How to Pack your House 

Packing your house is a great and fun activity, however it can feel almost overwhelming if you’re not careful. If you’re someone who wants to pack your stuff in a way that’s effective, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll go over the best ways to pack your home so that you’re not overwhelmed in the process. 

Use Free Supplies 

You don’t have to pay for cardboard boxes. In fact, you can get them for free. Lots of grocery stores, liquor stores, and even garden centers will have places for boxes that you can pick up. 

Repurpose After moving 

You also may want to try to keep the boxes and repurpose them when you move.  You may want to use your own too because some moving companies take them back when you’re done. Having your own also doesn’t create extra pressure on unpacking, especially any seasonal or used items that can stay in their location until you want to take them. 

Good boxes will last decades and are the ideal solution for storage for various items, including Christmas decorations. 

But, if you have more boxes than you need, remember you can recycle these.  You should try to reuse them whenever you can, and if you want to give them away, consider throwing them on eBay, marketplace, and Freecycle to help others. 

Declutter, Donate and recycle before Packing 

You may want to start to get inroads into the packing process, but you want to make sure you’re only packing things that you want. 

You may want to simplify and then minimize the items that you have. New houses mean fresh starts in so many ways.  Tackle the parts of overwhelmed items crafted together.  You should try to repair, dry, and clean them before you put them away.  you want to make sure everything’s rightfully packed prior to moving to your next house. 

Take it a Day at a Time 

You can build a schedule if needed. you don’t need to follow it, but it gives you an idea of the time necessary to get the possessions all together in order to transport them.  

You should try to go for a day per room and try to make it so that you pack the lesser used rooms first. 

Putting this off is quite common, and it can be underestimated by many.  A lot of households as well struggle with not getting things done in the right time. They’re also not done correctly, which thereby causes stress. 

Break things down into chunks that are manageable, and then allocate a bit of time for every single area. It seems like much, but it does work. 

Use Protective Packaging 

It’s something commonly underestimated. People scrimp on bubble wrap and paper.  You should use towels, clothing, linen, and even toys to help with buffering and some padding for items.  

Try to wrap ornaments and other items that are fragile in bubble wrap or newspaper before packing.  You don’t want these to rattle about, so ensure the boxes are securely fastened.

Choose the correct size for the items that are packed and ensure that the voids inside are securely fastened. 

Don’t’ Overfill 

Finally, be smart with boxes, and make sure that you pack them correctly. 

Label them so you can identify them, especially if there’s necessary vital items for everyday life. 

You never want to overfill the boxes either, so that they’re not too heavy. Spread it out. I’s better to have more boxes aptly packed than less. 

These are all important for ensuring proper packing of your items for moving to new places.