Why Pareidolia Packaging 

In a whole bunch of products, with different ways to capture the attention of others, it’s hard to implement the right packaging that’ll stand out. With more and more trends involving vintage and AR packaging, it’s hard to find the right one within it all. But one of them that’s capturing the attention is pareidolia packaging. 

What is It? 

It’s a hard word to pronounce, and it’s also quite fascinating to see. It’s a form of what’s called apophenia, which is a word that involves looking at patterns with different kinds of random data. Some examples of this include seeing how likely it is of a person on bread or other images that’s there. 

It’s also what’s responsible for children to incline towards different objects since they do utilize their imagination. 

How it’s used in Packaging 

Is it really used? Yes, in everything that’s around you. When you think about how to leverage your package design. For example, if you see packaging that makes you remember different sorts of images, or perceiving familiar designs, that’s an example of pareidolia, which lets you interpret the images, patterns, shadows, and other designs that normally wouldn’t be perceived with the mere imagination otherwise. 

You can see this in the way they emboss the designs on this, so the consumer can feel like how they did many years ago. While the company can use this to drive the revenue, there are companies that aren’t using it correctly. But, if you leverage this correctly, it actually beefs up the chances of people creating user-generated content that benefits the business. 

From Tiktok videos to even Instagram pages and posts, there are so many ways to use this, and to use it to your advantage as a brand. This is essentially free advertising, and the craziest thing is that it’s practically untapped, and it’s a form of magic that’ll spark the sales of your items, and generate happy, excited customers for everything that you enjoy. 

For example, using faces on your packaging, or have it shape into something that people remember, it’s a way to properly leverage the packaging. People love to use their imagination, and what’s cool is they’ll share this on different sites, people will comment that hey, they see the same thing, and they might want their own. 

You can even have the packaging be manipulated to make this, whether your branding mascot or something familiar. That’s what’s so cool about this, there are tons of ways to really make your content shine, and packaging companies should start using this now rather than later to get the best results possible. 

Can it Help Me? 

While it may not be something that you’ve thought about, it can help your business. The biggest thing that you need to consider with this, is that it does require a bit of imagination to make this work. Otherwise, most people won’t get it. It does require the viewers to also be able to let their reality be suspended so that they can look at things with that imagination. 

If you’re really stumped on this and have no idea where to go with it, one of the best ways to handle this is to ask for a packaging company to help with this. 

They can help with optimizing the design, in order to create this phenomenon in the packaging that you want to have, and from there, it’ll change the performance as well. That way, more people will reach out and grab this, and from there, it’ll build the business immensely as well, and help you grow too.