Innovations that Could End plastic Packaging Waste

Plastic packaging is something that more and more companies are trying to figure out alternatives to. That’s because there are big problems with plastic packaging, and a lot of people don’t realize just how much it can affect things. But in this, we’ll go over some of the big solutions that you can use, in order to help with plastic packaging, offering real alternatives for this so that you’re able to really make sure that you’re getting enough from your packaging. 


Some alternatives to plastics include nanotechnology, which involves small little particles and other little additives that offer an alternative solution. These small particles end up breaking down into tinier little amounts compared to regular plastics, and of course, this allows for you to really improve your waste, offering more sustainability without the need for pollution.  

Nanotechnology is one that’s really good if you want something alternative to plastic, since in a lot of cases, the particles eventually become so small that usually they end up becoming nothing over time. Nanotechnology is still in the formative stages, but it could be a way that can be used over time. There is also the fact that nanotechnology can be used for breaking down and composting, since it is considered a valid alternative to the different types of particles that are out there. 

Magnetic Platelets 

Some options also include tiny platelets of magnetic structures, and this is used to help with breaking down a lot of the plastics that are out there. The magnets from this will break down the top layer and allow for the recycling of these materials. The one downside to some sustainable packaging is that there is rarely any use after they get recycled, also usually, this is becoming a new option for a lot of people. The multilayer structures of packaging are typically what causes the particles to not be broken down easily, but if you decide to use this type of new packaging trend, it could give you an option so you can recycle this again, long after it is over. 

Alternatives to Plastic 

For a lot of compostable packaging, the biggest thing to look for is something that’ll easily break down over time. Some alternatives are considered, including wheat and sugarcane, but probably best to use wood since wood, when you don’t coat it with anything that doesn’t make it biodegradable, it’s actually a really good alternative to traditional forms of packaging. 

Wood can also be broken down further with the use of cellulose, since this is a highly sustainable and great sort of means to help break down and reuse some of the products. Wood, although it’s been used a lot for packaging already, is considered a sustainable alternative to plastics as well, since it does go through a longer life cycle than normal plastics and it can be recycled, not polluting our oceans as much.

Cellulose packaging is becoming more and more exciting with time, and a lot of people definitely enjoy the difference this makes in their packaging. Being able to find alternatives to this is really important for some, simply because it means for them, the chance that they can as well try to ensure that they are definitely getting the most they can out of their packaging. Going green and getting better at alternative packaging is a good one, and for a lot of people it’s an option that allows for you to create a truly sustainable, truly green sort of packaging that you can most definitely use as well for a long period of time.