What The Heck Is Going On Right Now?

If you are like me, then you are a bit confused right now. I mean, I have been working at home from my home office for more than over a year at this point. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, most businesses were shut down for the time being. While most of us were sure this was only going to last for a few weeks, we have now seen it become the new normal. It is really shocking to think about all the time we have spent in this pandemic and that many things we used to take for granted are now off the table. Personally, I am getting excited at the prospect of things opening back up again. Businesses are starting to return to normal working capacities and safety regulations are being lifted bit by bit. I am hopeful that we have crossed the worst of this pandemic and can put much of this behind us for the time being. However, I still find myself working from home at the moment. According to my coworkers, my company is going to keep us at home and working for the next couple of weeks still, and that maybe we will return to the office sometime soon if things keep looking up regarding the virus.

I know a lot of my coworkers that absolutely love working from home. I can definitely understand this sentiment, because there are a lot of good things about working from home. I too enjoyed working from home for a while; it was a nice break from the monotony of the office and it was a true joy to not have to take my long commute every morning. However, I have long since been tired of waking up in the morning just to go back to work in the same exact spot in this same exact home. It is a really depressing feeling to know that day after day I have spent in this house simply wasting away. I know that might be a bit dramatic, but honestly I am a pretty dramatic person. 

One thing that has come of this pandemic is that I buy almost everything online nowadays. Sure, things are beginning to open back up again, which is great. I enjoy going to the grocery store much more now that things have calmed down a little bit, but there is still a huge part of me that enjoys online shopping. I have gotten so used to buying things online that I have a whole stash of shipping supplies in my office in the event that I need to send things back. Buying things online has truly never been easier, and lots of companies have transitioned into more eCommerce during this crazy time. It will be interesting to see, as we revert back to some kind of normal life while transitioning out of the pandemic, how much of a presence eCommerce will continue to have on our markets.

One thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely keep shipping supplies on hand still. I know that most people are ready for this whole thing to be over, and I know that I am too. However, there is always a weird nostalgia for me associated with this year; something about a time so out of the ordinary is oddly fascinating and thrilling at the same time. Whatever the case, it is also time to get a move on and get back to normal life.