Operations Under COVID19

My company specializes in creating commercial plastic products that are shipped out to thousands of different companies from around the world. While it’s not a glamorous business, we do very well and have found great success in this niche market. There is a great need for commercial plastics in the business-to-business world, and we have made headway in innovating new methods of manufacturing plastic materials that are safe and practical. We pride ourselves on our customer service abilities and our dedication to serving our customers well. We have a high standard for our own products and delight in making products that are practical, necessary, and in high demand. I am an operations manager at one of our bigger plants, and I oversee the daily operations in this facility. 

One big change in the market that the world has witnessed is the start of the COVID19 pandemic. This pandemic has affected almost every market in the world and has changed the way many people are doing business. While we were worried about our own relevance during the pandemic while watching various businesses face struggling financial conditions, we quickly realized that we had an opportunity to create and sell products that are in desperate demand during the COVID crisis. We began by creating plastic parts for personal protective equipment, mainly plastic straps that can be used to attack masks behind the head. That way, long days of wearing masks will not be a strain on front line worker’s ears. We produced millions of these products and shipped them all over the United States. We found ourselves working overtime to keep up with the demand and buying shipping supplies in massive quantities to have enough to send our products out daily. 

While we continued to make great headway with the mask holds, we also began to create plastic shields that were in great demand during the pandemic. While many businesses were forced to shut down during the lockdown, some necessary ones had to remain open; however, it was important for these businesses to still be as safe as possible when it came to personal protective equipment and social distancing standards. One thing that many businesses were in need of was plastic shields that would be used between employee-customer transactions. We set to work in designing shields that could be quickly produced in mass quantities and easily shipped to grocery stores, department stores, banks, post offices, and hotels all over the country. 

Things have slowed down in recent months due to the threat of COVID being more under control at this point in time, and I am happy that these products were able to make a serious impact on our country and be helpful in a time of crisis for many people in the United States. We have recently started to wean off producing these products in such massive quantities and have begun to focus back on our regular products and projects. This period of uncertainty brought on with COVID has helped us to analyze our companies efficiency with production, shipping supplies, and ordering capabilities and narrow in on any ways to improve. I feel good about my company’s contribution to the economy with plastics and personal protective equipment and hope that we are able to continue doing good work in the future with manufacturing and shipping our various plastic products.