How to Choose the right box for stuff 

Choosing the correct box for packages is becoming more and more popular, and it’s something that’s great for a lot of stores, and online shopping is using this too. Choosing the correct box can be overwhelming though, and the key to figuring out the best types of boxes for your product is based on these questions. 

The size 

One of the biggest and most obvious is the size. Too big, and you put the product at risk, or you have to use a bunch of void fill to fix this. You also are going to pay a whole lot more for shipping too in that regard. Too small, and it tends to be too stiff, and you end up messing up the product within. Custom boxes are the best way to go with something like that, and you never have to worry about the dimensions being too off. 

Product Flexibility 

There are a few types of factors to consider. Some products can handle a bit of the force used against them, so they tend to get folded, bent up, and otherwise used in ways that usually would possibly mess up a product, but they remain not damaged. 

Other products are not so much. Some of them might end up getting broken by even the smallest of motions. You need to make sure you choose a product that can handle this, and then, make sure that you don’t have to repay for new replacements, because that does happen. 

Slotted kraft boxes are great for heavier items, as they offer support flaps, and they are sealed through the use of tape to ensure a product stays where it belongs. 

Consider the adaptability 

The adaptability of your product is also a huge factor when you’re going to choose a box. If the product is going to be shipped out to a variety of environments, you need to make sure that the package isn’t going to be thrown or unloaded too hard either.  Or if it is, you also make sure that there is enough packaging protecting this, since it can lead to reduced breakages of the packages. 

The Aesthetics 

The way your box looks and stands out to customers does matter. Both customers and handlers like to see packages that look unique, so if you want to, set it apart with a design that’s funky, or a color that’s nice and vibrant as well. 

The Brand Identity 

If you’re struggling to make sure that the packaging is really seen, also look to question your brand identity. You should try to ensure a logo is printed on the box directory. You need to make sure that customers feel some kind of joy when they see the product. Having your image on there tells them directly “oh, this is my product, my packaging. Time to open it!” This improves the brand consistency, and it can make it better for you, especially if you’re struggling to get the most that you can out of this. 

For a lot of brands the box does play a huge part in this. Without a box that’s fitting for this, you do put the returns and the exchanges at risk, and lots of times, you also put at risk the fact that you may have customers upset. 

The key to this is to choose a box that fits the needs, and make sure that you have products and packaging that are fitting to the needs that you have, and also fits the way you want your packaging to stand out for your business as well.