Packaging Items for the home

This year has been a bit of a wild ride so far.  The local lockdowns in 2021 are still happening and the economy is an absolute wreck.  Unemployment is on the rise and our new president is tanking our economy even worse.  I work from home now thanks to draconian laws and so does my wife.  This means that we also spend lots of time working on the home as well since we have so much extra time on our hands.  This has taught us many lessons. From working on bathrooms to cabinets we have learned that there are some items that are a must-have for the house.  Shopping smart is key and going online and purchasing from a shipping supplies store has been the best pricing we have found.

When things go wrong sometimes you need a quick fix and that is all. Many situations have to have quick solutions to save disaster from happening.  If you want to not waste a day shopping for a part at a big box store or simply watch your house start to flood, quick fixes are important.  One of the things you need to have on hand and lots of types of it is tape.  The amount of problems you can solve with tape is incredible.  In the end, the quick fix can save hours, money, and sanity. 

So let me begin by telling a story.  This last year we painted the exterior of our home.   It was a terrible task and took many weekends.  The time came when we had just gotten back from the store and began painting.  We broke an extendable pole and were unable to reach the top of the home to paint.  This was because the part that broke was what screwed into brushes and rollers.  Instead of taking an hour of the day and forty bucks for the part we instead improvised.  I pulled out some trusty duct tape and went to town putting a brush on the end of that pole.  It took five minutes and a total of a few cents.  We were right at it again and that part of the house was painted just fine.  This was not only a time and money win, but a psychological win as well.  The more these problems don’t get fixed quickly the more disheartened you get and the less likely you are to do more projects.  So the best place to get this product and all tape is actually at shipping supplies stores.  Just batch order it all and save some cash that way too.

It doesn’t matter what you are ordering, do it all at the same time and ask for a discount.  It usually works and is a great way to save money. We wanted to make sure our attic was stored and ordered correctly. But plastic cartons cost a lot of money when you need 20 of them.  Instead, when we ordered tape we added thick heavy rated boxes to the list.  These were pretty cheap in bulk purchasing of twenty and they did not flex at all getting heavy items up the attic ladder and stored away.  Plus they will help keep out bad things and keep the items safer because they are a bit thicker and deal with the weather a little bit better.