E-commerce and shopping changes in 2021

We are now seeing the record number of businesses that incorporated in eCommerce this past year and the online sales are absolutely skyrocketing.  It has been a change in how we think, how we shop, and how we flat outlive.  Trash companies are having to cope with the massive amounts of extra shipping supplies coming in.  So this year was a huge year for the entire economic environment of the world.  The Covid-19 pandemic took place this year and it legitimately changed the world and how we produce, ship, and shop. 

The majority of the world ended up moving into its own version of social lockdowns and social distancing and it forced a good portion of the world to be on house arrest.  House arrest means that you are not able to leave your home without the fear of being arrested.  This was a worldwide acceptable compromise for health.  It did turn out to be the liberty killer that took away the freedom of much of the world for a virus that turned out to be not what we were told.  It was actually similar to the common flu and just like the flu people who have complicated health issues are susceptible to it.  Now we are still adjusting to the new normal of purchasing. It has been a new normal of success for many as well and if you are not selling online then you probably should look into it. 

We are now seeing the effects of the new world order.  The change in shopping and purchasing has caused a rise in shipping supplies and use all across the world.  Deliver jobs have become one of the most essential and hired positions across the world.  Sales for online shopping almost doubled in the two-month lockdown in the United States and Amazon profited like none other even after a 40% stock market drop. Companies that sell shipping supplies ended up selling more boxes, tape, and supplies than ever before.  This is due to the change in how people were purchasing. Now companies like Shopify are struggling to keep up with all the new people selling. 

It is sad to see the destruction of so much local business though.  It was not as easy for a walk in store to be told by the government that they could no longer be open.  Brick and mortar stores changed to e-commerce stores overnight. People were not able to leave their house for fear of being arrested and they ended up purchasing through fear from their home for several months. This fundamentally changed a large majority of stores.  They had to move from the mindset that they would be able to sell face to face and change up to the fact that people would be searching online.  So signage marketing completely went caput.  SEO became one of the most sought after marketing products. 

Marketing is now the most important tool.  It is simply the fact that people cannot buy your new brick and mortar, turned eCommerce products if they cannot find you online.  This means you need to budget quickly for the change in order to stay ahead of the competition.  If you are new to the game it costs money and takes time to hit the top of the search pages so get on it fast.