Pressure or Water Activated Tape 

You may wonder if you should use pressure-activated for water-activated tape for your products. Both of these do have their benefits, and it may as well be beneficial to have both on hand in case the unexpected happens. But which is the best one for you to use? Water-activated, or pressure tape. 

Pressure Tape 

Pressure tape is known for being the quickest and cheapest way to tape something. This is pretty much adhesive with a cloth backing, or it may have foil or paper that’s behind it. You basically put pressure onto this with the backing that’s not sticky. 

There are tons of benefits to this, including for painting, electrical tape for electricity, duct tape for pretty much anything, and so much more. This is basically good for packaging, which will seal the boxes. This is made of polyester or polypropylene film, and it offers a super strong seal within the packages and can be applied with different strengths in a swift manner, making it a lot cheaper. 

Water Activated 

This is known as kraft tape or gummed tape, and it’s pretty much a tape that needs water so it’s sticky. The kraft is usually the brown paper that creates the tape for it, and it comes in different styles. This offers a very strong hold for packages which are heavy duty. This also comes with its own dispenser that will wet the tape for you before you apply this. 

So what’s Better 

You may wonder which one is best for you. Packaging tape is the best one if you don’t want to spend too much money and just want to tape something and go. Packing tape also is very easy to put together with a tape gun, and it’s able to be see-through, so it can be put over package writing. It will not interfere with addresses though. 

It is cheaper and is great for sealing packages that do need easy opening. The biggest cons however is that it’s cheap, so it’s very easy to remove, and if it’s exposed to heat or something that’s wet, this can, of course, break the seal, and it can cause insecurity of the contents too. 

Water-activated tape is stronger allowing for packages to be secure and safe, and it can be good if you need something with a strong seal. Speaking of seals, this needs a dispenser to be able to be used, which is kind of both a pro and a con, since it costs money, but it’s very easy to use, and it’s actually easier than the tape gun as well. 

While packaging tape usually is a bit cheaper, it can be hard to get a full hold of I, and it may take a few strips for full security of the box, compared to gummed tape, so it’s definitely something to consider. 

If you’re shipping something that is at risk of being broken into b packaging thieves, then you’ll want to consider water-activated, since it’s much harder to open this, and it can be a deterrent for some of the people who do try to get into these packages. 

Regardless of what you may think, of what you’re dealing with, there are pros and cons to this tape that you use, and no matter what you choose, you should always choose something that’ll be beneficial to you, and something that’ll help as well. You can definitely try out both of these see for yourself what’s right for you and then go from there in terms of the right kinds of tape and other items.