreements for packaging and partners. You may want to look at the current line of packaging, and the packaging projects that you would like to complete. 

For instance, suppose you decided to upgrade and invest in new kinds of primary packaging, and other kinds of related items. It may not be the right time to outsource if you just upgraded. Another reason it may not be a good idea if there are costs, is if the project is case sensitive. The best way to figure out if you can afford this or not is to reach out though. 

Finally, ask if a vendor will help you with focusing on the core elements. When you hand this off, they take care of those responsibilities, and usually, that’s not longer the responsibility for you. When you outsource, it lets you focus on more of your business, and lets you take a few things off your plate. If you’re willing to give it to them so you can focus on what you want, then it may be high time for you to consider the elements of outsourcing. That way, you’ll be able to get the most you can from your packaging. 

Is your Packaging ready for Vibe Shifts 

Pop culture does affect the branding and packaging of tons of products, from music to movies to books and other types of media, and that does impact the packaging that you put out. Companies use a ton of pop culture references, as an effective way to really improve the sales of the items you have. 

While the types of media that are listed beforehand do play a major part in this, there are other cultural influences that play a part. This is known as vibe shifts, which change how consumers do interact with the products they’re able to get. If companies sell products to various consumers that are more interested in the newest and hottest trends, by ignoring the vibe shift, it ruins  many things. how does it affect the buying habits of consumers though? What does this mean for you as a business? Read on to find out. 

What are Vibe Shifts 

A vibe shift is pretty much one specific moment when a popular kind of aesthetic or attitude is there, or abandoned, and then something new is accepted by a large amount of people in the world. It’s a huge change in the most prevalent or popular culture tropes, and brands need to be aware of how this affects their culture base. For example, the “woke” trend was popular between 2016-2020, and from there it’s ended though. 

The dynamics of the current Vibe Shift 

Right now, vibe shifts are currently happening, creating a lot of popularity and decadence. There is a lot of vibes that focus on that, along with sub stacks and podcasts potentially replacing blogs too. The current vibe shift is something that follows right behind the current vibe shift, which does include the current pop culture events that are happening. Trump’s time in office was one of the most popular vibe shifts out there. 

Why care about Vibe Shifts 

This is something that’s actually held a ton of relevance in the business world. Vibe shift is becoming super popular, as a form of articles on LinkedIn. There are also different informational pieces about vibe shifts happening in the news, social media, and other outlets as well, and this is a sign of the major pop culture shift. 

What does this mean for packaging? For companies that are currently connected in these different realms, the answer to that is simple, it can mean everything. If your brand is really based on current events, you need to be aware of this, since when these major events come about, consumers usually try to buy products that fit with the trends that are happening currently. 

That means if you’re creating products that are for people who are big consumers of the current trends, you need to make sure that your packaging reflects this, because failure to do this does leave brands open to possibly getting part of their market taken from right underneath them. 

For example, the shift of vibes that happened with trump in office did change how people packaged products, which actually led to huge amounts of revenue, and also did impact brand aesthetics. Entire businesses are made based on this, and there were companies who used this as a way to stay ahead of trends, to the point where some of them made national news. 

The biggest thing to understand is that if you know there is a vibe shift going on, you need to make sure that the packaging does capitalize on all of this, and make sure that it fits with the current pop culture trends out there too. 

Customized Wrapping Options 

With the holidays still being something I many people’s minds, you might be thinking about possibly looking at Christmas wrapping options. Custom boxes and wrapping paper do make a good addition for many people to properly promote your business, but if you really want to wow people, you want to make sure that you do offer customized wrapping and other solutions, for a lot of different ways it can benefit you. 

Why Wrap 

There are many reasons for this, since it’s actually been an old-school tradition that’s happened for centuries, and it actually was used in other cultures too. It wasn’t just Christmas when people wrapped gifts, sometimes it would be done because of other traditional holidays. Before the invention of paper, people would use handkerchiefs or napkins to wrap stuff, and some even used different clothing too. Soon though, people turned to brown paper that was simple and thin for easier use.  This is something that can help us to hide the identity of what we bought as much as we could. 

Wrapping Today 

The thing is with wrapping, everything’s changed in the digital age. Customized options are becoming even more impactful, and they’re in, that’s for sure.  This offers endless opportunities in terms of design, and also gives you a good chance to brand different items with fun little Christmas décor. Some of the customized options that you’ve got include: 

  • Mailers 
  • Boxes 
  • Tissue 
  • Tape 
  • Stickers 
  • Labels 
  • Coasters 
  • Food paper 

The thing is, there are endless possibilities with all of these, and you can create all of this online, choose colors, even graphics, and artwork, or even use photos and logos to help with making your packaging stand out. 

