The most common Mistakes when Choosing Packing Tape 

This is something that happens to all of us, where we’re given and order, and people are trying to find tape, only to discover that the role of tape that they have doesn’t work.  This is something that doesn’t seem like a big deal until it happens, and customers get unhappy because the tape didn’t stick when they got the package. If you find that this applies to you, it could be due to one of the most common mistakes when you’re choosing packaging tape. 

The Wrong tape 

There are some types of packaging tape out there, and some people may be choosing the wrong one. Bulk packaging tape is used for larger boxes and is usually done with a dispenser. If you’re using a regular roll of tape for that, it could not be working, since it doesn’t fit the box width that you’re trying to seal. It also affects the security of the products when they’re in transit. You should understand that the tape strength also is a big part of this, so if you notice that a heavy duty tape is what you need, then it’s in your best interests to get it. 

Using Tape Incorrectly 

You should definitely make sure that the tape Is pushed down, and then pressed firmly along the box. If you do have too much tape, use scissors to cut this before folding it over, to make the package look tidy and neat too. You should definitely make sure that the tape doesn’t touch any of the tents, since that can damage the shipping as well, since the tape is stuck to this. You should make sure that all tape is applied above freezing, since if it’s any colder, the adhesive just won’t work, and that’ll cause a problem with the box to seal. 

Not Using the correct Color 

If you’re looking to make your boxes stand out and look pretty, the right tape plays a part. For example, for those boxes that are shipped out with red logos on them, try to use red tape for packaging, rather than some sort of off color that makes it look weird and strange.

This also is good for branding, as customers can see that the package is from you, and they’ll be able to identify the packages that have to be shipped out, and also can be used for any packaging that’s needed to be shipped out sooner than later. 

Not Enough Tape 

Finally, you have to make sure that you use enough tape. You obviously don’t want to go too crazy with this, since then it look stupid and it won’t actually help you, but too little is another side of the problem. 

If it’s not taped enough, the tape will come undone, and then the contents fall out during shipping. You should use two tape strips in different directions to offer the best security that’s there.  If you’re planning to use a dispenser, you should ensure the tape is extended fully before it’s pressed against the box, in order to ensure that there is plenty of adhesive in order to keep this in place. 

With that said, make sure that you do learn the best tape ways, and the best kinds of tape to use for your packaging, as it can be a great and simple way to ensure that you get the packaging experience that you want to, and also to make sur that the packaging that you have stays together despite being in transit, which is a big part of it.