Why Paper Tape 

When you’re looking to improve your business, paper tape is the way to go. 

After about a century of cellophane and other plastic tapes, the tape industry needs something that’s more reliable and is a better alternative to regular tape. 

But is paper tape the godsend that we’ve been looking for? 

Let’s look into this. 

What is paper Tape 

This is usually known as kraft tape and is basically the alternative that’s out there for those who use cellophane a lot. 

It’s something that a lot of the packaging industry, who is trying to save the planet one package at a time, is trying to utilize. It’s made totally out of paper, and it uses a starch-based natural adhesive to help stick the tape to a surface. 

It works pretty easily, and you do need some water usually for this to work. 

What you do, is you cut the amount, moisten a side of this, and then stick this down onto a surface. The starches in this activate, and it creates an adhering surface. 

The best way to use this is usually in painting or handling drywall, as this can be the packaging solution that you need. 

Paper or Plastic? 

There are a lot of people who wonder if they should change to paper tape over plastic, and the simple answer is yes. 

Paper tape is a lot wider in a lot of cases, so you’re not using it as much. It reduces the wase., rather than pushing for this. It also has different strengths and grades just like with regular tape that you’ve been using. That means that you can find the right tape, and then use this. 

The one drawback that comes with paper tape, is that it does cost a little bit more. however, there are tons of benefits, and if you’re smart with the use of this, you’re going to be able to save some serious money. 

The Benefits 

Here are a few of the benefits that paper tape has, and why more and more people are turning to this. 

First and foremost, it’s a lot wider, so it’s good not just for using less tape, but if you want to reinforce and seal the surfaces that are thicker, well there you go. 

It’s also quite strong too. Because it’s water activated, this is a much stronger form of adhesive, especially when you throw this on some cardboard surfaces, and you can seal this with almost no pressure needed. 

It’s also easy to secure this and is used as a proper security function. This is very hard to get off a package since it is much stronger than a normal piece of tape. The properties of this are very obvious after you remove it, so if you want to make sure that you have tamper-evident packaging, well there you go. 

It’s also much more efficient. Unlike what you may use with plastic tape, where it has to be removed completely to be fully recycled, the tape that’s on this doesn’t need to be fully removed to be recycled and disposed of. 

Finally, it’s a lot more economical. Although it may have a higher cost upfront, it does save you lots of money down the line. Plus, since it is more eco-friendly, and it’s also sustainable, it’s a lot better for those brands that are looking to go green. 

Paper tape is in, and it’s the new future way of sealing the packages that you have. if you’re looking for a green solution that fits your business needs, then look no further, and start to use paper tape today!