The Benefits of Paper Tape

Paper tape is actually a new alternative to regular plastic tape that you might’ve used. For businesses that want to have an eco-friendly repute, this is probably the best thing to add along with the paper void fill and the corrugated cardboard boxes that you’ll be using. This does help get more people to support your green business.

Plastic tape does have some major drawbacks, and more and more companies are trying a paper tape option for shipment security, and also one that won’t put the planet at risk too. 

The issue with Regular Plastic Tape 

Tape used for packaging is so necessary to ensure parcel security that you want to make sur that you get from point A to point B without something being damaged or messed with. But what is the problem with using plastic tape. That’s something that boils down to it not being good for the environment, and it actually can cause lasting damage down the line too. 

A lot of plastic tape is not recyclable, and a lot of plants aren’t able to extract the plastic tape with traditional forms of recycling, so if you try to send packaging that’s recyclable but they can’t get rid of the tape, everything ends up majorly suffering as a result. This does make the process very inefficient, and you may realize that you’re spending a lot of energy just to sell items, energy that could be used to help save the environment. 

Why paper tape 

You may think that tape shouldn’t’ be paper, but it actually is a good alternative to the vinyl, or the polypropylene options for your tape as well, and it has a lot of advantages that definitely triumph over the plastic alternatives. 

First, t is pretty much just like regular tape, and it can be used like a regular piece of scotch tape. It also is very strong in terms of adhesive, and it will stick to the surfaces that you need to. You don’t have to worry about it possibly getting broken down, or the adhesion being compromised. 

It also is a much cheaper option too, since you are using less resources to make this. It also is resistant to tearing, so you don’t’ have to worry about it compromising the goods that are in there. 

It does have a natural feel too to it, so it means that when you touch it, you’ll notice how smooth and natural it is, and it can work really well with the aesthetics that are there with packaging cardboard. It also can eve be branded. With the realm of braded papering growing, it can definitely be a great way for you to really stand out as a business. 

Plus, let’s talk about the environmental benefits of this as well. Paper tape is actually something that eve amazon is using, so it actually is reducing a lot of paper waste on a whole level, so even if you don’t believe it, understand that even the biggest retailer in the world is using this type of tape, and it can really help your business. 

It’s good for sealing, and it’s something that won’t cause the box or carton to be compromised either, or when used with paper, both of these can be recycled, since well, they’re both made from the same things. As you can see, paper is a good way to really help be more ecofriendly, and for companies that do have an ecofriendly focus, this is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the results that you want.