The Importance of Packaging in Creating Brand Awareness

After ordering a commodity online, an individual develops a certain level of excitement while waiting for their product to arrive. Therefore, having an easily recognizable package that is unique and original will assist a seller in drawing customers and creating brand awareness which will eventually increase the company’s revenue. Thus, packaging can act as a way of increasing a company’s sales. When choosing the correct shipping materials, the functionality and size of the package should be considered. Moreover, any company’s product must be delivered to the consumers in the right condition. There should be no signs of damages that may occur during the process of shipping.

Notably, in case a customer receives a product that has already been damaged before delivery, it leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment besides promoting negative perception towards the product and business. Damaged products may cause negative reviews and lost customers. Additionally, the company’s reputation is adversely damaged due to negative reviews. The customer who received the damaged product will hardly recommend the company to their family and friends. Consequently, the company will, in the long run, lose revenue due to poor customer retention. Thus, to ensure that the products being shipped arrive in safe conditions to the consumer, a company can use any void fill types or paddings, for example, customized cardboard, recycled paper, kraft paper, air pillows, and bubble wrap.

Further, to ensure the shipped products’ safety, the company should ensure its packages can be opened easily and sized appropriately. Some customer reports have shown that many customers are bothered by unnecessary packaging and oversized products. Moreover, companies should know that an exceptional unboxing experience can make their brand be well recognized. Businesses spend a lot of effort and a significant amount of cash when developing and promoting their products. But during the shipping processes of these products, they go for the most convenient and cheapest methods to ensure that the package arrives at the required customer’s destination. However, companies must note that proper packaging will ensure that the product arrives safely and in the right state. Thus, this irritating expense acts as a fantastic marketing opportunity. 

Packaging is considered an effective and simple method of creating deeper connections between a company and its customers. It also provides customers with a memorable unboxing experience. Using logos, images, fonts and colours in packaging an organization’s products increase brand recognition and awareness. Consequently, people have been using social media platforms to communicate and advertise their products to customers effectively. Also, some individuals open a company’s package openly while being watched by the public. Others share their overall satisfaction and initial impressions about a company’s products to the public. Therefore, investing in high-quality packaging and creating customized packages will promote free publicity and advertising through content, blogs, picture and videos.

Furthermore, there are various customizable packaging aspects that a company can employ. A company can use Customized Cardboard boxes that come with distinct unique styles. The boxes can be branded with unique designs and the company’s logo. Also, custom mailers can form the perfect solutions for shipping less delicate and softer items, for example, fabrics, clothing and many others. Additionally, custom tissue is also another customizable aspect that is crucial for creating brand awareness. It is mostly done at the box’s exterior parts. Custom tape is also an important way of safeguarding the product being shipped. Lastly, custom stickers/labels can enhance the interior part and customize the unboxing experience.