Even putting nice Christmas messages or logos is a great way to properly accessorize this, and it also won’t cost you a ton, and there aren’t going to be hidden fees with this either! The beauty of Christmas is that you can be unique with this, and the cool thing about it, is that customers will actually be really happy with the results of this. 

What branded Christmas wrapping does 

In a season where people are hustling and bustling to ensure that the perfect gift is there for them, having the right packaging actually helps them because they can give this to others sometimes without even needing to wrap it any further, saving them time and even money too if you do it for them. 

But another big part of this, is that with Christmas packaging if you have it custom-made, there are a lot of benefits to this in terms of what people will see. They’ll see the business first and foremost, and many times, that actually gives a much more impactful look. They’ll remember you too, and if the person really likes the gift, they’ll keep the packaging, and then seek you out once more, making it so that you can grow your business. 

Another big thing is that for bulk shipping of items, this offers a customized experience without having to do a ton of things. Many people who do seek out custom packaging for Christmas items love that they don’t’ have to do a ton of things to really make this work, but instead, they’re able to get the custom wrapping and benefits that they’ll be able to show off to others. If you’re looking to really take your packaging to the next level this season, definitely look at different products, and see how you can use your packaging to send the right messages well. 

What are Indesctructo Mailers 

When you’re shipping something, you might wonder if there is a way to actually ensure that your products arrive with no damage. The answer to this is indestructo mailers, which are pretty much crush-resistant kinds of boxes that are actually lined with bubble wrap and other packaging as needed. 

These boxes are usually corrugated boxes and are easy for you to put together, and typically are great for protecting the products that you have from the country it comes from all the way to the destination, with no damage. Indestructo boxes also can come pre-made with different flaps that you can just tuck in to seal, and then taped or glued over to help protect when transported. The variety of these are great for when you’re trying to ship items, and they’re something that’s great for very long travels and need to be protected. 

Uses for These 

Indestructo boxes are reliable choices for businesses since it lets you securely mail everything, and once they get received, the items are displayed, which means that the overflow of these products gets stored and stacked in moments when it needs to be placed on different shelves or used in other kinds of business aspects too. 

Pretty much if you need to get something safely into the customer’s hands, this is really good for this. A lot of health aids or healthcare companies will use this, especially if it’s fragile. Office products also benefit from this too, especially items that need to be strong and sturdy too. 

Various machine parts, especially those that are easily breakable, may need to be put in these boxes too. There is so much that you can use with these. They also can even be customized too so that they have a cool design to them when shipping it. They also come in differ sizes too, so you can get it for the smallest of products, but also for the bigger ones too! 

The benefits 

You may wonder why you should use indestructo mailers. Well, they’re great for offering security to customers, especially when dependent upon receiving the products that you have without damage. It lets you ship everything to the clients, knowing that this product is right there inside. 

The cool thing with this is that there are some differ custom options, although most indestructo boxes come in general colors and aren’t fully customizable. However what’s cool about this, is that if you have printed inks or stickers, you can attach this to the package itself to help with branding from this, offering a more unique means to really improve everything, and it does create a better, more memorable kind of experience when you’re unboxing this. 

But the beauty of indestructo boxes is really not the custom aspects of this. While a nice benefit, people adore these boxes because of how usable they are, and how they’ll protect the products. 

The importance of protecting products is something more and more companies need to look at, especially those looking to minimize the returns that are there. But luckily, this is but one of the many tools out there that you can use, and one that’ll help you with improving your ability to offer quality products to your customers. 

When you’re looking to really change the state of your products and make it so that it’s easier for you to protect the items, look no further than these. There are so many to choose from, many of which are in unique sizes, so it helps with improving the protection, and reducing the return rates as well. 

How to Make Custom Packaging 

Custom packaging is really good because it offers a branding tool, along with a protective aspect for all of the products shipped out.

Custom packaging offers you an option to print the logos, shapes, pictures, and even specific patterns on this. 

Small businesses can take advantage of this, and it’s pretty easy to start with. Here, we’ll go over what you can do to start with custom packaging in your business too. 

The Benefits 

Custom packing has a lot of benefits that are great for your packaging. 

