Is your Packaging ready for Vibe Shifts 

Pop culture does affect the branding and packaging of tons of products, from music to movies to books and other types of media, and that does impact the packaging that you put out. Companies use a ton of pop culture references, as an effective way to really improve the sales of the items you have. 

While the types of media that are listed beforehand do play a major part in this, there are other cultural influences that play a part. This is known as vibe shifts, which change how consumers do interact with the products they’re able to get. If companies sell products to various consumers that are more interested in the newest and hottest trends, by ignoring the vibe shift, it ruins  many things. how does it affect the buying habits of consumers though? What does this mean for you as a business? Read on to find out. 

What are Vibe Shifts 

A vibe shift is pretty much one specific moment when a popular kind of aesthetic or attitude is there, or abandoned, and then something new is accepted by a large amount of people in the world. It’s a huge change in the most prevalent or popular culture tropes, and brands need to be aware of how this affects their culture base. For example, the “woke” trend was popular between 2016-2020, and from there it’s ended though. 

The dynamics of the current Vibe Shift 

Right now, vibe shifts are currently happening, creating a lot of popularity and decadence. There is a lot of vibes that focus on that, along with sub stacks and podcasts potentially replacing blogs too. The current vibe shift is something that follows right behind the current vibe shift, which does include the current pop culture events that are happening. Trump’s time in office was one of the most popular vibe shifts out there. 

Why care about Vibe Shifts 

This is something that’s actually held a ton of relevance in the business world. Vibe shift is becoming super popular, as a form of articles on LinkedIn. There are also different informational pieces about vibe shifts happening in the news, social media, and other outlets as well, and this is a sign of the major pop culture shift. 

What does this mean for packaging? For companies that are currently connected in these different realms, the answer to that is simple, it can mean everything. If your brand is really based on current events, you need to be aware of this, since when these major events come about, consumers usually try to buy products that fit with the trends that are happening currently. 

That means if you’re creating products that are for people who are big consumers of the current trends, you need to make sure that your packaging reflects this, because failure to do this does leave brands open to possibly getting part of their market taken from right underneath them. 

For example, the shift of vibes that happened with trump in office did change how people packaged products, which actually led to huge amounts of revenue, and also did impact brand aesthetics. Entire businesses are made based on this, and there were companies who used this as a way to stay ahead of trends, to the point where some of them made national news. 

The biggest thing to understand is that if you know there is a vibe shift going on, you need to make sure that the packaging does capitalize on all of this, and make sure that it fits with the current pop culture trends out there too.