What to Consider Before Ordering Packaging 

You’re getting ready to order the packaging, and you’re about to click this. But there are a few factors to consider. Certain things you should always keep in mind before saying yes. Here, we’ll go over these four things, and why they each matter. 

How to Store the Boxes 

If you don’t properly store these, you may as well just toss these. Cardboard and paper are great, but you should be mindful of where they’re stored. When they break down, they lose their shape and beauty. Keep this in mind to make it look beautiful and very fresh. Make sure to keep this in areas that are dry, cool, and never leave anything that’s paper based in the open, since it can get moisture and dust on them. Also, avoid keeping them near lights. Even sunlight can impact the color of this, so keep this in mind, especially if you’re not sure where to put this.

The Right Box Type 

This one is tough to answer quickly, because the right ones are based on various factors. However, boxes that are rigid do have less space, are hard to ship and store, and usually are more expensive. You want to make sure that you have a box that’s space efficient, which means that it’s easy to store, and also is easy to ship, and usually is a bit cheaper than the others.

The second thing is you want to make sure that the boxes are sturdy and strong. There are other boxes that are easier to fold and put somewhere, but you have to take into account that it’ll hold and maintain the packaging shape of your items. 

How it’ll Be Shipped. 

Next, consider how you plan to ship this. While the packaging is nice, if it gets damaged during shipping, that’s not fun. You should use mailer boxes because they’re very easy to ship, and they’re strong too, so you don’t have to worry about scratches. You should add another box over the ther box if you know that it’s not strong enough to handle shipment.

You’ll want to make sure that you put the shipping details on this as well. Some companies offer free poly mailers, so if you plan to ship something and are a bit low on funds, this might be a good option. The other beauty of this, is that poly mailer types of shipping packaging offer extra protection not otherwise gotten from the same packaging items that are out there. 

How the product will be placed 

Finally, look at how the product will be placed. This is important for telling the story and making sure that something is memorable. If you’re not using them already, customized inserts are really good. This is a powerful and great tool for offering a great unboxing type of experience. The instructions for the product, some slogans, and even a brand story work. You’ll also want to consider different types of boxes and products.

Finally, if you haven’t used it already, try out shredded paper. Essentially, you want to ensure the way the product sits within this, wrap this around, and then have the box over this to make it super branded.

Make sure that when you’re putting your packaging together, you focus on these four things. These are very important, and if you’re still stumped on how the product will sit and work, definitely take a moment to look at this, and make it so that it’s possible for a product to sit and be safe within the product packaging, so it gets to the customer in a quick order.