Ecommerce is huge are you selling on eBay?

I started my eCommerce career on eBay. I found it super fun to make money on items that at the time I didn’t want or that I knew I could make some extra money selling them.   I don’t even mind that I am going to lose around 12% for just using the platform.  The big deal is that I am getting rid of almost always something I am never going to use again.  It is the best part of living in American and that is Capitalism.  I am able to sell an item that I don’t want to someone who does want it and it is pretty darn cool.  The major areas that I think are important to know when selling on eBay are the process of listing and then shipping.  Packaging is key and I want to go over some basics that could help you and your company save some money and time.

If you are selling on eBay, remember that is actually costs money to send that package.  It sounds small, but you must build this cost in.   It is not free to send something in the mail or by UPS or FedX.  There are costs involved and many people forget to think about the shipping charges that they will pay when they sell an item.  It is a big thing to think about because if you have a strangely shaped item or it is really heavy the cost of shipping may be super high.  You may want to sell for free shipping or you may want to have the buyer pay for it.  But measure your item out and also think about what it will take to get that item to the buyer safely.  No one likes a busted item when it arrives and it is super costly. 

When it comes to packaging it needs some thought.  You can make or break your company just on this small choice.  I may need to use a bubble bag that seals or I may need to use a big box.  Either way, the cost of shipping supplies needs to be added to every single sale in your own mind so you don’t lose money on the sale.  Now I like to keep my used Amazon boxes that I get in order to sell items later.  If I have a box all ready to go then I don’t have to go out and buy more shipping supplies later.  That to me is key to making money on eBay.  So save up some different sized boxes from things that you have bought and it also helps the environment out as well.  Take what you have and use it.  There is no need to waste and get something else if you already have something in inventory or at home.

Filling up your packages is pretty important.  It may actually be 30% of the savings because of the safety it can bring. Some items are fragile and need to be protected.  I have used cardboard to protect knife blades in the mail and also small pieces of wood too.  Just make sure it is soft enough wood to not break the item, even if it is pointy.  Keeping paper or newspapers around to use as stuffing is a great idea or just the packaging fillers that came from Amazon can be reused as well.  Just a few tips and tricks that I hope help!