Minimalist Design Packaging to Look at 

Keep it simple, stupid. KISS is something that works a lot with many things, but did you know that it’s good for packaging too? When you’re trying to build a minimalistic packaging, it’s a bit of a challenge. You want to keep it minimal while also having the aesthetics that work for this. Whether you have minimal artwork, packaging, or whatnot, the right quality does matter in this case. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the minimalism lifestyle. 

The Logo Is Key 

Seriously, your brand logo is going to be the thing that sells this, and you want to make sure that you have a good logo, even if the background is plain. This is something that people do remember better, and it’s how a lot of people are going to remember you in this industry as well. 


Monochromes are something that also can work too. If you do have certain shades and colors, make sure to add this to the packaging. Lots of times, the colors do play a part in this, for example the color teal meaning unforgettable, incorporating not just the box and the packaging, but also on the Instagram and other social media pages that are there, and then, you can incorporate colors that are more vibrant within the packaging too. You can also use simple black and white colors too, especially if you’ve got that sophisticated look, and want to convey luxury to others. 

See-Through Packaging 

If you want color and elements on this, you should go for panels that are see-through, which allows you to look at the product, and offers the best unboxing experience that you can. This is something that’s much more creative, and you can show the customers what’s inside these boxes. 

This is something that highlights the product better, and also, it minimizes the use of certain packaging elements. 

Less Materials 

Minimalism is something that’s incorporated not just within the artwork and the aesthetics of packaging, but also the materials that go into this. Less materials save on the costs, reduces the waste that’s made, and also keeps things a bit more sustainable. If you’re looking to offer sustainable packaging, you want to go for kraft packaging, as this is something that’s good to look at, but also is very eco-friendly to work on too. Such a win! 

Kraft boxes are great,. Since you can add the logo with soy-based or water-based inks too, which makes this totally recyclable, and you can also add the cut-out windows to help with displaying. 

Show Only What’s Needed 

This is the final part. You don’t need to give them every single important tidbit and detail. Keep only what’s needed on this. Cut down the colors, limit the information that’s not relevant, and so on and so forth. Displaying just what’s needed can be a challenge, but here’s the thing: it makes everything look way less cluttered. You’re not sitting there with a box that’ll look like it’s got a bunch of different options that are going on there. 

Instead, you have a box that says everything that’s needed in a simple, yet effective process. 

This can be a challenge but telling people just what’s needed looks good. 

With minimalism, it’s a struggle sometimes to get that perfect balance, but if you’re looking to be more minimal, now is the time! it’s the best step to take, and it’s something that, once you’ve got the right ideas in mind, and everything I place, it can make your packaging look a hundred times better too.