For starters, it offers better protection for your products, and those items which are fragile or look unique, or may be vulnerable by shipping standards, may benefit from this. 

You’ll be able to customize all shapes and sizes of the packaging, and there are even options to add more padding too. 

It’s also great for marketing, because no matter what, this will help make sure that everything’s marketed in ways that’ll help with the market, and it helps you build awareness.

It’s essential for branding too, since others will see that, and they’ll remember the company. 

It also lets you set your business apart from the competitors too, and customers will flock to this. 

Attractive packaging that’s custom will definitely leave a better impression on this, and many also like the quality of this kind of packaging, and it shows that as a business, you do care about what customers think about this. 

It also does reduce the costs of shipping. You’ll actually save money with custom boxes and other packaging. These premade boxes may not be right for the products at hand, but custom boxes are great since they let you ship out everything, and you don’t have to pay for the extra weight in packaging, which will save you on the shipping too. 

How to Get custom Packaging 

So how do you get it? 

First, you need to figure out which product you’ll be giving out in custom packaging. There are different boxes you can get, or mailers, and you also can get these in different colors. You can also decide any labels or even stickers that’ll help. 

From there, you want to choose the dimensions for this, and make sure you get these fit to the product, so that you’ll be able to reduce shipping costs, and also not use too many resources.

Then you have the materials. These of course can be whatever you decide to use, including the various kraft material that’s out there. 

You then want to properly design the artwork that’s there, and you’ll be able to, with this, create fun, unique designs that’ll really build your business up. 

You also can choose artwork too, such as stock artwork if you don’t have a specific design for this. 

Then, you can check out what it’ll look like as a 3-D preview on this, to help you decide whether or not you like it. You also can change anything at this point in this through this 3D design process, which adds to the touch too. 

Finally, you then choose how many that you need. 

The total does get reflected based on the quantity of such, and the price for the items does decrease in most cases if you’re buying in bulk. Once paid for, the boxes usually ship to you quite quickly, so you can ship out your products. 

It’s that simple, and the cool thing is, there are tons of great products which do help to serve the needs of packaging for the company, and it can definitely help your business too.

Packing Vulnerable Products for Shipment

Are they tired of faulty items, and do consumers need to bring them back? Learn where to box unstable things with Packing Essentials. Goods that are delicate or completely eroded require additional safeguards. Considering numerous packing choices available, safeguarding company goods would prove a difficult chore. Start to read unless the company desire to minimize cancellations and provide business clients with a consistent marketing exposure.

Ways and where to Package Vulnerable Products Successfully

Error or replacement of defective account for 30percent of all consumer refunds each year. As little more than a result, it is the most common cause for buyers to refund entire purchases. It emphasizes the importance of internet platforms and leading e-commerce enterprises selecting and utilizing appropriate containers. Therefore, how else do people package delicate objects for shipments?

Below may be a few simple steps users can take to safeguard the pricey merchandise that is fragile or valuable arrive in reaching objective inside one component:

  • Consider Appropriate Equipment

Choosing improper packing can leave your clients disappointed, and it will be almost certainly outcome in return. Regarding choosing packing for delicate objects, there are 3 main factors to consider:

  1. Components

The merchandise would determine the category of wrappers user’s select they’re transporting. Clamshell containers are malleable and somewhat robust, rendering them an appealing alternative for complex or fragile objects, yet it cracks or split underneath compression. The complete set is ruined whenever this transpires, exposing the valuable shipment towards the surroundings. Employ double-walled packaging solutions.

  1. Ecological Implications

For quite a range of factors and the ecosystem, this is critical to evaluate the materials used in the package. Change the imaginations of sustainable and environmental shoppers who favor organic products and packing, so, instead of costly, unpleasant packing material, use ecological boxes such as our polycarbonate cardboard packaging.

  1. Investment

Economical and unappealing packing is frequently reduced paper components that may not be suited for delivering costly things, nor can it be utilized could save savings on package expenditures. It invariably leads to failure and costs organizations further in stockouts than immediate savings, showing their company image to suffer and consumers to get frustrated.

  1. Dimension

Although adequate wrapping for business items is required, more may not always be preferable. Purchasing commercial containers and employing only one strategy wouldn’t take business very far. Paperback wrapping envelopes are indeed an efficient option because of their convenient non – linear and non-characteristic, allowing customers to efficiently and adequately package products of different dimensions and configurations.

  • Emptiness Filling Containers saves storage capacity.

