Do I need double Walled Boxes? 

This is a question that a lot of people have, especially when they’re choosing the people packaging for their items. If you do the research, it helps you choose the right boxes, along with all the aspects of this. You may not even know the difference between double-walled and single-walled boxes, and this is something that you should know is right. Before choosing the type of box, you should think about the box type necessary, to help with money and time, since this is something that’s super important for packaging. Packaging is more than a design, but you have to look at durability, strength, the functionality of this, and a whole lot more to this too. 

What are they? 

They’re basically stronger and studier kinds of boxes compared to the single walled ones. Double walled boxes use fluted paper that’s pushed between two liner paper sheets. The outer and inner portions of this is made from kraft paper, recycled paper, and also test paper. The strength along with the durability do get determined by the paper type that’s used, along with the flute size. A major difference that’s there between this it the double walled ones use two layers that are fluted, rather than a singular layer. 

When to Use? 

This is good for those items that require ample protection or are heavier. Something that needs to be stacked in a safe manner, or stored in a warehouse for a bit, while it’s sold. Because it’s rigid, it’s better to store and stack without it crumpling. This is good for a lot of manufacturing areas and retailers since this does hold pretty well. This does offer good insulation along with the single-walled boxes against major changes in temperature, which does happen. 

When to not use? 

This is something that shouldn’t be used if you’re not going to store it for a long period of time, or if it’s not super heavy, or if it’s not sensitive to temperature changes. That’s because it does eat up costs, and it’s something that may be too much for the costs associated with this. In that case, just get some single walled boxes, since they do move and store lighter items a lot better. 

If budget is a big issue, then you’ll also want to factor that in, since double walled boxes are usually something that are a much larger investment, and sometimes, they may even pay for itself if you’re looking to also mitigate costs associated with items that need to be replaced, and the single-walled ones are not living up to the standards that are needed. 

Does this even matter? 

Yes, it does. This is something that does play a huge part in the way the brand looks, and also will help you with ensuring that your brand gets the correct recognition necessary. This is just as important as ever, and a lot of packaging companies will definitely benefit from this. This is something that also does showcase the products in the correct manner, which is another part of this. 

So what does it mean for you? It means you cannot skimp out on this step, even if you want to, which does make sense, especially if you’re planning to put anything in a box.  You may wonder if double-walled boxes are right for your brand’s needs. The answer is simple: if you know that your items will get crushed otherwise, or you know that your brand absolutely needs this, then by all means, put this in, and get the brand recognition that you need.