Don’t settle for bad cardboard

My favorite part of working is doing things my own way.  I do a lot of work on eBay selling things and making extra fun money for my hobbies. I have lost money and learned many lessons from my mistakes and from simply not knowing.  But I have learned many positive things as well from successes and from watching what others were doing.  I found it amazing that using the correct shipping supplies could end up changing my margins on the items I was selling.  Did you know you could make an extra 30% profit by changing your boxes?  It ended up saving me money in the long run due to returns as well.  I want to talk about how I did this and how you can do it to during the 2021 eCommerce craze.

I got into this whole thing to make money!  I think most of us do.  For some people that come in when they list the item.  Or for some people, they love when they finally ship the item and then they feal amazing about the wholesale.  But either way, I think you feel even better when you are able to make more money doing it.  If you get to see those awesome sales running in and you are cashing checks then it is a cool thing. 

Do some research.  I think learning about the industry is key.  I found out that I actually knew nothing about the shipping supplies world and that I needed to up my knowledge base in order to get the correct items and stay ahead of my competition.  Some of my competition was actually winning in this area and I didn’t even know it.  By them being able to purchase boxes at a lower price that fit their products better they were able to in the end have more merchandise than me and sell it at a slightly lower price than me as well. Lower prices usually win over ratings on eBay. I have a great rating but it really is not worth anything. 

I found the big companies that only worked in bags and boxes and went with those to save money.  By doing this and not selling on a third-party location like Amazon they can sell them cheap and still make more money themselves.  So that is one of the best places to look for the boxes you need.  I was able to call a few companies up and find a better product.  Then I was able to get a bulk discount from each and then see which one would go lower than the other.  It was not mean, but I honestly wanted to know.  I decided to go with the more flexible company and I have gone back to them to show my gratitude as well.  If a company is willing to take a little less to keep me then I am going to be more loyal to them and show my gratitude.  It is a cycle of respect that businessmen and women understand and appreciate. So get the right box and rock your business because that can change eyou from a success to a failure.  If you are using the wrong stuff and getting returns because of damaged goods that is not good either. Use high-quality gear.