Throughout generations, wrapping paper was the go-to void filler; however, the information around its ecological effect comes to light together with several good bio-based options that are important to consider for how companies secure future deliveries.

Here have some exerts a significant of polycarbonate packing that customers might examine, who being all produced entirely of repurposed and biodegradable substances:

  1. Nutz for the Environment

With us most excellent adaptable packing option. It was recyclable and comparable to polypropylene crackers; however, lacking the ecological concerns that limit the use of polycarbonate packing.

  1. Package of Puffs

It’s an excellent sustainable and environmental substitute for plastic wrapping. It is designed to have a 50 percent higher interest rate than square cardboard, conserving the available supplies and lowering business packing costs.

  1. Package of Nests

The environment determines the environment and forms a safe nest surrounding the perishables while cradling the valuable shipment. That eliminates all vibration in transportation and reduces the possibility of the products being destroyed on their trip to their conclusion.

Almost all of the various empty filling methods will have their share of benefits, so it’s possible to come up with them all to discover the best answer for particularly delicate items.

  • Make Your Packing Patterns

Customizable product features are perhaps the most excellent approach to safeguard company products while also impressing business consumers. Using their bespoke packing applications, the options are unlimited, and they are suited for all types of damaged or broken items, including packaged wine to luxury items.

Personalized embellishments would keep individual products in position, limiting displacement and giving a professional touch to business deliveries. Using the inside container to its full extent leads to enhanced quality of business items and recalls the company. Peripheral packing of acceptable standards, like the double paperboard, likewise helps to ensure that the fragile things reach undamaged.

Requesting Vulnerable Product Shipping!

Whatever commodities you’re transporting would influence the packing choice. Whatever commodity business pick, we can give you a variety of sustainable and environmental containers for delicate items that didn’t destroy the budget. Your dedication to polycarbonate packing allows customers to safeguard cherished things while also ensuring environmental sustainability, and there’s absolutely reason to sacrifice performance or design.

Pressure or Water Activated Tape 

You may wonder if you should use pressure-activated for water-activated tape for your products. Both of these do have their benefits, and it may as well be beneficial to have both on hand in case the unexpected happens. But which is the best one for you to use? Water-activated, or pressure tape. 

Pressure Tape 

Pressure tape is known for being the quickest and cheapest way to tape something. This is pretty much adhesive with a cloth backing, or it may have foil or paper that’s behind it. You basically put pressure onto this with the backing that’s not sticky. 

There are tons of benefits to this, including for painting, electrical tape for electricity, duct tape for pretty much anything, and so much more. This is basically good for packaging, which will seal the boxes. This is made of polyester or polypropylene film, and it offers a super strong seal within the packages and can be applied with different strengths in a swift manner, making it a lot cheaper. 

Water Activated 

This is known as kraft tape or gummed tape, and it’s pretty much a tape that needs water so it’s sticky. The kraft is usually the brown paper that creates the tape for it, and it comes in different styles. This offers a very strong hold for packages which are heavy duty. This also comes with its own dispenser that will wet the tape for you before you apply this. 

So what’s Better 

You may wonder which one is best for you. Packaging tape is the best one if you don’t want to spend too much money and just want to tape something and go. Packing tape also is very easy to put together with a tape gun, and it’s able to be see-through, so it can be put over package writing. It will not interfere with addresses though. 

It is cheaper and is great for sealing packages that do need easy opening. The biggest cons however is that it’s cheap, so it’s very easy to remove, and if it’s exposed to heat or something that’s wet, this can, of course, break the seal, and it can cause insecurity of the contents too. 

Water-activated tape is stronger allowing for packages to be secure and safe, and it can be good if you need something with a strong seal. Speaking of seals, this needs a dispenser to be able to be used, which is kind of both a pro and a con, since it costs money, but it’s very easy to use, and it’s actually easier than the tape gun as well. 

While packaging tape usually is a bit cheaper, it can be hard to get a full hold of I, and it may take a few strips for full security of the box, compared to gummed tape, so it’s definitely something to consider. 

If you’re shipping something that is at risk of being broken into b packaging thieves, then you’ll want to consider water-activated, since it’s much harder to open this, and it can be a deterrent for some of the people who do try to get into these packages. 

Regardless of what you may think, of what you’re dealing with, there are pros and cons to this tape that you use, and no matter what you choose, you should always choose something that’ll be beneficial to you, and something that’ll help as well. You can definitely try out both of these see for yourself what’s right for you and then go from there in terms of the right kinds of tape and other items.