Is Stretch Wrap Right for your Products? 

Stretch wrapping is a huge investment, and a lot of people are looking at using these especially when they’re trying to use automation, and whether it’s worth it for you.

Here are certain things to consider if you’re looking to implement stretch wrapping into your business.

The pallet Numbers. 

If you’re wrapping up to 15 or more pallets every single day, then you’ll want to get one of these. If you’re only wrapping a few, it might not be worth it, so you can get away with hand wrapping. But, hand wrapping for lots of pallets is a ton of extra work, and it’s super costly when it comes to the film amounts that are there. 

The Costs 

Another thing that you need to make sure about too, is the costs. Stretch wrapping is expensive, and it can cost a lot for some people if they’re not ready for it.

Power stretch wrapping costs a bit less than getting the hand film stretch wrapping, and the core break sit there right in the middle.

This also can have a high upfront cost, and you’ll want to factor in whether it’s cheaper for you in the long run. Some people may benefit from this, but if you’re not going to be wrapping this for the long haul, you might want to consider foregoing a stretch wrapping machine. 

The space you’ve got.

You need to make sure that you’ve got the space for this.

If the space is limited, go with a mobile wrapper for your pallets. You can move it around, so the wraps get delivered. Some people can also get a turntable and ramps installed to get the pallets on there.

There are no other types of ramps and you can use that are great for tighter spaces, and a lot of times, you can get a lower turntable height too, so for easier loading and unloading, you’ll be able to get just that. 

Weight of Goods 

A lot of the other factors that go with this are also the weight that’s there.  The weight is hard for some people to really guess. If it’s unstable and heavy, it’s not going to sit on a stretch wrapper that’s a turntable. Unstable types are managed with the top platen, which is a disc that’s made of foam that keeps the loads nice and steady while they’re rotated. If the items that get packaged are lighter in weight, including bottles, then power or a pre-machine is better, since this applies it correctly to the goods without possibly crushing them, offering a better, more profound, and easy-to-use load containment than others. 

The performance 

Finally, you want to make sure that you’re getting a stretch wrapper that’s got some value, and it delivers it.

You want one that shows the full reports that are there.  There are now types that do monitor the performance of each of the stretch wrappers through a mobile device. You can look at the performance settings too, and also the film usage, and the information about the service.

With the predictive maintenance software of newer systems, you’ll be able to find the defects early on, offering the best optimization, regardless of the person who is operating the machines that are there. This is something that a lot of people are starting to realize is a huge part of this, and of course, it can help with improving the different benefits that come with this too.

Consider these five factors when you’re working with stretch wrapping and keep all of these in mind whenever you’re trying to put these all together, in their own ways and their performance.