Creative Ways to Make your Packaging Meet Sustainability Goals

More and more brands are experimenting with some of the different ways for sustainability to be better, and some of the formats that come with it. 

The perceptions of packaging and other factors are critical in making decisions. 

Companies are seeing this, but also are the customers and even some governmental entities, which are giving out guidelines to make sure that the packaging is more environmentally sound. 

Even amazon is making big design changes, so there are improvements happening all along their partner supply chains. 

No matter the reason behind it though, it’s good for you to do. 

It does keep you at the front of different trends, can get interest sparked, and it also is good for launching products that really live up to the hype, since customers will remember this too. 

Brands have been looking for new ways to offer packaging sustainability, and here are some of the more creative ways that they’ve been able to truly make this packaging stand out. 

Reusable Packaging 

A lot of brands are using different reusable packaging. 

Procter and Gamble are launching reusable shampoo bottles, where customers can refill this, and it uses a lot less plastic, and it can be recycled too. 

There are other companies that are looking to also eliminate waste, where customers will put a refundable deposit on the reusable packaging, and when empty, return it so that it can be cleaned up and used again, so that you can have truly sustainable packaging. 

Try New Packaging Materials 

There are a lot of companies trying to use paper, especially paper bottles that are resistant to water, have interlocking edges, and can be shipped for better efficiency all along the supply chain. 

There are also alternatives to multipack rings, since a lot of customers don’t really cut them up before they discard them, which can cause animals to get stuck on them. That’s why some companies are literally gluing the cans together or using paperboard for this. 

There are also plant-based wrappers, compostable bags and different packaging, and also soy-based packaging inks since this offers better sustainability, and it’s better for the planet. 

Remove the Unnece3ssary 

If you think about it, one of the best and easiest ways to become sustainable is to remove anything extra. So strings, wrappers that are individual, staples, and other such things are definitely making the changes that are necessary too. 

Minimizing the packaging is really good, since it does offer a bigger influence to how the customers purchase stuff, and the choices that they make. 

New Recyclability 

Yes, there are new end of life packaging options that a lot of companies are working to take advantage of. 

Brands that have implemented a lot of those including tubes which are recyclable, returnable packaging, and other types of recycling options are offering better solutions, and you can put together new options. 

You also start to notice more and more pod-based alternatives rather than just trying to get it all into one container, where they just toss it out. 

There are people who are using more pod-based materials because it does offer an alternative to plastic. 

When it comes to making sure that your products are sustainable and good for the environment, you may be stumped on what exactly you can do. Luckily, there are new ways to do this, and we hope the creative ways that you’ve learned here have become something that you can use and enjoy, and something which offers new packaging for you to use, in order to truly grow your business too.