Why a Total White Box is the Wonder Trend 

Packaging for anything needs to be pretty, drive the curiosity of people, get their sight and attention, and engage with as many senses as you can./But, what if you decide hey, why not make the box just white?  While it might seem a bit strange, one new trend is to make boxes that are totally white, and it boosts the wow effect you’re going for. 

What the Wow Effect Strategy Is 

The wow effect falls into a different type of strategy.

While we know the three Es which are engagement, enjoyment, and experience, the Wow Effect is what’ll leave your customers speechless. 

This is when the expectations that a person has for something are subverted, exceeded, and there is a positivity that goes along with this. applying this to marketing is a good way to look at the way consumers respond to stimuli within the packaging that’s there. 

Creating packaging to make it so that it has a wow effect is a valid marketing strategy used to capture curiosity, attention, and also enhances the “fear of the unknown” but from a way that’s positive.

In fact, getting a box that’s completely white actually stimulates that portion of the mind that encourages you to learn a bit more. 

When the wow effect gets turned on, memory records this as a great thing, which is what we’ve got to do.

When you focus on the unknown and all of that, it can make it more positive too, as it pulls us in, and it’s way more positive.  Focusing on this creates a dualism within the box, and on the outside.

Think of it this way, the wonder is calling when you do this. experience the wonder and embrace it by using a fully white box for your stuff. 

White unboxing 

Yes, you can use white boxes for unboxing videos.  Unboxing, which is where you take out the contents and show it off, usually through social media, is super popular. If you’re someone that has gotten stuff that you don’t like, you’re not alone. This is all wrapped up in stuff that you manually unwrap.

These days, unboxing is what influencers love to do on social media. They show collaborations, and usually, this is the word of mouth that people use in order to get more people to partake in something.

Unboxing or unwrapping is something that creates a feeling of wonder, and this is something that comes with the familiarity of seeing surprises within these boxes, and building that constant wonder that you can enjoy, and that you can love. 

White boxes actually offer some versatility that’s different for a variety of gifts.

It’s also great for creating a fun presentation too. Plus, you can protect almost all of the items within through good packaging.  The presentation is really strong, and white boxes can also be resealed too.

If you’re someone who wants to; create a nice custom inside, you still can. Give them the wonder of what’s inside, and then, make the interior colorful. It’s kind of the reverse of the very designed boxes and the white insides. It creates a fun little different means to create the ideal situation and possibilities that the white box offers.

Probably the biggest selling point of this though, is that it’s totally green. If you’re someone who is constantly trying to create an eco friendly experience for your customers, this is the way to do this.

A box is the best way to make it so that you have the best presentation possible.