Types of Boxes to Choose From 

There are tons of different ways to show off product packaging to boost the brand recognition for a company. Color plays a large part into this, but the right boxes also plays a large part into this. There are two major kinds of boxes which are white and brown kraft boxes, and you can also get custom boxes. Here, we’ll go over each one. 

Brown kraft 

Brown kraft has the benefits of being incredibly common and is a natural color. This is usually something that’s pretty simple, and a color for this does require you to print it directly onto the board as well.  They usually involve printing the color onto white cardboard that’s mottled. If you’d rather stick with the more standard, there are some differences between white and brown kraft. 

This usually is something that is stylish, simple, and offers a minimalistic and familiar vibe to your customers. Brown kraft is popular as well because it’s considered sustainable. This is something that also can be recycled as well by pulverizing and blending the wood pulp, rolling this into a filament that’s brown, and making this eco-friendly. They’re also incredibly biodegradable and are able to be broken down quite quickly. 

They’re customizable too, with companies offering a logo or design on this. This versatile kind of customization is something that business can use to choose the style, size, and the shape of boxes. Usually, with brown kraft, you get one that’s usually a black logo, and greens, deep blues, and purples work well too. If you decide to have a red logo, it needs to be a burnt red or muted brick color to show up best on this, and you don’t want a logo that’s orange or yellow. 

White boxes 

White is usually mottled white, so it’s not fully white, and this one is one that does have the darker undertones too of the brown coloring of the kraft paper. This offers a more striking, beautiful look due to how crisp and clean this is. 

Usually, logos that are a lot brighter such as a pink, light green, bright red, yellow, and neon colors do well on this. Logos that have different colors or gradient colors work too, along with white logos that have a darker outline on them. Usually, people flock to the white colors to make them stand out a little bit more. 

The best colors 

Not all colors are equal, and you want to choose ones that fit the brand name. Choosing the colors will help the brand build more loyalty, since the correct color does complement the coloring with the story of the brand. 

Black and white is good for those looking to go minimalist. Black means control, and white means clean in this case, offering top-tier, pristine looks to it. Red color is something that helps with making it stand out, and it’s something that’s good for a more attractive product. 

Green is good if you want to showcase something as environmentally friendly or sound. Lots of people do like the going green aspect of this with their packaging. Brown is good if you’re looking to have eco-friendly shipping and more natural looks to this. That’s because they’re totally recyclable, so you can pretty much send the message that yes, your brand does care about the planet with this. 

Blue is also good for those who work with professional demographics, and older people, since it is good because it does offer a serious, more trustworthy look to things as well. Get the right colors for your boxes to communicate the brand message today!