How Packaging Companies are rewarding Designers 

Packaging research and design. With graphics and packaging style being a large subject of debate and study, there are some companies that are taking it a different way. Brisa, which is a bakery in bologna, has created an incentive for packaging design of the different products that they offer. 

Die cut templates can be downloaded, and every designer, creative, and artist can choose formats, apply the different graphics that they feel are appropriate, and from there, win over 25 packs of the goods that they sell, and this is a box that they’ve been allowed to design too! 

Pizza and bread are two of the major items that this offers to their customers.  That’s because Brisa is made primarily from wheat that’s grown in the area called Abruzzo.  Right now though, they’re looking to expand to new ventures, such as coffee, chocolates, and other products. They also offer Colombia and panettone too for people to purchase. 

Examples of This 

There are other companies as well besides Brisa that are taking advantage of this.

Starbucks is one of them. The coffee giant encouraged people to draw their type of choice on their paper liners, and it can be printed as a limited edition incentive. With over 4000 drawings there was an involvement that was unprecedented as well.

Ikea is another one. This one asked creators to design characters or animals based off their own decision and invention. They wanted to take these creations and make them into exclusive toys that they sell. The participation was huge, and the sales far exceeded the expectations that they have.

Garofalo is another one as well. He actually highlighted and changed the cooking time on the packages based on user feedback. While it didn’t involve drawing, this offered a better type of experience for the users, and changed the way that the company regarded this packaging. 

Customer Centered Packaging 

One of the things that this does is that it offers packaging that’s customer focused.

This is a great idea for a variety of reasons. First, it shows that feedback is integral to brand success. It also encourages people to engage in what’s called crowdsourcing. This is more democratic and is better for packaging experience.

It also confirms the graphic refresh, and the importance of such. Even if it’s seasonal, or not seasonal, there are a lot of benefits to refreshing these graphics too.

It’s also based on what’s called prototyping. Even with smaller runs, it offers a user testing that happens in real time whenever you need to use this.

Finally, it can strengthen that relationship that brands and people have, allowing for designers that are new to try new things. This can offer a unique test and allow them to put their creativity to the table. For new designers, doing this can offer a unique means for you to get the most that you can out of your packaging experience.

There are a lot of benefits to creating a competition for packaging.  This can offer a new outlet for users, different formats, and also offers a unique change to the same old corrugated and classic cardboard packaging. If you think your packaging needs refreshment, this is a good way for you to take this to a new, immersive level. You can try out new variants, and you can get packaging companies to send you the copies of this, especially if it’s within that timeframe that they offer.

Then, in real time, you can test out this packaging, and see if it’s right for you.